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Reborn Vol.1: for better or worse

So, Arashi mentioned that ‘reborn’ is their theme or project for 2020, and upon the release of A-RA-SHI: Reborn, i knew that song was the first of (possibly) many to come. And based on the trend since last November, they seem to aim for monthly digital releases. Which, if true, is certainly good news, because new music is something i’ve been missing from them for a while now, especially since they haven’t released an original album for two years now. To our delight, they bundled three of their classic singles and released the old-but-new tracks under a digital EP called Reborn Vol.1. Continue reading “Reborn Vol.1: for better or worse”

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Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai: if talking paid

After nearly five years, Ikuta Toma returns to renzoku doramaverse playing a 31-year-old NEET but prideful single guy named Kishibe Mitsuru. If you’re thinking Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai will be a slice of life following his struggles to gain employment or find his dream job, however, you’re likely set for disappointment. Because while that expectation isn’t completely off the track, what we mainly get is the so-called ‘home comedy’ elements. Continue reading “Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai: if talking paid”

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Entropy: it’s a Sweet Chaos… but i like.

When it comes to music releases, Day6’s is hardly predictable. When i thought i’ve figured out a certain pattern, they veer off course. For example, i thought they’re slated for mid-year and year-end releases now, they dropped their second record of the year just three months after their first — a full-length album at that; i thought they’ve transitioned into making happier and livelier songs, The Book of Us: Entropy shatters everything and throws us back into the emo loop; and when i expected to hear familiar tunes, this album houses new and different sounds from what the band has produced so far. Continue reading “Entropy: it’s a Sweet Chaos… but i like.”