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Rebel–Thief Who Stole the People: on episode 21~30, final thoughts

I’m really getting worse and worse about ‘final thoughts’ post on dramas i don’t cover regularly. The same goes for ‘series review’. Once i put off started writing shortly after watching the finale, i’d keep procrastinating until God knows how long that chances are i’m dropping it altogether in the end. Or i’ll feel compelled to finish what i started…long after i finished the show. Like Moonlight, i finally work on my closing post on Rebel two months after it ended. Continue reading “Rebel–Thief Who Stole the People: on episode 21~30, final thoughts”

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Boku, Unmei no Hito desu: final thoughts

“Marriage is when, even after 50 years, you wake up in the morning and still think the person next to you is good. It’s a tough job.”

In romance or rom-com, it’s almost 100% guaranteed that the two on the poster are the OTP and thus will end up together. Likewise, in Boku Unmei, whether or not Makoto and Haruko will have a happy ending is a no-brainer. Moreover, we can be 100% sure that they’ll get married in the end. God says they’re fated partners after all! And the world needs their kid! Continue reading “Boku, Unmei no Hito desu: final thoughts”

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Reverse: on episode 9~10, final thoughts

“Coffee drips down a drop at a time. The first drop is the most delicious and deep. The last drop is the most bitter. You must never put the last drop in.”

This narration opens episode 10, and going by the analogy, we have come to the final part of story. Let’s see if the last drop is indeed the bitterest. Continue reading “Reverse: on episode 9~10, final thoughts”

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Fight for My Way: on episode 7~10

“We were always short on time. We wake up earlier than anyone and we sleep later, but we never had enough time. We lived harder than anyone, but our resumes don’t show a thing. They seem to be everything of our history. It makes me mad and upset.”

Gahh, how i love this drama’s slice of life parts — the pangs are so spot-on. How i wish Show would focus more on this element instead of the ridiculous rivalry and annoying love interests. Unfortunately, that’s what we’re getting, and that’s where the story is going. Continue reading “Fight for My Way: on episode 7~10”

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Reverse: on episode 7~8

“I always had a premonition that some day, the worst situation would happen. Even though we should have been prepared for retribution to hit us, the truth that was finally revealed was far too cruel.”

I should’ve seen the signs. I should’ve learned by now that in mystery dramas, the least likely one, the least suspicious one, the closest one to the characters… is the culprit. Continue reading “Reverse: on episode 7~8”

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Reverse: on episode 5~6

Isn’t it funny that we can make speculations based on little information yet struggles to wrap our heads around it when given a lot more details? Maybe that’s just me? ‘Cause that’s what i feel about Reverse. I could reckon who looked shady in the early episodes, but now after hearing most players’ stories of that evening, i don’t know who to trust anymore. I can’t discern who’s telling the truth, half-truth, or an outright lie. I can’t even tell if Hirosawa’s disappearance was by accident or design.

Everything is possible, and the only one who truly knew what happened is the man himself, it seems. Continue reading “Reverse: on episode 5~6”

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Fight for My Way: first impression on episode 1~2

Likable characters, engaging story, lifelike struggles… boy, am i liking this drama already.

We usually find these elements in slice-of-life shows, and while i don’t think Fight for My Way is one, it certainly has that quality and feel. On top of that, there are fun dynamics and easy chemistry between the leads. We’re just in the opening week, and i wish not jinx myself, but it could be my favorite K-drama this year since Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. Continue reading “Fight for My Way: first impression on episode 1~2”

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Boku, Unmei no Hito desu: mid-series review

Coincidences are another drama trope that i have love/hate relationship with, especially in romance/romcom settings. I get that the characters need to meet and interact in order to move the plot and love line forward, but when they cross path whenever and wherever, as if the world is that small, i’d invariably roll my eyes at that. Boku, Unmei no Hito desu (I’m Your Destiny), however, puts context into the coincidental meetings — because the leads are fated partners — that i don’t hate the occurrences. Continue reading “Boku, Unmei no Hito desu: mid-series review”

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Reverse: on episode 3~4

“There are things that the people who were there won’t know.
I, to a pathetic degree, don’t know anything at all.”

The more we know about what happened that day, the more messed up the incident looks…in a delicious way. Because as it turns out, that Hirosawa left the villa to drive after drinking two cans of beer isn’t the only and crucial fact the boys deliberately left out. That there are more to it isn’t surprising, but that there are more details they are keeping from one another after all these years is. Continue reading “Reverse: on episode 3~4”