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The five yous I’ll Be There for

How many times have you repeated I’ll be there performance from Wednesday’s FNS? I myself have lost count. Although i’m the type who loops songs i like for hours or days on end until i get sick of ’em, in case of Arashi’s new music release, i do so to familiarize myself with the tune, and to see if i’ll end up liking it. Oftentimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

As for the upcoming single, it took only an hour or two to grow on me. Continue reading “The five yous I’ll Be There for”

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SORE the series: Istri dari Masa Depan

Sepertinya web series sedang “in” ya belakangan ini. Sejak kemunculan mini drama AADC akhir 2014 lalu, sudah ada tiga judul dengan format serupa yg kutonton melalui YouTube: Nic & Mar, Ben & Jody, dan Sore. Dan sejauh ini, aku cukup puas dengan hasilnya. Selain durasi dan jumlah episode yg pendek, serta akses yg mudah, dari segi cerita, senimatografi, dan akting, kualitasnya jauh lebih oke daripada sinetron-sinetron yg tayang di TV. Continue reading “SORE the series: Istri dari Masa Depan”

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PABLO Cheese Tart: rasanya seenak panjangnya antrian?

Akhirnya kesampaian juga~

Salah satu makanan, atau lebih tepatnya kue, yg hype-nya gila-gilaan akhir-akhir ini tentunya dipegang PABLO baked cheese tart. Sejak gerai pertama di Gandaria City buka pertengahan November tahun lalu (setahun lebih penantian sejak papan namanya terpasang di sana), konon sampai sekarang antriannya masih mengular. Continue reading “PABLO Cheese Tart: rasanya seenak panjangnya antrian?”

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new shades of True Colors

What do sequels, remakes, and recycled songs have in common? They will always be compared with the original, which 99% of the time is better. Naturally, there are exceptions, but when i am already loving the original, i’d usually eschew the later versions. Which isn’t so easy in the last case. I mean, with music, you can hear it playing anytime anywhere without making an active effort to look for it.

Anyway, this time i’ll talk about one of that 1% — an oldie but goldie song titled True Colors.
Continue reading “new shades of True Colors”

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Tokyo Tarareba Musume: on episode 3~4


Story of single women (day)dreaming to find the right men by certain time may not be everyone’s cup of tea, even those a sucker for romance. I can understand why some are turned off by the titular what-if girls’ unrealistic ideals and expectations although i did find their plights relatable, personalities likable, dynamics lifelike, and fantasies amusing. It’s probably because i’m close to these girls’ age and quite aware of the ‘pressure’ society put on single woman in her 30s (and beyond), although they aim to get married by 2020 of own accord. Continue reading “Tokyo Tarareba Musume: on episode 3~4”

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[MV] I Believe in You – Michael Bublé

It’s been a while since my last music post, and four long years since my last Valentine’s Day post.

Now, i certainly never intended to make a yearly Val’s Day edition post, neither did i try to make recommended song blog series, mainly because my writing force is largely on whim than planned, but i chanced upon Michael Bublé’s new single over the weekend and thought it could be a fitting if not perfect song for this occasion. Continue reading “[MV] I Believe in You – Michael Bublé”