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Youth World Tour: my concert experience

My second Day6’s concert — let’s get it! Continue reading “Youth World Tour: my concert experience”

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BRAVE fighter, we’re gonna rock the world now

Brave could have been Arashi’s fourth single of the year, given its first public play on November 3rd. But there’s still no news if — or when — the song is going to be released as a single, despite the announcement of it being the Rugby World Cup 2019’s image song for NTV. Continue reading “BRAVE fighter, we’re gonna rock the world now”

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The Ghost Detective: on episode 27~32, final thoughts

My last post on this drama was up later than usual due to procrastination. The non-development was starting to really get on my nerves and it’s hard to find motivation to write ranty posts. And although the final three hours aren’t any better, i decided to just get it done and over with this weekend. So you can already tell the tone of this post, but let’s do it.

Continue reading “The Ghost Detective: on episode 27~32, final thoughts”

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Kimi no Uta: onaji yume wo miyou

Back to back singles for the same member, i wonder if that ever happened before, but that’s the case with Arashi’s 55th and 56th single, both of which are for Aiba’s projects. Natsu Hayate was the song for the 100th Koshien championship while Kimi no Uta is the theme song for his currently airing vet drama, Boku to Shippo to Kagurazaka. Continue reading “Kimi no Uta: onaji yume wo miyou”

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[Movie] The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside drama has an interesting setup that calls for a lot of cameos, which is the thing that amuses me the most, since the plot moves rather slowly for my liking. I then discovered that it is a remake of the 2015 film and figured watching a two-hour movie is a better option than a 16-hour series, especially when there are a lot of dramas premiering this month to check out.

Shortly into the movie, however, i realized that the two aren’t the same. They share the same concept but with different storyline, that the drama is actually a spin-off rather than a remake. So you can safely watch both of them without being spoiled of the major plot points, i guess? Continue reading “[Movie] The Beauty Inside”

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Where Stars Land: first impression on episode 1~8

Fox Bride Star.

The literal title of this drama is so unique it pulls me in to discover its meaning. Well, Where Stars Land may be the more straightforward version of the two, that it refers to the airport following the mention of stars as the metaphor for airplanes, but Fox Bride Star is arguably the more whimsical choice, especially since the reveal that it’s referring to the shape of Incheon Airport, which resembles a fox-face. Continue reading “Where Stars Land: first impression on episode 1~8”