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Oh My Ghostess: on episode 9~10


This show sure is toying with me, my emotion, and my feelings. At many points along the way, i mused if it can even read my mind as it tends to address the issues shortly after i flagged them. It makes me feel that i may be a bit too impatient and quick to judge; the answer was there to greet me, if only i waited a little longer. But, those are my comments after seeing a week’s episodes, the thoughts i’d rather jot down now than have them niggling my mind for one more week before discussing them, sorry not sorry.

So, resuming where 8 left off: the soul-ejecting kiss. Was that voluntary or involuntary? Soon-ae later tells Bong-sun that it was done on purpose though that doesn’t mean that she stepped back for her. Conclusion is she wasn’t forced out, but i don’t think she fully intended to step back and out. It was heading toward the right direction and unpossessing the body at such critical time is arguably her loss — in my eyes, she was so shocked by the sincerity of the kiss that by the time she knew it, she was already out. She died a virgin, and unless she had time to hit it off with Sung-jae, chances are she might never been kissed like that before.

omg_1000001 omg_1000002

Regardless, the follow-up scene is the cherry on top of the sizzling giddying kiss. There’s no denial, only affirmation and confirmation of mutual feelings, shot in one long take. No cuts, no alternating extreme close-ups, yet you can fully grasp the tension, see the changing expressions, and get swept up in the charged moment. Guess how much i loved that it’s Bong-sun who receives that confession? Even if she gets to enjoy the good stuff without pulling her weight. Well, that’s part of the deal, don’t overthink it!

Argh, i just cannot not to! Am i the only one wondering from time to time how much of Sun-woo’s adoration is coming from/directed toward Bong-sun and Soon-ae? Smitten by both, he finds ‘her’ irresistibly cute, but truth shall one day surface, that the tame and wild Bong-sun are indeed two different girls, yes? If positive, when will that happen, what kind of fallout will transpire, how long the angst will last, given that there are only 6 episodes left (Oh My Ghostess is 16-episode long, right?) and there’s still so much stuff to attend to. To name a few: Soon-ae’s death, Eun-hee’s hit-and-run accident, Dad’s making peace with Soon-ae’s departure and moving on with life.

Point 2 and 3 are pretty straightforward as what they need is probably closure which comes after finding who the culprit is and having him prosecuted. The first one is the trickiest as it involves more steps to be completely resolved: Soon-ae to realize that losing virginity isn’t her grudge and figure out what it really is, which shall come after knowing/remembering how she died and who killed her. By now we are privy to bits of the pieces that she was chased by Sung-jae that night — why, we don’t know yet, but perhaps she saw something she shouldn’t have — also that he is never a good person let alone cop to begin with. He was alienated by his foster(?) parents and has since showed his dark rebellious nature. It isn’t clear but he may be possessed by evil spirit since young, so his niceness is all an act. The last curious bit is why he married Eun-hee; i doubt he loves her…

omg_0900017 omg_0900016

Back to our virgin ghost, she’s only one step away from resolving what-she-thinks-is-her-grudge now that Bong-sun and Chef are officially a couple. It’s only a matter of time before he gives in — he’s a man after all — although i begin to feel annoyed by Soon-ae’s constant pestering (again). It’s episode 9 and all she does is throwing herself at Chef anytime, anywhere. Luckily he’s completely enamored with ‘Bong-sun’ to take much issue with it albeit declaring himself as conservative when it comes to man-woman relationship, insisting that they take one step at a time, and demanding that she follow his tempo and lead.

Yes, clock is ticking (although we don’t know exactly how much time she has left) but i truly wish she has more attachment to Dad. She can tell that his life is falling apart and she could very well use her remaining time as a second chance to turn things around for him so that he can toughen up and live well and in peace moving forward. Her imparting the essentials and practical to-do list to run the business well to Dad is a bittersweet scene, but i wasn’t that moved since it is done only on what-she-thinks-is-her-last-day. It would be great if she can knock some sense into lil bro — it’s time for him to grow up and help Dad.

omg_1000006 omg_1000007

However, my vexation for Soon-ae’s pushiness disappears in episode 10 as she has gotten mellower as well as conflicted upon realizing that she too has developed real feelings for Chef, equally upset at and grateful for the things she only manages to experience as a ghost temporarily occupying other’s body. Which in turn makes her realize the number of simple things she didn’t have a chance to do as a human — she was too busy making ends meet. That must strike a chord because he seems eager to help her check off her bucket list and please her, even agreeing to go on an overnight trip. Wait, you start from there? Oh well…

Now he is the excited one while she is not really. The growing attachment she feels for him makes her think twice to have it done so soon because that means she won’t be seeing him ever again. Shaman Ahjumma sympathizes with her but warns her to get it together. That’s a dangerous feeling for ghosts to have. It’ll tempt them to stick around for longer even as malevolent ghosts. Bad news is, evil spirits are not only nonperishable but also latching onto wicked people. (Which must be what happened to Sung-jae.)

Will they, won’t they, that is the question.

omg_1000017 omg_1000016

It is probably better to get it over and done with — and thus out of the way — so the plot can move forward to the mystery part though hopefully not at the expense of losing its hilarity entirely. That doesn’t mean i have no mixed feelings about it, because if it’s indeed done, his first time isn’t with Bong-sun (although it still remains unclear whom he likes more). I feel sorry for Soon-ae because her life was cut short; i love both girls, but i still feel that my loyalty lies with Bong-sun even though we only see so little of her thus far.

Still, Soon-ae hasn’t bid Bong-sun goodbye. Not that she has to, but it feels missed out given that she truly believes she’ll cross over once this particular grudge is resolved. Now that she’s halfway there, i’m wondering if she has other solid reasons to borrow Bong-sun’s body after that night, if she indeed is still stuck in this world. Because if Show intends Sun-woo/Bong-sun to be the endgame, they better start working on their interaction and progression sooner than later.

But for now, let’s bet on whether or not they’ll do it… until Friday comes.

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6 thoughts on “Oh My Ghostess: on episode 9~10

  1. I managed to watch up to ep 4 but couldn’t muster up enough interest to continue. RomComs are tricky as they have to be ‘just so’ for me to really enjoy them. There hasn’t been many, ha. I generally tend to react better to stories that are romantic with a solid plot and compelling, interesting characters. Humour is optional. 😉


    1. Ah, i was actually sold after the fourth though i continue to have some reservations about its plot points, especially regarding screentime imbalance between the host and the ghost. Without the wacky virgin ghost, this could have been a traditional romance drama. If you aren’t big on rom-com where the com is more dominant than the rom, i can see why this show isn’t up your alley. But i gotta say the leads play a big part in making me come back for more 😉


      1. The fourth actually made me laugh and I found Jo Jung Suk adorable. I just never felt like picking up where I left off after that so I gave up trying. It’s no use forcing oneself to watch something, besides I’ve got plenty of other contenders.^^


      2. You don’t have to, it’s to each his own after all =)

        Jo Jung-seok is so dreamy and swoony here that i regret not watching The King 2 Hearts before this — it’s on the top of my to-watch list and i only read good things about his character, sadly also what happened to him ;(


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