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Arthdal Chronicles: on episode 13~18, final thoughts

There are certain types of ending that more often than not upset me: too-open ending, rushed ending, last-minute happy ending, unwarranted tragic ending, an ending with lots of loose ends or that raises even more questions. But i just discovered one that tops it all: a no-ending ending… courtesy of Arthdal Chronicles. Continue reading “Arthdal Chronicles: on episode 13~18, final thoughts”

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There’s no limit to being BRAVE

“One for all and all for you.”

Ten full months since the first listen back in November, BRAVE officially hit the stores.

This is probably the longest we ever waited for a new single to drop — or for a new song, even. A lot of things happened in the intervening times so the waiting time didn’t feel that long. It’s also released ahead of the Rugby World Cup it’s used as the image song for, ’cause if it were following PawaPara‘s schedule, it could’ve been pushed back a couple more months. Continue reading “There’s no limit to being BRAVE”

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Arthdal Chronicles: on episode 1~6

Cast has been and remains the biggest draw to dramas/movies for me. Over the years, however, behind-the-screen team like the director or scriptwriter started playing a part too, especially once i started noticing some familiar names and how some of my top — and least — favorite dramas were brainchilds of the same people. Among the directors line, Kim Won-suk is one of them; he made me check out Signal, then My Ahjussi, and now Arthdal Chronicles. Continue reading “Arthdal Chronicles: on episode 1~6”

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Beautiful World: on episode 5~16, final thoughts

So… i finished this slow-moving melodrama. Without skipping any episodes, or even any scenes. Even if i’d fast-forward and speed up through them. Which is an accomplishment since in the beginning, i was so sure i’d jump to the last few episodes just to watch everyone get the comeuppance they deserve and see how it ends. Continue reading “Beautiful World: on episode 5~16, final thoughts”

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Beautiful World: first impression on episode 1~4

Turning 17 this year, Nam Da-reum already has a really long list of acting projects under his belt, mostly playing the younger counterpart of the male lead. For such roles, he only appears from a few scenes to a couple of episodes per title. So, when i heard that he’s finally headlining his own drama which shall allow him to appear for the entire series, i can’t pass that up.

My only mistake was not checking what the drama was all about. With a Beautiful World title as well as a smiling Nam Da-reum against the clear blue sky poster, nothing could possibly go wrong, right? Continue reading “Beautiful World: first impression on episode 1~4”

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Mirror Twins: first impression on episode 1~2

Spring j-dorama season has started. Although i have yet to check the full spread to list the ones i’ll be looking out for, i’ve checked out a few of them, and the one that piques my interest is Mirror Twins. The storyline ain’t that interesting in the first two episodes, but it’s the setup that intrigues me: about two people with identical DNA, where one is pinned for the crime the other did and strives to prove his innocence in the face of incriminating evidence against him. Continue reading “Mirror Twins: first impression on episode 1~2”