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[Drama] Uchi no Musume wa, Kareshi ga Dekinai!!

J-dorama’s title can be pretty long that i’d use and eventually remember the abbreviation but not the original title. But sometimes it can be self-explanatory that you can guess what the story is about and what to expect from it without checking the synopsis. Which is neat and particularly convenient when you’re trying to select which shows to check out from the season’s long drama-list. Such is the case of Uchi no Musume wa, Kareshi ga Dekinai!! — although the official English title is much shorter: Date My Daughter! Continue reading “[Drama] Uchi no Musume wa, Kareshi ga Dekinai!!”

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Luv Bias shika kangaerarenai

I may only ever blogged about Kis-My-Ft2 once, but i don’t stop checking their music releases out then. There’s a period where i was really into their music, circa Kis-My-World and I Scream albums, and although i continue to find at least a couple great album tracks from their records thereafter, their singles have been mostly misses for the past few years… until Luv Bias came around. Continue reading “Luv Bias shika kangaerarenai”