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Frozen II: the cold eventually bothered Elsa

After numerous reiterations about my strong opinions against sequels and the like, you’d think i’d avoid each and every one of them at all costs. Reality is i’ll still succumb to temptation once in a while… like how i bought advanced tickets for Frozen II and watched it the day it premiered.

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[Movie] The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos

“Let’s unleash the mad dogs again.”

Hearing that line again is enough to get me all excited and waiting impatiently for this movie to be screened in my country despite my general aversion to sequels, spinoffs, and the like. Because it’s Oh Goo-tak who says it, and it’s Bad Guys! Continue reading “[Movie] The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos”

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[Movie] Big Brother

School dramas with toxic environment, student bullies, evil tiger parents, and helpless teachers… i’m so done with those. But problematic kids being put in place or ultimately fixed by eccentric teachers… that i’m kinda a sucker for lately. Which is what drew me to watch Big Brother (Dai Si Hing) for my recent in-flight entertainment, even if i hadn’t watched any Chinese shows in a re~ally long time. And it didn’t disappoint, for the most part. Continue reading “[Movie] Big Brother”

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[Movie] Midnight Runners

I don’t know why i put Midnight Runners on the back burner for this long. I was aware of it when it was out and i like both leading actors. So it’s probably the premise, which looks like yet another cop movie. However, it turns out to be quite unexpected.

Well, the plot is quite typical, but 1) it is an action comedy, and 2) it’s technically not a cop movie as both leads are still cadets. Continue reading “[Movie] Midnight Runners”

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[Movie] Smallfoot

Animated movies may be targeted at young audience, but the (social) issues and intended messages are probably catered to the older audience. Which is a good thing because i love watching animations and oftentimes prefer them to live actions due to simple yet effective plot, engaging visual, satisfying conclusion, and straightforward takeaway.

Smallfoot does a great job checking off those points, which is no small feat considering the ‘big’ issues it tackles: Continue reading “[Movie] Smallfoot”

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[Movie] The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside drama has an interesting setup that calls for a lot of cameos, which is the thing that amuses me the most, since the plot moves rather slowly for my liking. I then discovered that it is a remake of the 2015 film and figured watching a two-hour movie is a better option than a 16-hour series, especially when there are a lot of dramas premiering this month to check out.

Shortly into the movie, however, i realized that the two aren’t the same. They share the same concept but with different storyline, that the drama is actually a spin-off rather than a remake. So you can safely watch both of them without being spoiled of the major plot points, i guess? Continue reading “[Movie] The Beauty Inside”

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[Movie] I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Honestly, i never heard of this movie before, even though big names like Oguri Shun and Kitagawa Keiko were in it. But this strangely titled movie kept coming up on my timeline recently, especially about how much it made them cry, so i looked it up out of curiosity. Besides the weird title, it also has a confusing synopsis with its use of first person.

Reading people’s accounts on this live-action made me ready myself to an emotional watch; and while i did cry toward the end, i think it is more of a beautiful and touching story instead of a tearjerker. Continue reading “[Movie] I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”