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Arashi, Arashi, MY dream…

Confession time: i’m never too fond of A.Ra.Shi as a song, despite it being the group’s debut song and whatnot, but i’m liking A-RA-SHI: Reborn. Quite a lot. Even if they’re inherently the same song. Continue reading “Arashi, Arashi, MY dream…”

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Entropy: it’s a Sweet Chaos… but i like.

When it comes to music releases, Day6’s is hardly predictable. When i thought i’ve figured out a certain pattern, they veer off course. For example, i thought they’re slated for mid-year and year-end releases now, they dropped their second record of the year just three months after their first — a full-length album at that; i thought they’ve transitioned into making happier and livelier songs, The Book of Us: Entropy shatters everything and throws us back into the emo loop; and when i expected to hear familiar tunes, this album houses new and different sounds from what the band has produced so far. Continue reading “Entropy: it’s a Sweet Chaos… but i like.”

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on the road to 5×20: favorite PVs

This was actually the next blog idea on my list after completing my first ‘on the road to 5×20’ post back in July last year. However, i realized that i didn’t have all of Arashi’s PVs that it might be quite unfair to sort my favorites just based on what i had in hand… But then, they release this 5×20 All the BEST!! CLIPS 1999-2019 containing 63 single PVs they’ve released so far except Brave, two of them are Natsu Hayate‘s (and 9 more clips from a tour, a b-side, and album lead tracks in the LE version), which seems to tell me that now i have no excuse not to work on this List. Continue reading “on the road to 5×20: favorite PVs”

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There’s no limit to being BRAVE

“One for all and all for you.”

Ten full months since the first listen back in November, BRAVE officially hit the stores.

This is probably the longest we ever waited for a new single to drop — or for a new song, even. A lot of things happened in the intervening times so the waiting time didn’t feel that long. It’s also released ahead of the Rugby World Cup it’s used as the image song for, ’cause if it were following PawaPara‘s schedule, it could’ve been pushed back a couple more months. Continue reading “There’s no limit to being BRAVE”

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The Book of Us: this is our page

“Want you to come on out and have fun
Want us to have the time of our life”

Day6 is back with their fifth EP, The Book of Us: Gravity, prior to embarking on their second world tour starting next month. It arrives sort of a month late, since in the last two years, their summer records were released in June. So, i was waiting in anticipation for the album info in May and getting restless in the following month, until news was out in late June.

And the longer wait paid off well.
Because again, Day6 doesn’t disappoint.
Time of our life, the lead track, is the perfect summer bop to freshen up my current playlist. Continue reading “The Book of Us: this is our page”