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Just Shoot Me, Day6!

“Vicious words hurt like a bullet.”

For a group who writes and composes their own songs, Day6 sure are prolific. It took them only six months to return with a mini album after going on a year-long Every Day6 project where they released 25 new songs last year. Continue reading “Just Shoot Me, Day6!”

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Unnatural: a stirring forensic human drama

 “Forensic pathology is work for the future.”

Unnatural is the drama i looked forward to the most among this winter J-dorama spread solely because it is a Nogi Akiko drama. The synopsis doesn’t sound exciting (which applies to most titles, actually) and medical drama ain’t my cup of tea, but given my track record with this screenwriter, she has a flair for turning mundane-sounding script into an endearing one. I have watched most of her works and enjoyed all of them, so i had high hopes for her latest project. And upon finishing this 10-episode series, i can now say that she’s officially my favorite screenwriter. Continue reading “Unnatural: a stirring forensic human drama”

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[Movie] I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Honestly, i never heard of this movie before, even though big names like Oguri Shun and Kitagawa Keiko were in it. But this strangely titled movie kept coming up on my timeline recently, especially about how much it made them cry, so i looked it up out of curiosity. Besides the weird title, it also has a confusing synopsis with its use of first person.

Reading people’s accounts on this live-action made me ready myself to an emotional watch; and while i did cry toward the end, i think it is more of a beautiful and touching story instead of a tearjerker. Continue reading “[Movie] I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”

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Every Day6 from Sunrise to Moonrise

When i first heard of Every Day6 project, my first thought was how exciting!, and then what a challenging project.

It surely isn’t easy to produce two songs every single month for the entire year amidst promotional activities that i wonder if they had all of them prepped beforehand. Not because i doubt their capability of making new music while promoting the project but because i wonder how many demos they should’ve prepared to have two of them approved for the subsequent release. Continue reading “Every Day6 from Sunrise to Moonrise”

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[Movie] Coco

When it comes to late ancestors in animation features, they’re usually painted as glowy or transparent souls, but Coco chose to present them in skeletal form instead. It’s likely related to the Mexican culture, though i did wonder if such figure would be too scary for little kids, especially given the many instances where the bones would break off from the main body. I can’t really call them cute, but Coco‘s presentation of the deceased isn’t as scary as i’d feared. If anything, the skulls look like a mask instead, with various motifs on it. Continue reading “[Movie] Coco”