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My Beautiful Bride: on episode 11~12

Do-hyung: “I’m going to get revenge. I’m going to commit a crime.”
Yoon-mi: “I know.”
Do-hyung: “Can you still help me?”
Yoon-mi: “If i can be of help.”

Whoa whoa whoa. What kind of agreement is that? And wait, are they officially working together now? Good if yes, as it’s always better late than never, despite the dark nature of partnership, even if the exchange gave me chills. But then it depends on the type of crime he plans on committing, the kind of support and assistance she’s ready to provide, how far she’ll go to possibly cover it up. Whatever it is, i hope they’re not going past the point of no return. Because while i can get behind him going dark, i can’t him becoming a criminal.

mbb_1100012 mbb_1100011

Much less if it’s just for this bride-to-be who has a knack of disappearing, running away, and hiding when things go awry. Barely holding her ground, Joo-young keeps turning down Do-hyung’s supportive hand. The decisions she made in recent episodes only infuriated me that i don’t know what to make out of her faux death — even though it may be for the better.

Yes, we were told that she died in the fire. But, seriously, who would buy that? Yes, we’ve shown that she too might have been knocked down and out by a fallen plank but it’s so out of nowhere to be believable. Furthermore after getting glimpses of those blurry visions from Do-hyung’s point of view and then hearing the details/conditions of the corpse — burnt beyond recognition, face disfigured, teeth crushed that they identify it as Joo-young based on the wallet with ID found alongside the body. And they say nothing is strange, huh?

1) The extent of injuries sustained by the body.
2) Her carrying that huge wallet, even when she’s kidnapped?
3) How is it possible that fire destroys teeth, which could very well be used for identification?
4) Not doing a proper autopsy to determine the cause of death and all.

For me, these four points (which i could think of thus far) are uncanny enough to call for further investigation, the more when the victim is on their “missing” list. Everybody, however, easily/bitterly accepts that — family, friends, fiancé, police, The Shadows — so let’s grieve with them for half an hour…


(It pains me that not even her brother is genuinely grieving for her — only Do-hyung and Jung-hwa are. Well, his mouth says he is sad, but his action says otherwise: holding a wake for one day only, demanding the insurance money to be paid out immediately, and opening a nice big BBQ restaurant shortly afterwards. Geez, he’s worse than i thought…)

Done? Then let’s go into convincing speculations as to why she is indeed alive but has to live as if she’s dead. One, Tae-gyu’s girlfriend Mi-sook is nowhere to be found. I guess nobody knows she escaped the building before the fire. Technically, she was the trigger. Hearing this news, we can see Do-hyung’s doing the math in his head — two kidnapped girls, one is found dead, the other disappears into thin air. We have yet to know whose body it is, but what are the chances of it being Joo-young’s? I hope Mi-sook isn’t sacrificed for that… Please spare Tae-gyu, Show. He loves her so, so much. Two, the location where Do-hyung was discovered. He passed out inside the building, but somebody must have dragged him out since he was found outside. No need to guess; it’s Joo-young. His blurry visions aren’t his imagination only after all.


I fully expected him to go rampant upon learning the news and was surprised to see him take it in coolheadedly as he grits that she is dead… as long as The Shadows are alive. Finally accepting and respecting this as her choice, he shifts his target to Seo Jin-ki (whom he only knows as “Director Seo” up to this point). For that, he teams up with police (Yoon-mi) and loan-sharking expert (Tae-gyu). However, meeting him face-to-face is easier than expected as the man comes to him instead, or rather the bank he works in to squeeze out more juice for a construction project. Well, that’s easy.

He has no incriminating evidence of Seo yet thus embarks on another dangerous journey to exterminate The Shadows and its businesses from the bottom up. At least that’s what i can make sense of his decision to deal with loan sharks as an investor despite Tae-gyu’s protests. Why do i feel that Tae-gyu is the saner and more rational one now? But i do love this duo, somehow.

mbb_1200001 mbb_1200003

Turns out, same-yet-different Joo-young is also working the loan-shark circuit. These two aren’t a couple for nothing, eh? Unsurprisingly, Jin-sook remains her benefactor. Ain’t it risky for her to be on the frontline like this? She takes great pains extracting herself from both Do-hyung’s and The Shadows’ mind and grasp only to go around looking exactly like the Joo-young we all know, only fiercer; does she think she won’t bump into a familiar face? Still, it’s better than not seeing her till the final week. Let’s hope this new persona of her isn’t just a façade ‘cuz I like this version best.

Overall, 11 is so-so whereas 12 is a good episode as it takes away the focus from the romance to the revenge — normally i’d gravitate toward the former, but here i’ll gladly take the latter instead — despite the same old tricks we’ve seen over and over again, namely the thwarted ambush and the almost-meeting. If anything, the first one leads to an aha moment on Do-hyung’s part that Yoon-mi is always a step too late because of a rat in her vicinity. The one thing she can be helpful to him is by identifying who that is. She has three candidates and seems to single the right person out.

Everything is going to the right direction… and the ending scene transpires. I know they’re bound to cross path sooner or later, but i’d prefer later this time because, duh, by now it’s pretty much anticlimactic than exciting. My tension dropped to zero in an instant. I appreciate that she can now save him but the last shot was unnecessary. Although i’m curious if he sees who’s sitting at the back seat, and if he’ll revert back to chasing after her again.

Your bet?




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6 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bride: on episode 11~12

  1. The whole ‘Joo Young is dead’ bit had me rolling my eyes pretty hard. Don’t they really DNA test corpses of people who have died in suspicious circumstances and can’t be indentified by their physical features? Yeah, right…

    Episodes 13-14 are better in terms of plot development but looks like they have abandoned any effort in making the characters more rounded. Do Hyung is the only bright spot left in the drama, thanks to the awesome Kim Moo Yul. I’m more or less watching this for him now. 🙂


    1. By now a turn of events that doesn’t make me roll my eyes is a gem. The writing has gotten significantly lazier that i don’t know if i still want my happy ending.

      Thank goodness for Kim Moo-yul (even if Do-hyung is exasperating at times)! Without him i think i would have dropped the drama episodes ago.


      1. Yup, it’s gone downhill a lot, which is a shame as the drama started out so good. I was hoping this would be more like Heartless City in terms of quality but alas, nope. HC had it’s flaws but the writing was tighter, the story had more to offer and I think the director was doing a better job too.

        I’m guessing Do Hyung would probably be even more exasperating if it wasn’t for KMY. My feelings for the drama have become quite lukewarm but I guess I’ll manage to finish it regardless. Not that many episodes left.


      2. Maybe it’s a plus point that i don’t keep tabs on the writer and director of any given drama, that way my expectations are kept pretty low (although the same thing cannot be said when it comes to starring actors/actresses) ‘cuz chances are, quality may vary even when handled by the same team.

        Yeah, hang in there! It’s ending this weekend, right?


      3. I don’t generally follow the writers/directors either, unless they’ve managed to construct something memorable or have a long track record of offerings I’ve loved (e.g Ahn Pan Suk).

        Yup, this week is the last.

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