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Day6 Live & Meet 2017: my first K-pop concert experience

Another thing checked off of my bucket list — attending a K-pop concert. \o/

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But in the end…

Whether or not you’re a Linkin Park fan, i’m sure you’ve heard of the heartbreaking news about the band’s vocalist, Chester Bennington. Of all the celebrity deaths i’ve read hitherto, this is probably the first one that hit me the hardest, mainly because Linkin Park played quite a big part in my teenage years. I listened to their music growing up and related to their lyrics a lot. Continue reading “But in the end…”

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Unapologetic ranting

Layoff, albeit euphemism for fired, is not a positive word. It isn’t nice on the ears, and definitely not nice to be on the receiving end of  it. It isn’t a light topic either thus my animosity toward those who utter the word easily or go around telling other people they risk getting laid off. When it is most likely not true. I was like, wtf man?

Employment is a feat, no matter where you’re based at, regardless of your credentials. Continue reading “Unapologetic ranting”

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“Yeah, this is my wish…”

I’m feeling far from great lately… and i don’t write as often anymore. I used to just spill everything out in words since there are so many things i can’t express verbally, but nowadays… idk… my brain remain ruckus-full but i can’t seem to translate them into coherent writing. Majority of them get dropped midway; the rest that i managed to complete (and post here) took me days — sometimes weeks — to finish. And it exhausts me. Continue reading ““Yeah, this is my wish…””

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The Art of Gifting

[Sorry not sorry, just need to vent it out…]

There is decorum for anything. Gifting is considered social behavior(?) so any ‘rule’ is most likely not written down but passed down from generation to generation anyway. There is no definitive and binding rule of gifting doesn’t mean you are free to give anything to anyone without any second thoughts or exercising any discretion.

It is still something that will reflect back on you, like it or not. Continue reading “The Art of Gifting”

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Post travel syndrome? Not really…

Travel can make you appreciate your home(town) more.

I read something along this line before. I didn’t think i would agree, but i did — and still do. You may be dubious, like how is that possible? The reason we travel, go on vacation, and take time off is to get away from stifling routine, to be refreshed, or to escape ‘reality’ albeit temporarily, isn’t it? Continue reading “Post travel syndrome? Not really…”

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Behind the scenes

Life Blog update… sort of: ‘cuz life update sounds much duller, haha.

Anyhow, by now people in the stormy fandom are under the weather of nobody knows giddiness, with the PV and single already floating around since the weekend, while i still have had to fork out time to finish Arafes 2013. I don’t like being rushed. I also think that watching live concert DVD Blu-ray is best enjoyed at one’s own pace, but it feels like i’ve been racing against time to keep up with all of these updates and back-to-back releases lest i keep getting spoiled here and there…

No, this isn’t about either yet. This is about this blog and i, my intermittent posts or lack thereof, the excuses, and other things, relatedness be damned. Continue reading “Behind the scenes”

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Finally! A pleasant encounter with service

Hauls. Have seen people do that and post it up – makeup, beauty, fashion, whatever haul is possible out there. While I view it as an unnecessary squandering spurred mostly by impulse, at times I find myself envying them and wish I’d too have unlimited resources to go and have one myself. It’s not that I can’t afford it per se, but I’d invariably feel guilty waring on items even when they’re on sale. Continue reading “Finally! A pleasant encounter with service”