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Shinobi no Kuni: the battle of greed in the Land of Stealth

The impression i have of ninja (or “shinobi”, the term used in this movie) is similar to secret agents. A nimble and highly skilled one. But Shinobi no Kuni paints them in different light hence showing a different side of them, something you’ve probably never seen before. Continue reading “Shinobi no Kuni: the battle of greed in the Land of Stealth”

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[Movie] I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Honestly, i never heard of this movie before, even though big names like Oguri Shun and Kitagawa Keiko were in it. But this strangely titled movie kept coming up on my timeline recently, especially about how much it made them cry, so i looked it up out of curiosity. Besides the weird title, it also has a confusing synopsis with its use of first person.

Reading people’s accounts on this live-action made me ready myself to an emotional watch; and while i did cry toward the end, i think it is more of a beautiful and touching story instead of a tearjerker. Continue reading “[Movie] I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”

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[Movie] Coco

When it comes to late ancestors in animation features, they’re usually painted as glowy or transparent souls, but Coco chose to present them in skeletal form instead. It’s likely related to the Mexican culture, though i did wonder if such figure would be too scary for little kids, especially given the many instances where the bones would break off from the main body. I can’t really call them cute, but Coco‘s presentation of the deceased isn’t as scary as i’d feared. If anything, the skulls look like a mask instead, with various motifs on it. Continue reading “[Movie] Coco”

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[Movie] Close-Knit

“What is ‘normal’?”
“Normal is normal. Not strange.”

That’s how the leading lady in this movie is labeled: “not normal”, while the leading man refers to her case as “unusual”. And whether you see Rinko as abnormal, unusual, or another adjective, your opinion may or may not change after watching this movie. I’m not sure if that’s the objective, since the story is quite simple sans concrete resolution to some of its conflicts, seemingly leaving them up to your interpretation. Continue reading “[Movie] Close-Knit”

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new shades of True Colors

What do sequels, remakes, and recycled songs have in common? They will always be compared with the original, which 99% of the time is better. Naturally, there are exceptions, but when i am already loving the original, i’d usually eschew the later versions. Which isn’t so easy in the last case. I mean, with music, you can hear it playing anytime anywhere without making an active effort to look for it.

Anyway, this time i’ll talk about one of that 1% — an oldie but goldie song titled True Colors.
Continue reading “new shades of True Colors”

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Ore Monogatari!!: an unexpectedly delightful teen love story


Manga live-action? check.
High school romance? check.
Cool popular guy? check.
Cute sheepish girl? check.

Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) ticks enough boxes of detracting elements that generally speaking may not work for me. Add to that my recent encounter with j-movie from similar genre. I really have a bad luck with Japanese teen romance — or j-romance in general — that i should’ve learned my lesson and sworn off such projects… and let’s not discuss why i gave this one a go (the reasons would be repetitive), but let me say if after sitting through a string of terrible ones i came across a good one like this, few and far between notwithstanding, how can i stop? Continue reading “Ore Monogatari!!: an unexpectedly delightful teen love story”

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[Movie] Wolf Girl and Black Prince

I knew i was shooting myself in the foot by checking this movie out, but i proceeded anyway… again, for the cast. The plot is as typical as shoujo manga material goes, which hardly interests me, so i really shouldn’t bother. But Yamazaki Kento, and more importantly Nikaido Fumi, were in it. I’ve been meaning to watch another YamaKen project, but given his mostly manga adaptations repertoire, the options are neither that diverse nor interesting. As for Nikaido Fumi, she was downright chilling in Nou Otoko i was curious how she’d fare in much lighter movie.

Watching this movie might hence be like killing two birds with one stone. Plus, if the award-winning actress agreed to take part in this, that should at least say something about the movie quality, right? So, i decided to give Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji benefit of the doubt… and as you may have predicted: it didn’t end well. Continue reading “[Movie] Wolf Girl and Black Prince”