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Silent: on Minato (episode 3~5)

Seeing something ‘bad’ coming from miles away — well, the beginning — somehow still doesn’t make dealing with it any easier. Neither does it make it any less painful when it finally happens… Continue reading “Silent: on Minato (episode 3~5)”

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Waru: glass ceiling crushers that don’t alienate the males

Yep, Waru: Hataraku no ga kakkowarui nante dare ga itta? is a drama about women in the workplace, covering the stereotypes, generalization, disadvantages, and naysays in their professional lives. Although it may not be the case with Tanaka Maririn (Imada Mio). She’s allegedly hired due to OHMI’s policy to recruit equal numbers of males and females, besides the fact that she is from the same hometown as the company’s president. Continue reading “Waru: glass ceiling crushers that don’t alienate the males”

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[Short Film] Tiffany Blue #3

Despite being an avid drama watcher, and the tendency to be invested throughout the show, i’m not attached to them afterward. Granted, there are stories and characters that leave a stronger impression than the others, or that i still talk about from time to time, but i’m not hung up on the less satisfying aspects, such as the open endings or sunken ships…

but maybe not. Because seeing this ad film with Mori Nana and Nakano Taiga immediately flashed me back to the exasperating finale of KoiAta and the what could have beens. Continue reading “[Short Film] Tiffany Blue #3”

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How’s it going, choushi dou desu ka?

Outside Arashi’s group activities, Aiba makes a name for his variety shows, Jun for concert directing, Nino for acting, Sho for newscasting, and Ohno for artworks. And while i don’t think any of them would become soloists post-hiatus, if there’s anyone who would ever release a song, i supposed it would be the good-looking guy. Continue reading “How’s it going, choushi dou desu ka?”