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Arashi is 5, no matter what

Arashi is a quintet comprising of Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Matsumoto Jun. They’ve spent 21 years of their lives being one-fifth of the unit, carrying the group’s name and image on their shoulders, each pulling their weight to prop the group up and become a household name that they are now. Continue reading “Arashi is 5, no matter what”

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Favorite Arashi members’ solos

Crossing yet another long-overdue post off my evergrowing to-blog list. This idea has been on my mind since my favorite songs list in mid-2018, but like how my favorite PVs post only came to fruition following All the BEST!! CLIPS’ release in October 2019, this favorite solos could finally see the light of day thanks to Arashi’s open poll for their upcoming two-day Arafes 2020 concert. Continue reading “Favorite Arashi members’ solos”

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on the road to 5×20: favorite PVs

This was actually the next blog idea on my list after completing my first ‘on the road to 5×20’ post back in July last year. However, i realized that i didn’t have all of Arashi’s PVs that it might be quite unfair to sort my favorites just based on what i had in hand… But then, they release this 5×20 All the BEST!! CLIPS 1999-2019 containing 63 single PVs they’ve released so far except Brave, two of them are Natsu Hayate‘s (and 9 more clips from a tour, a b-side, and album lead tracks in the LE version), which seems to tell me that now i have no excuse not to work on this List. Continue reading “on the road to 5×20: favorite PVs”

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on the road to 5×20: favorite Arashi’s songs

I’ve actually planned to do this: listing my top-something Arashi-related things for their 5×20 celebration. And i thought i had a year more to sort and compile those lists. But Arashi isn’t Arashi without surprises; they for some inexplicable reasons decided to hold their 20th Anniversary Tour this year although the group won’t officially turn 20 until 15 September 2019. Continue reading “on the road to 5×20: favorite Arashi’s songs”

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J-actors I have soft spot for

Every time i read about Top 10 Favorite Something-something, somehow it always made me challenged to list my version, yet i decided against it every single time mainly because i feel like the rank or order may change every year. But then i figured it could also be the good chance for me to talk about them, so i decided to give it a go.

In this edition, i’m gonna cover my favorite Japanese actors. Continue reading “J-actors I have soft spot for”

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Age of Youth: quotes


This drama is one of those that nearly fell under my radar but in the end made me really glad i gave it a go. Judging from the title and summary alone, i guessed this would be the youth version of Dear My Friends. I have yet to resume and finish that one so i’m not sure how close they actually are, but i’m pleasantly surprised at what Age of Youth offers. Continue reading “Age of Youth: quotes”

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Oh, it’s you again!

How do you decide on which show to watch or check out? For me, there are times when i would start on a title randomly, but it is mostly down to these three factors: the story, cast, and/or rave reviews. Regardless of the factor that reels me in, it’s rare for me to be completely unaware of the main cast, even if i’ve never seen them in any other project before. The same thing cannot be said about the supporting actors, though. In that i rarely check the extended cast and am thus pleasantly surprised and excited upon spotting a familiar feature, even if i’d often go, “Ah, it’s him/her. But wait, where did i see him/her before?” Oopsie, LOL Continue reading “Oh, it’s you again!”