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CRISIS and its team of capables

Tired of watching a bunch of dumb inept cops/detectives in crime dramas? Then CRISIS will certainly please you.

The efficient team is the first thing i noticed and liked about this drama, and they never disappoint till the end. Continue reading “CRISIS and its team of capables”

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Are You Happy? Start!

💜 Are you ready?
💚 Are you having fun?
💙 Are you hungry?
❤ Are you Arashians?
💛 Are you happy?

My answer was a resounding “Yes!” to all of the above. Yes, including ‘hungry’ too, since i prefer to watch concert DVDs/Blu-rays in the evening, so by the time these questions were asked after the first three songs, my stomach could take in some late-night snacks. Haha. Continue reading “Are You Happy? Start!”

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Tomodachi Game: will you play it with your friends?

Since Liar Game, everything that ends with ‘Game’ inevitably had me thinking of that spellbinding psychological thriller and checking those dramas/movies out out of curiosity. But the similarities end at the name only; they — Kazoku Game, Joker Game, etc — didn’t share corresponding theme or setup…until i came across Tomodachi Game.

The synopsis alone is familiar-sounding, and the teaser affirms this hunch further: the concept, setting, music, characters, feels are a throwback to Liar Game Continue reading “Tomodachi Game: will you play it with your friends?”

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The treasure in my life to stay gold

A month after the first reveal/performance of I’ll be there, my opinions still stand. I barely has anything else to add to that, and given how it remains on my ‘like’ status since then, i don’t think it’ll make it to my ‘love’ status. Not a bad thing by all means, but it probably won’t stay in my playlist as long as Arashi’s previous singles or even its B-sides. Continue reading “The treasure in my life to stay gold”

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SORE the series: Istri dari Masa Depan

Sepertinya web series sedang “in” ya belakangan ini. Sejak kemunculan mini drama AADC akhir 2014 lalu, sudah ada tiga judul dengan format serupa yg kutonton melalui YouTube: Nic & Mar, Ben & Jody, dan Sore. Dan sejauh ini, aku cukup puas dengan hasilnya. Selain durasi dan jumlah episode yg pendek, serta akses yg mudah, dari segi cerita, senimatografi, dan akting, kualitasnya jauh lebih oke daripada sinetron-sinetron yg tayang di TV.
Continue reading “SORE the series: Istri dari Masa Depan”

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PABLO Cheese Tart: rasanya seenak panjangnya antrian?

Akhirnya kesampaian juga~

Salah satu makanan, atau lebih tepatnya kue, yg hype-nya gila-gilaan akhir-akhir ini tentunya dipegang PABLO baked cheese tart. Sejak gerai pertama di Gandaria City buka pertengahan November tahun lalu (setahun lebih penantian sejak papan namanya terpasang di sana), konon sampai sekarang antriannya masih mengular. Continue reading “PABLO Cheese Tart: rasanya seenak panjangnya antrian?”

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Ore Monogatari!!: an unexpectedly delightful teen love story


Manga live-action? check.
High school romance? check.
Cool popular guy? check.
Cute sheepish girl? check.

Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) ticks enough boxes of detracting elements that generally speaking may not work for me. Add to that my recent encounter with j-movie from similar genre. I really have a bad luck with Japanese teen romance — or j-romance in general — that i should’ve learned my lesson and sworn off such projects… and let’s not discuss why i gave this one a go (the reasons would be repetitive), but let me say if after sitting through a string of terrible ones i came across a good one like this, few and far between notwithstanding, how can i stop? Continue reading “Ore Monogatari!!: an unexpectedly delightful teen love story”

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[Movie] Wolf Girl and Black Prince

I knew i was shooting myself in the foot by checking this movie out, but i proceeded anyway… again, for the cast. The plot is as typical as shoujo manga material goes, which hardly interests me, so i really shouldn’t bother. But Yamazaki Kento, and more importantly Nikaido Fumi, were in it. I’ve been meaning to watch another YamaKen project, but given his mostly manga adaptations repertoire, the options are neither that diverse nor interesting. As for Nikaido Fumi, she was downright chilling in Nou Otoko i was curious how she’d fare in much lighter movie.

Watching this movie might hence be like killing two birds with one stone. Plus, if the award-winning actress agreed to take part in this, that should at least say something about the movie quality, right? So, i decided to give Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji benefit of the doubt… and as you may have predicted: it didn’t end well. Continue reading “[Movie] Wolf Girl and Black Prince”