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MJ vs Toma: take two

Two years and 14 Smart Battles* later, the first opposition of This is MJ returns for revenge… Muro Tsuyoshi style. LOL Continue reading “MJ vs Toma: take two”

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VS Arashi 2017.10.12: highlights

VS Arashi is a game show that Arashi hosts and plays as the home team against a guest team on Thursdays. Most of the time, five members of Arashi are a team with one to two Plus-Ones, though occasionally one of them will move over to the away team to promote his acting project. Although each of them headlined a drama or movie this year, only two* came onto the show as a guest: Ohno and his Shinobi no Kuni Team in June, then Jun and his Narratage Team last week. Continue reading “VS Arashi 2017.10.12: highlights”

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VS Arashi: The Special Games

There are two weekly programs that Arashi have been hosting as a group in the past decade, and VS Arashi is one of them. Started in April 2008 before moving to its ‘Golden Time’ slot in October 2009, it’s a game show wherein Arashi as the home team, aided by Plus One guest(s), takes on the away team (mainly celebrities) in a number of games — three when it was still a half-hour program and around five for its hour-long golden episodes.

For a TV show that has aired more than 400 episodes in 9 years, naturally there are games that stood the test of time and those that were shelved and never returned. Continue reading “VS Arashi: The Special Games”

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Ohno on THE Yakai

Arashi is a group of five; i like each of them individually but i love them together. My next favorite thing is probably seeing them as pairs, regardless of the combination. Besides the two regular TV programs done by all five, there are a number of shows they host as individuals. That’s why even though i may not watch or follow those solo shows regularly, i’ll never miss the episode visited by another member. Continue reading “Ohno on THE Yakai”

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Teamwork Arashi

Remember Korekatsu Arashi? It’s been half a year since it aired, and the one thing i remember the most about it is hands down the epic Teamwork Match. I liked this game in particular and that special in general that i wished it wouldn’t be a one-time show.

At that time, Junior-san mentioned the possibility of the proposed games being brought over to VS Arashi, so when they actually did so around a month later, i was beyond thrilled. The more when it was my favorite game that made the cut, either because it received the most positive responses or because it’s the most workable game to be incorporated into the regular program. Now, every Arashi member has gotten a chance being inside the box… that i suppose it’s okay to blog about this segment again. Continue reading “Teamwork Arashi”

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This is MJ — challenged!

In case you aren’t an Arashian and never watch an episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare since the program’s revamp mid last year, This is MJ is Jun’s corner on the weekly ‘Saturday night live’ show wherein in pursuit of kakkoii-ness, he’s doing whatever tasks or missions given to him in the coolest manner possible, regardless of the difficulty and absurdity level. Continue reading “This is MJ — challenged!”

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Atarashii Arashi, hajimatta

Another overdue post. Been meaning to write on the new 嵐にしやがれ (Arashi ni Shiyagare) for weeks now but have been sidetracked by other shows and things. I initially wanted to give each member corner 3 tries/chances before weighing on them; by now i’ve lost count on how many missions they’ve done. We don’t get all five in one go — we got four in the first week and only two per episode in subsequent weeks.

But after watching the latest installment (for the nth time now), i guess it’s time to finally sit down and get it over with done. Continue reading “Atarashii Arashi, hajimatta”

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Opinions on The Apprentice Asia’s finale

The Apprentice Asia’s finale was one of the programs I managed to watch from my hotel room when I was in Spore recently. I wasn’t aware of its broadcast – sorry, don’t subscribe to cable tv at home – and happened to come across it as I was flipping through the channels. Watched part 1 as it’s aired and caught part 2 online. Notice the disclaimer?

Fortunately, half of part 1 of the finale was spent recapping the whole series from beginning till semifinal. It serves as a heads-up for me to get a gist of the program, the candidates and highlights included, although not so much on the final 2’s profiles or strength and weaknesses in particular. Continue reading “Opinions on The Apprentice Asia’s finale”