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Todome no Kiss: on episode 5~6

To marry the 10-billion-yen heiress has been Eight’s goal from episode 1, the road to which has been a less turbulent one since Kazuma was out of the picture… until another opposition appears to block his attempts, that is Takauji. Hence the beginning of the love triangle… between Eight, Takauji, and Namiki Group. Heh Continue reading “Todome no Kiss: on episode 5~6”

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Repeat: first impression on episode 1~2

“Nobody knows what may happen tomorrow. That’s why we sometimes fail and regret. But if I can start building my life again…”

Normally, i will grow to like a drama’s OST after hearing it played in it, but i actually have it the other way around with Repeat: 10 Months Which Change Fate. I heard bits of the song in the teaser and then went to look the drama up because of that.

Yup, i’d usually list the cast, synopsis, hype/online reviews, or even the writer/PD as the reason for starting a drama, but here, i gave Repeat a go due to its OST. Or more accurately, the artist singing the ending song: Day6. Continue reading “Repeat: first impression on episode 1~2”

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I Am Not a Robot: rant on episode 13~20

It has happened before, my wondering if we’re watching the same drama, when others were gushing about how amazing a certain title was and i couldn’t bring myself to be half as excited as them for various reasons. Most of the time, i simply blame it on different tastes and preferences, but sometimes i couldn’t shrug it off when i disagreed with their opinions on the fundamental level. Robot falls on the second category. Continue reading “I Am Not a Robot: rant on episode 13~20”

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I Am Not a Robot: on episode 5~12

Umm… i should find Robot cute and funny, but after the sixth hour, i still cannot enjoy it at face value because i keep questioning the logic. Because a lot of happenings just make no sense. This is one of those dramas that requires quite an extreme level of suspension of disbelief and i would probably like it if i could shut my brain off. Unfortunately, it keeps interfering that i cannot buy what Robot offers.

Continue reading “I Am Not a Robot: on episode 5~12”

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I Am Not a Robot: first impression on episode 1~4

It’s been well over a decade since my first encounter with a K-drama, and although i cannot exactly tell if or how my preferences or tastes have changed over the years, one thing i noticed for sure is my cooled reception toward arrogant chaebols. I have less and less patience for such assy characters and often bail out before their icy demeanor thaws, that i’m quickly annoyed by Yoo Seung-ho’s character here. Continue reading “I Am Not a Robot: first impression on episode 1~4”

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[Drama] Age of Youth 2

You know my stance on sequels, but if there is a drama that needs to have a sequel, it will be Age of Youth. From the plot point alone. I mentioned that it would benefit from having more episodes, and having a second season seems like a logical move to tie up some of its major loose ends, so i was thrilled when it did happen. Because i didn’t think it would Continue reading “[Drama] Age of Youth 2”