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one hell of a ride Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds

This 139-minute star-studded fantasy journey through 7 trials at 7 Gates of Hell in 49 days certainly proves to be a roller coaster ride of emotions. It grips, sometimes amuses, and ultimately turns on the waterworks. Continue reading “one hell of a ride Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds”

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I Am Not a Robot: rant on episode 13~20

It has happened before, my wondering if we’re watching the same drama, when others were gushing about how amazing a certain title was and i couldn’t bring myself to be half as excited as them for various reasons. Most of the time, i simply blame it on different tastes and preferences, but sometimes i couldn’t shrug it off when i disagreed with their opinions on the fundamental level. Robot falls on the second category. Continue reading “I Am Not a Robot: rant on episode 13~20”

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Every Day6 from Sunrise to Moonrise

When i first heard of Every Day6 project, my first thought was how exciting!, and then what a challenging project.

It surely isn’t easy to produce two songs every single month for the entire year amidst promotional activities that i wonder if they had all of them prepped beforehand. Not because i doubt their capability of making new music while promoting the project but because i wonder how many demos they should’ve prepared to have two of them approved for the subsequent release. Continue reading “Every Day6 from Sunrise to Moonrise”

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I Am Not a Robot: on episode 5~12

Umm… i should find Robot cute and funny, but after the sixth hour, i still cannot enjoy it at face value because i keep questioning the logic. Because a lot of happenings just make no sense. This is one of those dramas that requires quite an extreme level of suspension of disbelief and i would probably like it if i could shut my brain off. Unfortunately, it keeps interfering that i cannot buy what Robot offers.

Continue reading “I Am Not a Robot: on episode 5~12”

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I Am Not a Robot: first impression on episode 1~4

It’s been well over a decade since my first encounter with a K-drama, and although i cannot exactly tell if or how my preferences or tastes have changed over the years, one thing i noticed for sure is my cooled reception toward arrogant chaebols. I have less and less patience for such assy characters and often bail out before their icy demeanor thaws, that i’m quickly annoyed by Yoo Seung-ho’s character here. Continue reading “I Am Not a Robot: first impression on episode 1~4”

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[Movie] Coco

When it comes to late ancestors in animation features, they’re usually painted as glowy or transparent souls, but Coco chose to present them in skeletal form instead. It’s likely related to the Mexican culture, though i did wonder if such figure would be too scary for little kids, especially given the many instances where the bones would break off from the main body. I can’t really call them cute, but Coco‘s presentation of the deceased isn’t as scary as i’d feared. If anything, the skulls look like a mask instead, with various motifs on it. Continue reading “[Movie] Coco”