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3-nen A-gumi: halfway through

“Let’s think.”

Some lessons must be learned the hard way. Some people need to be taught a lesson to hopefully return to the right track. Sometimes, physical punishment is a necessary evil. Continue reading “3-nen A-gumi: halfway through”

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The Crowned Clown: halfway through

I’m back with yet another sageuk drama post 🙂

That i would be this fascinated by sageuk is something unthinkable for my younger self when i got into K-dramas more than a decade ago. I did enjoy a couple of them, namely Dae Jang Geum and Dong Yi, but their respective length also made me reluctant to check out other titles in the ensuing years, regardless of the positive reviews. Also because political intrigues wasn’t my cup of tea at all. Fast forward to 2019 and i could safely say that sageuk is probably the genre that i’m drawn to and sticking with till the end the easiest. Continue reading “The Crowned Clown: halfway through”