If ‘About’ gives you an overview of what .RattleTattle. is all about, this section would cover trivial-yet-important stuff. I’m putting this together because who knows? this may come in handy one day. Disclaimer much?

(1) Language.
Is in either English or Indonesian, sometimes a combination of both. If you find the writing unintelligible, the easiest way out is to consult google translate. It won’t provide the most accurate translation, but at least you’ll get the gist. If only i were more of a polyglot…

(2) Content.
Each material posted under this site contains intellectual property of the writer. Fresh from my thinking cap unless i quote or reference somebody else’s. I.e. they represent my thoughts, stance, and opinion. While feedback and/or comment is anticipated, the ultimate guideline is to agree to disagree.

(3) Comment.
Screened and not automatically approved. Aforementioned, feedback and/or comment is welcomed, but unrelated, hateful, or overly negative ones won’t make the cut. This is my personal blog and i wish not keep such remarks here.

(4) Tag.
A post with so many tags? While it would arguably make it easier for people to find the said post through search engine, i don’t really like it. So, if you think my entries are grossly undertagged and can’t seem to find the ones you’re looking for, you can always make use of the search bar. Still unfruitful? Well, i may have never touched that topic before ;p

(5) Media.
Enhance reading experience thus they’re there. Captured, snapped, edited, and uploaded by me unless otherwise stated. I leave my photos unmarked due to obvious reason (I’m lazy~) so don’t make me take drastic measures. Whenever i embed somebody else’s, the original URLs would be attached so you know where they’re from. If you notice broken links or images, kindly prompt me and i’ll try my best to fix ’em.

(6) Contact.
I check my twitter more often than my email and update it more regularly than my blog, so if you wish to reach me personally, feel free to find me there.

In short: please do not republish anything from this site without permission. That’s one basic netiquette i ask of you. Your respect and cooperation are highly appreciated. =)

What do you think?

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