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Just Shoot Me, Day6!

“Vicious words hurt like a bullet.”

For a group who writes and composes their own songs, Day6 sure are prolific. It took them only six months to return with a mini album after going on a year-long Every Day6 project where they released 25 new songs last year. Continue reading “Just Shoot Me, Day6!”

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4 earworm OSTs from winter 2018 J-doramas

Unlike Korean dramas that can have many (sometimes above 10) OSTs per title, Japanese dramas usually only have one or two theme songs per title. And a bunch of instrumentals. K-dramas have their own set of instrumentals too, but J-doramas’ can be as iconic as the theme song. Continue reading “4 earworm OSTs from winter 2018 J-doramas”

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Every Day6 from Sunrise to Moonrise

When i first heard of Every Day6 project, my first thought was how exciting!, and then what a challenging project.

It surely isn’t easy to produce two songs every single month for the entire year amidst promotional activities that i wonder if they had all of them prepped beforehand. Not because i doubt their capability of making new music while promoting the project but because i wonder how many demos they should’ve prepared to have two of them approved for the subsequent release. Continue reading “Every Day6 from Sunrise to Moonrise”

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Just a little bit more and the Doors will open

This 53rd single is dropped only three weeks after the 16th studio album that i was still in the high of the 18-track 「untitled」 to open the doors for 5 more songs. Okay, that was lame. And actually, i only needed to make room for three of ’em since i’ve gotten used to the title track (thanks to the radio plays and the drama it’s theming for) and one coupling track (courtesy of the latest Pazudora CM). Continue reading “Just a little bit more and the Doors will open”

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Well done again my friend, you did well today

Turning two next month, Day6 already has two EPs and one studio album (not to mention a number of singles) under their belt. So they shall have enough songs of their own to sing/perform on stage or during concerts by now — and to capture the listeners’ attention. But, if you’re searching their name on YouTube, you’re bound to find videos of them covering other artists’ songs, be it from fellow labelmates or other Korean or western singers/groups. Continue reading “Well done again my friend, you did well today”

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But in the end…

Whether or not you’re a Linkin Park fan, i’m sure you’ve heard of the heartbreaking news about the band’s vocalist, Chester Bennington. Of all the celebrity deaths i’ve read hitherto, this is probably the first one that hit me the hardest, mainly because Linkin Park played quite a big part in my teenage years. I listened to their music growing up and related to their lyrics a lot. Continue reading “But in the end…”