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Entropy: it’s a Sweet Chaos… but i like.

When it comes to music releases, Day6’s is hardly predictable. When i thought i’ve figured out a certain pattern, they veer off course. For example, i thought they’re slated for mid-year and year-end releases now, they dropped their second record of the year just three months after their first — a full-length album at that; i thought they’ve transitioned into making happier and livelier songs, The Book of Us: Entropy shatters everything and throws us back into the emo loop; and when i expected to hear familiar tunes, this album houses new and different sounds from what the band has produced so far. Continue reading “Entropy: it’s a Sweet Chaos… but i like.”

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Nagi’s Long Vacation: the kind of vacation we may need to take once in a while

“Maybe the air is not something you read. It’s something we breathe in and out.”

Watching enough Japanese (variety) shows will surely expose you to “KY”, the abbreviation for “kuuki yomenai” which literally means “can’t read the air/atmosphere”. The opposite of which is the theme of Nagi no Oitoma: about people who read the atmosphere too much. Continue reading “Nagi’s Long Vacation: the kind of vacation we may need to take once in a while”

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[Drama] Hotel Del Luna

Hong Sisters are the first screenwriters i learned in k-dramaverse. They’ve penned a string of hit dramas, and while i enjoyed some more than the others, none of them actually made it to my all-time or personal favorites. In fact, Hotel Del Luna is the first drama of theirs i finished since Master’s Sun in 2013, which may say something about its quality… or not. Continue reading “[Drama] Hotel Del Luna”

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[Movie] Big Brother

School dramas with toxic environment, student bullies, evil tiger parents, and helpless teachers… i’m so done with those. But problematic kids being put in place or ultimately fixed by eccentric teachers… that i’m kinda a sucker for lately. Which is what drew me to watch Big Brother (Dai Si Hing) for my recent in-flight entertainment, even if i hadn’t watched any Chinese shows in a re~ally long time. And it didn’t disappoint, for the most part. Continue reading “[Movie] Big Brother”