Hi there!

Welcome to my thoughts sanctuary.

First of all, let me elucidate a point: this is not a dedicated reviews site although what’s featured here mostly fall under that category. This is by and large a personal blog thus posts on personal stuff and/or tattling will ineluctably pop up every once in a while. I don’t fancy the idea of having multiple blogs to host different topics, that’s why. Worry not, private entries will be locked ;p

This site exists since end of 2012 when Multiply forced me to pack up my bag. I migrated all contents to here and was dismayed upon noticing that the different setting caused my old posts to be a bit jumbled up in terms of layout, set-up, other features (links, paragraph breaks, and tags were missing) so I’m still slowly reassigning and reorganizing them from time to time but everything should be fine now =)

I’m capriciously prolific: I like to comment on what I read, watch, listen to, see, taste, experience, or feel. Basically, anything and everything. (Mainly it’ll be about dramas, movies, music, or when i run out of ideas, food 😂)
I write at my own pace, dislike to be rushed, thus while I’m not the latest updater, I always try to stay current.

Piece of advice: contents are at times bold and plainspoken, yet by no means aweless or thoughtless. Thus, broad-mindedness is highly appreciated. =)


What do you think?

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