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[Movie] The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside drama has an interesting setup that calls for a lot of cameos, which is the thing that amuses me the most, since the plot moves rather slowly for my liking. I then discovered that it is a remake of the 2015 film and figured watching a two-hour movie is a better option than a 16-hour series, especially when there are a lot of dramas premiering this month to check out.

Shortly into the movie, however, i realized that the two aren’t the same. They share the same concept but with different storyline, that the drama is actually a spin-off rather than a remake. So you can safely watch both of them without being spoiled of the major plot points, i guess? Continue reading “[Movie] The Beauty Inside”

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Where Stars Land: first impression on episode 1~8

Fox Bride Star.

The literal title of this drama is so unique it pulls me in to discover its meaning. Well, Where Stars Land may be the more straightforward version of the two, that it refers to the airport following the mention of stars as the metaphor for airplanes, but Fox Bride Star is arguably the more whimsical choice, especially since the reveal that it’s referring to the shape of Incheon Airport, which resembles a fox-face. Continue reading “Where Stars Land: first impression on episode 1~8”

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The Ghost Detective: on episode 5~12

The thing about mystery procedurals is that it’s impossible to guess whether they will be episodic or sequential without checking the first few episodes. Because although most of the time there will be central case/mystery to be solved, it isn’t the focus. And i thought that’s what we’d get here too, given that A Few Good Men is a two-man inquiry agency (on the brink of bankruptcy at that), and it took me around 3 episodes to realize The Ghost Detective isn’t a case-by-case drama. Continue reading “The Ghost Detective: on episode 5~12”

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The Ghost Detective: first impression on episode 1~4

Procedurals are similar to slices-of-life in terms of having vapid synopsis and needing strong execution to keep me interested. The latter is essential in all drama genres but even more so in procedurals since they’re all about solving cases which can easily become tedious and boring that without the extra something, my brain will check out soon.

That extra something usually means intriguing setup/mystery, the character’s special skills, or fantasy elements. In The Ghost Detective‘s case, it’s (the peculiar title and) the ghost stuff. Continue reading “The Ghost Detective: first impression on episode 1~4”

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VS Arashi 2018.08.30: Quiz Matsumoto Jun #2

Ever since the epic Quiz Matsuuu~ Motooo~ Ju~n! last October, that game never really left our mind, until it’s back for the second time… on his birthday episode.

Yup, the youngest in Arashi turned 35 last Thursday, making Arashi officially the mid-30’s group. And what better way to celebrate his joining the ojisan club than to make this VS Arashi episode a Jun-centered one? Continue reading “VS Arashi 2018.08.30: Quiz Matsumoto Jun #2”

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Switched (Sora wo Kakeru Yodaka): the high school drama to marathon

“Looking different on the outside won’t change what’s inside.”

Body swap isn’t a new trope; most of the time, it is unintentional and set up for comedy, and sometimes, the why and how remain mysterious until much later in the game. But here, it happens deliberately and both us and the characters figure out the method and motive early on. With those out of the way (usually the most pressing questions i’d have), this Netflix drama gets to focus on the more important things: character exploration and solution. Continue reading “Switched (Sora wo Kakeru Yodaka): the high school drama to marathon”

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Are You Human Too?: on episode 25~36, final thoughts

“If something that looks exactly like you showed up, wore your clothes, acted like you, and took your dad. And people say she’s better than you. How would you feel?”

This is it that sealed the deal for me. Shin may be painted as the bad guy in this drama — not as heinous as Seo Jong-gil though is arguably the better villain since he wreaks bigger havoc, exasperates more characters, and hence elicits more hateful comments in the last third of the show than the latter does in the entire series — that i was clearly in the minority for rooting for him. Wholeheartedly. Continue reading “Are You Human Too?: on episode 25~36, final thoughts”