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Arthdal Chronicles: on episode 13~18, final thoughts

There are certain types of ending that more often than not upset me: too-open ending, rushed ending, last-minute happy ending, unwarranted tragic ending, an ending with lots of loose ends or that raises even more questions. But i just discovered one that tops it all: a no-ending ending… courtesy of Arthdal Chronicles. Continue reading “Arthdal Chronicles: on episode 13~18, final thoughts”

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Arthdal Chronicles: on episode 1~6

Cast has been and remains the biggest draw to dramas/movies for me. Over the years, however, behind-the-screen team like the director or scriptwriter started playing a part too, especially once i started noticing some familiar names and how some of my top — and least — favorite dramas were brainchilds of the same people. Among the directors line, Kim Won-suk is one of them; he made me check out Signal, then My Ahjussi, and now Arthdal Chronicles. Continue reading “Arthdal Chronicles: on episode 1~6”

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When actors sing drama OSTs

…the feels are indescribable.

Music is part and parcel of a show. A drama, in this case. With it, mood is built, tension is raised, emotion is steered and eventually wreaked havoc. Without it, it is like food without garnish — still nice, but incomplete. Apt soundtracks make a show more pleasant and addictive to watch; great ones stay with you long after the show wraps up. Continue reading “When actors sing drama OSTs”

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[Movie] Werewolf Boy

I don’t usually start something (a movie, book) with the intention to write about it. The urge to do so oftentimes comes afterwards, capriciously. When I first finished watching Werewolf Boy, words were popping out into my mind but I dared not revisit this topic soonest because I was emotionally overwhelmed by it. For the next couple of days it wrecked my heart still just by flashing back to certain scenes or reading what people say about it Continue reading “[Movie] Werewolf Boy”