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The Demon makes me feel like i became a zombie

Record-wise, The Demon is the third installment of The Book of Us series following Gravity and Entropy, but thematically, it comes between the two. As illustrated in the trailer film, the demon is what causing two hearts to become cold toward each other and leading to separation. The songs in this EP are thus about the ‘cooling off period’ occurring before the eventual breakup/heartbreak.

Well, what are Day6 songs without the wistful angst, right? Continue reading “The Demon makes me feel like i became a zombie”

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[Movie] Kingdom

Despite the number of period dramas/movies i’ve watched and enjoyed so far, ancient war is still one of my least favorite genres. In a sense that i won’t be enticed to check them out unless i really like the cast or the premise sounds different and genuinely interesting. I also fare better with sageuk than jidaigeki mainly due to the former’s visuals; in fact, i can probably count the number of period Japanese shows i’ve finished in one hand. Likewise, Kingdom wouldn’t be on my radar if Yamaken wasn’t the lead and its teasers/trailers weren’t everywhere long before the film’s premiere. Continue reading “[Movie] Kingdom”

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[Drama] Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de

If you’ve watched enough Japanese romance movies, you’ll probably notice the recurring tropes such as (unrequited) love story that spans for years or decades, a tale that takes place during sakura season, the decisive running-to-meet-one’s-crush scenes, and either leads is holding a secret (illness) that leads to bittersweet ending. And Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de is a mini drama that has most if not all of those distinct qualities. Continue reading “[Drama] Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de”

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A taste of Arashi’s brand of entertainment

The topic that i blog about the most besides dramas and movies is probably Arashi. There seems to be endless things to write about and i enjoy doing it even if such posts took me the longest to finish — due to the extra care paid and details included to ensure they’re interesting to read as well as informatively correct. Continue reading “A taste of Arashi’s brand of entertainment”

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Favorite Arashi members’ solos

Crossing yet another long-overdue post off my evergrowing to-blog list. This idea has been on my mind since my favorite songs list in mid-2018, but like how my favorite PVs post only came to fruition following All the BEST!! CLIPS’ release in October 2019, this favorite solos could finally see the light of day thanks to Arashi’s open poll for their upcoming two-day Arafes 2020 concert. Continue reading “Favorite Arashi members’ solos”