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Unnatural: a stirring forensic human drama

 “Forensic pathology is work for the future.”

Unnatural is the drama i looked forward to the most among this winter J-dorama spread solely because it is a Nogi Akiko drama. The synopsis doesn’t sound exciting (which applies to most titles, actually) and medical drama ain’t my cup of tea, but given my track record with this screenwriter, she has a flair for turning mundane-sounding script into an endearing one. I have watched most of her works and enjoyed all of them, so i had high hopes for her latest project. And upon finishing this 10-episode series, i can now say that she’s officially my favorite screenwriter. Continue reading “Unnatural: a stirring forensic human drama”

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Grand Prince: halfway through

For someone who claims to not be into period dramas, i feel like i’ve watched quite a few sageuks in recent years. I also find this genre easier to get me hooked due to its generally pretty cinematography and gorgeous hanboks, enough to make me sit through the political sides till the end. Especially the fusion ones or the kind that doesn’t require prior knowledge of the history to understand the plot. So i guess i should stop sticking to this claim? *smirk* Continue reading “Grand Prince: halfway through”

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Repeat: on episode 7~10, final thoughts

“Eight more months until the next Repeat. Which will come first? Doing Repeat or being killed? It’s a survival game, so to speak.”

When it comes to THE mysterious culprit, usually it’s either someone close and familiar that left you in disbelief or a complete stranger that made the entire mystery/reveal anticlimactic. But the serial killer in Repeat is neither of them. And it could very well be beyond anyone’s imagination. Continue reading “Repeat: on episode 7~10, final thoughts”

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Todome no Kiss: on episode 9~10, final thoughts

“In the end, going back is just an infinite loop of regrets.”

This show really steps up its game toward the finale, changing up the game and bringing in unexpected development. While i hope the variations were introduced much earlier, i couldn’t hold it against DomeKisu since the latter half is more interesting than the first half, which is my preferred scenario. Continue reading “Todome no Kiss: on episode 9~10, final thoughts”

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Todome no Kiss: on episode 7~8

My likes and dislikes about this drama haven’t changed much in the past few weeks — frivolous, fun but also quite predictable and repetitive — that i’m happy with the development we get in these two episodes. The tables start turning again, but with a much higher stakes. We’re heading to the final two weeks so it’s about time Eight lost some battle. Continue reading “Todome no Kiss: on episode 7~8”