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Are You Human Too?: first impression on episode 1~8

Given my last not-so-good experience with robot drama, i was apprehensive about watching a new robot drama. Those two aren’t related but they share similar premise and basic setup, just swapping the android from the female lead with the male lead and reversing the role-play: we got a person pretending to be a robot in I Am Not a Robot, and we get a robot standing in for its human counterpart in Are You Human Too? However, i have better first impression and fewer reservations of the latter than the former, so let’s see if i’ll be able to watch this one till the end. Continue reading “Are You Human Too?: first impression on episode 1~8”

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Grand Prince: final thoughts

2017 wasn’t a K-drama year for me. There were only a few titles that i truly loved; i also ended up watching more J-doramas, which has never happened before. And that ‘trend’ is likely to continue this year. I’ve only finished two titles thus far — Doubtful Victory and Grand Prince — but not without much struggle, even if both started out quite well, i must say. Continue reading “Grand Prince: final thoughts”

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Black Pean: first impression on episode 1~2

“It’s strange, the world of doctors. For patients, a good doctor is one who can cure their disease. But for doctors, a good doctor is one who writes papers.”

Or maybe in the latter case, it’s one who has high impact factor. Because while it’s still unclear which side of a good doctor Show is zeroing in on, to achieve the highest impact factor and hence be selected as the chair of the country’s general surgeons seems to be the drama’s main goal as well as source of conflict. The thing is, this is something that doesn’t interest me and concerns those i hardly care about. Continue reading “Black Pean: first impression on episode 1~2”

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Unnatural: a stirring forensic human drama

 “Forensic pathology is work for the future.”

Unnatural is the drama i looked forward to the most among this winter J-dorama spread solely because it is a Nogi Akiko drama. The synopsis doesn’t sound exciting (which applies to most titles, actually) and medical drama ain’t my cup of tea, but given my track record with this screenwriter, she has a flair for turning mundane-sounding script into an endearing one. I have watched most of her works and enjoyed all of them, so i had high hopes for her latest project. And upon finishing this 10-episode series, i can now say that she’s officially my favorite screenwriter. Continue reading “Unnatural: a stirring forensic human drama”

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Grand Prince: halfway through

For someone who claims to not be into period dramas, i feel like i’ve watched quite a few sageuks in recent years. I also find this genre easier to get me hooked due to its generally pretty cinematography and gorgeous hanboks, enough to make me sit through the political sides till the end. Especially the fusion ones or the kind that doesn’t require prior knowledge of the history to understand the plot. So i guess i should stop sticking to this claim? *smirk* Continue reading “Grand Prince: halfway through”

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Repeat: on episode 7~10, final thoughts

“Eight more months until the next Repeat. Which will come first? Doing Repeat or being killed? It’s a survival game, so to speak.”

When it comes to THE mysterious culprit, usually it’s either someone close and familiar that left you in disbelief or a complete stranger that made the entire mystery/reveal anticlimactic. But the serial killer in Repeat is neither of them. And it could very well be beyond anyone’s imagination. Continue reading “Repeat: on episode 7~10, final thoughts”

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Todome no Kiss: on episode 9~10, final thoughts

“In the end, going back is just an infinite loop of regrets.”

This show really steps up its game toward the finale, changing up the game and bringing in unexpected development. While i hope the variations were introduced much earlier, i couldn’t hold it against DomeKisu since the latter half is more interesting than the first half, which is my preferred scenario. Continue reading “Todome no Kiss: on episode 9~10, final thoughts”

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Todome no Kiss: on episode 7~8

My likes and dislikes about this drama haven’t changed much in the past few weeks — frivolous, fun but also quite predictable and repetitive — that i’m happy with the development we get in these two episodes. The tables start turning again, but with a much higher stakes. We’re heading to the final two weeks so it’s about time Eight lost some battle. Continue reading “Todome no Kiss: on episode 7~8”

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Repeat: on episode 3~6

“We have to make an effort if we want to change our life whether you do Repeat or not.”

When the Selected 8 was given a second shot at life through Repeat, they must have thought it’s once in a lifetime chance to change their past, especially with the lack of rules and restrictions. But after hearing news of fellow Repeaters’ uncanny deaths and possibly being the next target, i wonder if they think their lives pre-Repeat were better. Continue reading “Repeat: on episode 3~6”