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So… the governor with 70% approval rating lost a second term due to (his) religion. Le sigh.

It’s not as if i didn’t anticipate this possibility, yet to see it happening for real — in year 2017 — is unexpected. Continue reading “Numb”

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1 step forward, 10 steps back

The aggravating situation about this republic’s democracy.

When i thought we finally get a glimmer of hope with the result of recent presidential election, THIS happened. On a Friday. wtf.

I don’t want to spend the weekend stewing over this issue. I’ve deliberately eschewing TV for a long time now — it makes me think and feel more negative than positive — while keeping up with current news via other means and yeah… just can’t help it. I tried distracting myself by doing other things, but these thoughts keep popping up. Uncool. So damn uncool, man. Continue reading “1 step forward, 10 steps back”

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Masih seputar pilpres 2014

Pers boleh memihak, tapi pemberitaan harus tetap mengacu pada kebenaran.

Ga ada salahnya memihak salah satu calon, toh hak pilih pemburu berita ga hilang layaknya anggota TNI-Polri, apalagi jika ia bekerja di perusahaan yg jelas-jelas bias ke salah satu pihak. Tapi ya tolong tetap menjunjung tinggi etos dan profesionalitas kerja. Berita yg Anda sampaikan merupakan sumber informasi dan referensi khalayak, apa jadinya kalau yg Anda sajikan justru jauh dari fakta, sekadar spekulasi tak berdasarkan data, atau parahnya lagi sepenuhnya kebohongan? Continue reading “Masih seputar pilpres 2014”

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Because it is the right side

Pilpres 2014 sudah di depan mata, sulit rasanya untuk tidak berbincang-bincang soal politik, terlebih lagi setelah ‘debat’ capres-cawapres yg disiarkan secara langsung minggu lalu. Kecuali ada yg cukup apatis untuk ga peduli dengan ‘pesta demokrasi’ 5 tahunan ini. Ga bisa disalahin juga sih mereka yg pada antipati, secara politik di sini tahu sendiri kayak apa. Continue reading “Because it is the right side”

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25 to 50 to 70

That’s the time (in minutes) I spent on the road from work to home. Not the other way around. It went up from 25 to 70 in merely a week! It’s taken me around 25 minutes to reach home, before situation took a sudden dip since the beginning of the month. The first three days it took me 50, then last Friday was the worst – SEVENTY DAMNED MINUTES!!

Total distance covered? Around 6 km. Continue reading “25 to 50 to 70”

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Small Change Scam

Today marks a year since Governor Jokowi and his Deputy Ahok took office. City conditions haven’t dramatically improved but people can see it ever so slowly move towards the better. They are really taking it one step at a time and it’s nothing worth complaining — you can’t expect your rusty steel to turn into shining brand-new metal with just a few scrubs, can you? Continue reading “Small Change Scam”

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173 Malls… Seriously?

We have that many?

It’s easy to tell that the metropolis hosts tens of such premises, ofttimes located adjacent to, opposite, or near their competitions, but I have no idea that the exact number would exceed 100 or is in fact a quarter to 200. Taken into account are luxurious shopping malls and humbler commercial centers (such as plazas, squares, ITCs, and WTCs? How about pasar/wet markets? Little wonder the sum skyrockets), excluding mushrooming mini-, super-, and hypermarkets. Continue reading “173 Malls… Seriously?”