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Tumbler-friendly beverage stalls

It’s been five years since my bubble tea post and this bubble tea game is still going strong. Other F&B crazes come and go, but this one may stand the test of time. And i don’t think we’re getting tired of this sugary drink any time soon. I certainly am not, though my preferences have shifted and the prices per cup have almost doubled since then. Continue reading “Tumbler-friendly beverage stalls”

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ARIRANG Extra Hot Fried Noodle: sepedas SAMYANG?

Sejak Samyang meledak di media sosial sekitar 3 tahun yg lalu dan aku sudah merasakan sendiri sensasinya, perburuanku akan mie instan super pedas dimulai. Beberapa di antaranya pernah kuulas di sini, dan yg seperti kutulis di sana, aku penasaran aja kenapa cuma Samyang yg heboh banget. Masa ga ada merek lain yg bisa menyaingi si Hot Chicken Ramen?

Dua setengah tahun sejak perburuan dimulai, akhirnya aku bisa berhenti mencari. Continue reading “ARIRANG Extra Hot Fried Noodle: sepedas SAMYANG?”

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PABLO Cheese Tart: rasanya seenak panjangnya antrian?

Akhirnya kesampaian juga~

Salah satu makanan, atau lebih tepatnya kue, yg hype-nya gila-gilaan akhir-akhir ini tentunya dipegang PABLO baked cheese tart. Sejak gerai pertama di Gandaria City buka pertengahan November tahun lalu (setahun lebih penantian sejak papan namanya terpasang di sana), konon sampai sekarang antriannya masih mengular. Continue reading “PABLO Cheese Tart: rasanya seenak panjangnya antrian?”

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Wee Nam Kee The Breeze has the best chicken rice?

DSC_1558 @WeeNamKee, BSD

When residing in The Little Red Dot, chicken rice was one of my favorite food, so much so that i’d have that at least once a week. I had my to-go places and despite hearing that so-and-so was good and whatnot, i neither looked ’em up nor tried the famous or popular ones. Then, i wasn’t a food hunter* that i wasn’t that picky about where i eat. And let’s be real, chicken rice is ubiquitous one needs not go to a specific place or name for that; just stop by any hawker centre or food court, and chances are, the quality will please your taste buds. Of course there are better or worse versions of it, but for the most part, the taste won’t vary that much… that i think it’s rather impossible to rule out whose is the best. Continue reading “Wee Nam Kee The Breeze has the best chicken rice?”

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Hot Noodle Challenge

Ngomongin soal ramyun instan super pedas, yg terbersit di kepala kemungkinan besar adalah mie yg sempat dipopulerkan berkat “Fire Noodle Challenge”-nya itu. Tapi kemudian aku bertanya-tanya, masa iya hanya Samyang Spicy Fried Chicken Noodle yg luar biasa pedas dan bisa dijadikan tantangan untuk dihabiskan? Dan usut punya usut ternyata banyak artikel yg bahkan tidak menganugerahkan gelar mie instan terpedas (khusus asal Korea maupun sedunia) kepada mie yg satu ini. Continue reading “Hot Noodle Challenge”

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francis artisan bakery: my kind of bread

When i first heard about this bakery months ago, i didn’t pay much attention to it for two reasons: 1) it’s baking in the mall i rarely patronize, although i made a mental note to stop by when i do go to Grand Indonesia sometime in the future, and 2) i’m not big on bread, not anymore, albeit still buying whole-wheat loaf once in a while when i’m craving for and/or getting a jar of Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream (my favorite chocolate spread at the moment).

But then i chanced upon it while strolling around Mall Taman Anggrek’s ground floor through the corridor i rarely pass through. Detours do lead you to interesting places you would otherwise not find, huh? Well, that’s how i spotted francis artisan bakery. Past the initial surprise, the next thing i knew i was already inside due to equal parts curiosity (duh) and pull factors (nice decor and oversized breads). Ever seen a bakery as invitingly chic as this one? Continue reading “francis artisan bakery: my kind of bread”

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BARI-UMA Ramen: is it really bari uma?


Trying out new ramen-ya in town.

This time it is the shop that originates from Hiroshima and touts “The Strongest Tonkotsu Soup”, BARI-UMA Ramen. So far i’m mostly familiar with Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Hakata style ramen that this is probably the first time i tried one from Hiroshima. Since i’m not that conversant with the differences in soup base, noodle type, toppings each region/prefecture offers, i’ll depend on my taste buds to do the judging. Continue reading “BARI-UMA Ramen: is it really bari uma?”