Hi there!

Welcome to my thoughts sanctuary.

First of all, let me elucidate a point: this is not a dedicated reviews site although what’s featured here mostly fall under that category. This is by and large a personal blog thus posts on personal stuff and/or tattling will ineluctably pop up every once in a while. I don’t fancy the idea of having multiple blogs to host different topics, that’s why. Worry not, private entries will be locked ;p

This site exists since end of 2012 when Multiply forced me to pack up my bag. I migrated all contents to here and was dismayed upon noticing that the different setting caused my old posts to be a bit jumbled up in terms of layout, set-up, other features (links, paragraph breaks, and tags were missing) so I’m still slowly reassigning and reorganizing them from time to time but everything should be fine now =)

I’m capriciously prolific: I like to comment on what I read, watch, listen to, see, taste, experience, or feel. Basically, anything and everything. (Mainly it’ll be about dramas, movies, music, or when i run out of ideas, food 😂)
I write at my own pace, dislike to be rushed, thus while I’m not the latest updater, I always try to stay current.

Piece of advice: contents are at times bold and plainspoken, yet by no means aweless or thoughtless. Thus, broad-mindedness is highly appreciated. =)

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Yokoso wagya e

    Hi, I happened upon one of your recaps for this show via google. Funnily enough, just a few days after discovering your site for an entirely different show’s article.
    I was just wondering, does anything back happen to the cat in this series? I’d like to know as it will affect my decision to watch. The show looks appealing otherwise. Thanks for your time!


    1. Hi! I actually don’t remember there’s a cat in this drama. But now that you mentioned it, i remember there was a sickening scene surrounding the cat in the beginning. However, i rechecked my posts again and can confirm that the cat stays with them till the end. Hopefully that helps!


      1. Thanks , that is very helpful! Just one more thing – What do you mean by ‘a sickening scene?’ Like the cat is sick? Or something disturbing happens to the cat? (Usually ‘sickening’ means ‘incredibly disturbing’ but I know you are multilingual so I thought I should ask.)


        1. Yes, that’s what i meant: disturbing. Since you mentioned your watching decision depended on whether or not something bad happens to the cat, i thought i should give you a heads up that there was such scene.


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