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The treasure in my life to stay gold

A month after the first reveal/performance of I’ll be there, my opinions still stand. I barely has anything else to add to that, and given how it remains on my ‘like’ status since then, i don’t think it’ll make it to my ‘love’ status. Not a bad thing by all means, but it probably won’t stay in my playlist as long as Arashi’s previous singles or even its B-sides. Continue reading “The treasure in my life to stay gold”

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The five yous I’ll Be There for

How many times have you repeated I’ll be there performance from Wednesday’s FNS? I myself have lost count. Although i’m the type who loops songs i like for hours or days on end until i get sick of ’em, in case of Arashi’s new music release, i do so to familiarize myself with the tune, and to see if i’ll end up liking it. Oftentimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

As for the upcoming single, it took only an hour or two to grow on me. Continue reading “The five yous I’ll Be There for”

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new shades of True Colors

What do sequels, remakes, and recycled songs have in common? They will always be compared with the original, which 99% of the time is better. Naturally, there are exceptions, but when i am already loving the original, i’d usually eschew the later versions. Which isn’t so easy in the last case. I mean, with music, you can hear it playing anytime anywhere without making an active effort to look for it.

Anyway, this time i’ll talk about one of that 1% — an oldie but goldie song titled True Colors.
Continue reading “new shades of True Colors”

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[MV] I Believe in You – Michael Bublé

It’s been a while since my last music post, and four long years since my last Valentine’s Day post.

Now, i certainly never intended to make a yearly Val’s Day edition post, neither did i try to make recommended song blog series, mainly because my writing force is largely on whim than planned, but i chanced upon Michael Bublé’s new single over the weekend and thought it could be a fitting if not perfect song for this occasion. Continue reading “[MV] I Believe in You – Michael Bublé”

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You get it, don’t you?


I don’t remember ever been as keen on and impatient for Arashi’s upcoming album or PV as i currently am for Are You Happy? and Don’t you get it. Don’t get me wrong; i always look forward to their next projects and releases, but my excitement for the dorks’ 15th studio album is on a whole different level thanks to the record’s concept/theme and cover(s) as well as the lead track’s previews and live performance on Music Station last night. Continue reading “You get it, don’t you?”

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Let’s get the UTAGE started~


I’ve been an Arashian for over seven years now but i don’t think i’ve ever dedicated a post for the group or members’ big days. Not that i don’t want to, but creativity isn’t my best trait, ha. So, while this still isn’t a birthday post, i decided to post Arashi-related thing on the youngest’s natal date month =) Continue reading “Let’s get the UTAGE started~”

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“Cuz I just wanna free somebody”

Years ago, if i heard that a group’s member is making a solo debut, my first thought would be ah, that member has left or will soon leave the group s/he’s a part of. But nowadays i don’t worry as much, especially if it’s coming from K-pop music scene which sees releasing solo album(s) as one part of an idol’s solo activities. One of the latest names jumping on the bandwagon is f(x)’s Luna. Continue reading ““Cuz I just wanna free somebody””