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35-sai no Shoujo: first impression on episode 1~2

Sleeping Beauty trope may not be too common, but it’s not novel either. It’s some sort of a time-travel setup wherein the sleepers either find themselves in the same state/age or wake up in an older body. That of 35-sai no Shoujo (35-year-old Girl) is the latter case with the biggest age gap i’ve come across: 25 years. Continue reading “35-sai no Shoujo: first impression on episode 1~2”

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Unsung Cinderella: final thoughts

Medical drama may not be my go-to genre, and despite a few hiccups popping up in the first half of Unsung Cinderella, it was a good watch. I wish i could say the same for the second half as well, but it reminds me of another big reason why this particular genre isn’t my favorite: watching people getting weak/being in pain. Which is like duh; what medical dramas don’t deal with sick and dying patients?

However, the cases covered until the midway point of Unsung were mostly non-critical conditions with high chance of full recovery Continue reading “Unsung Cinderella: final thoughts”

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Do You Like Brahms?: on episode 9~16

One thing i’ve been (unconsciously) doing while watching dramas is managing my expectations of the plot development based on where we’re at in the series. Because there are trends and tropes we pick up through years of watching dramas no matter the genre. That if the nemesis is zeroed in on before the last third of the show, i’ll think it is a red herring or there’s a bigger baddie behind them. That if an OTP gets together early, i’ll be expecting (breakup) angst to follow before the ultimate happy ending — or worse, it may end tragically, although sad endings are a rare occurrence now.

In Brahms‘ case, i thought the leads would be an item in the second half Continue reading “Do You Like Brahms?: on episode 9~16”

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[Drama] Oyabaka Seishun Hakusho

What comes to mind when ‘helicopter parent’ topic is mentioned? For me, it’s Kahogo no Kahoko. But if you think Kahoko’s mom is already gone overboard with her overprotectiveness, here comes another doting parent who even goes as far as going to the same university as their daughter. She must be shaking to hear about this. Heh. Continue reading “[Drama] Oyabaka Seishun Hakusho”

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Whenever You Call, i’ll be there in a hurry

The digital singles Arashi has been releasing for the past year are ostensibly geared toward their international fans given the amount of English lyrics contained in every track, but that’s not the only aspect different from their Japanese releases; they’re also working with global artists, composers, and producers for this project. To be honest, i don’t usually pay attention to this stuff unless there are (big) names i’m familiar with. Like Bruno Mars, who penned and produced the quintet’s first all-English song, Whenever You Call. Continue reading “Whenever You Call, i’ll be there in a hurry”

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Do You Like Brahms?: first impression on episode 1~8

Longtime-friends to lovers is probably the trope that most drama watchers have a soft spot for. Sometimes i want characters to stay platonic especially when the friendship looks comfortable and solid, or when the feelings aren’t mutual to start with, but oftentimes, i’m simply eating it up. But in Do You Like Brahms?, i can’t wait for the leads to move on from their respective crushes. Continue reading “Do You Like Brahms?: first impression on episode 1~8”

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Arashi is 5, no matter what

Arashi is a quintet comprising of Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Matsumoto Jun. They’ve spent 21 years of their lives being one-fifth of the unit, carrying the group’s name and image on their shoulders, each pulling their weight to prop the group up and become a household name that they are now. Continue reading “Arashi is 5, no matter what”