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Whenever You Call, i’ll be there in a hurry

The digital singles Arashi has been releasing for the past year are ostensibly geared toward their international fans given the amount of English lyrics contained in every track, but that’s not the only aspect different from their Japanese releases; they’re also working with global artists, composers, and producers for this project. To be honest, i don’t usually pay attention to this stuff unless there are (big) names i’m familiar with. Like Bruno Mars, who penned and produced the quintet’s first all-English song, Whenever You Call. Continue reading “Whenever You Call, i’ll be there in a hurry”

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Gluon: Even of Day’s arcane land

One thing that keeps surprising me about Day6 is their productivity, that they always release new music sooner than i expected, especially since they write and compose all of their songs. The Demon was just out in May, and the maknae line is back with The Book of Us: Gluon on the last day of August! Continue reading “Gluon: Even of Day’s arcane land”

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Arashi’s Kite is soaring high

After venturing into the digital world and putting out a series of digital singles since last November, Arashi is back to their “roots” and releasing a physical single — their 58th — titled Kaito (Kite). And it surely is soaring high, selling 911,000 copies in the opening week, the group’s highest ever throughout their 21-year career. Continue reading “Arashi’s Kite is soaring high”

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The Demon makes me feel like i became a zombie

Record-wise, The Demon is the third installment of The Book of Us series following Gravity and Entropy, but thematically, it comes between the two. As illustrated in the trailer film, the demon is what causing two hearts to become cold toward each other and leading to separation. The songs in this EP are thus about the ‘cooling off period’ occurring before the eventual breakup/heartbreak.

Well, what are Day6 songs without the wistful angst, right? Continue reading “The Demon makes me feel like i became a zombie”

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A taste of Arashi’s brand of entertainment

The topic that i blog about the most besides dramas and movies is probably Arashi. There seems to be endless things to write about and i enjoy doing it even if such posts took me the longest to finish — due to the extra care paid and details included to ensure they’re interesting to read as well as informatively correct. Continue reading “A taste of Arashi’s brand of entertainment”

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Favorite Arashi members’ solos

Crossing yet another long-overdue post off my evergrowing to-blog list. This idea has been on my mind since my favorite songs list in mid-2018, but like how my favorite PVs post only came to fruition following All the BEST!! CLIPS’ release in October 2019, this favorite solos could finally see the light of day thanks to Arashi’s open poll for their upcoming two-day Arafes 2020 concert. Continue reading “Favorite Arashi members’ solos”

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Reborn Vol.1: for better or worse

So, Arashi mentioned that ‘reborn’ is their theme or project for 2020, and upon the release of A-RA-SHI: Reborn, i knew that song was the first of (possibly) many to come. And based on the trend since last November, they seem to aim for monthly digital releases. Which, if true, is certainly good news, because new music is something i’ve been missing from them for a while now, especially since they haven’t released an original album for two years now. To our delight, they bundled three of their classic singles and released the old-but-new tracks under a digital EP called Reborn Vol.1. Continue reading “Reborn Vol.1: for better or worse”