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Arashi, Arashi, MY dream…

Confession time: i’m never too fond of A.Ra.Shi as a song, despite it being the group’s debut song and whatnot, but i’m liking A-RA-SHI: Reborn. Quite a lot. Even if they’re inherently the same song. Continue reading “Arashi, Arashi, MY dream…”

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There’s no limit to being BRAVE

“One for all and all for you.”

Ten full months since the first listen back in November, BRAVE officially hit the stores.

This is probably the longest we ever waited for a new single to drop — or for a new song, even. A lot of things happened in the intervening times so the waiting time didn’t feel that long. It’s also released ahead of the Rugby World Cup it’s used as the image song for, ’cause if it were following PawaPara‘s schedule, it could’ve been pushed back a couple more months. Continue reading “There’s no limit to being BRAVE”

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Kimi no Uta: onaji yume wo miyou

Back to back singles for the same member, i wonder if that ever happened before, but that’s the case with Arashi’s 55th and 56th single, both of which are for Aiba’s projects. Natsu Hayate was the song for the 100th Koshien championship while Kimi no Uta is the theme song for his currently airing vet drama, Boku to Shippo to Kagurazaka. Continue reading “Kimi no Uta: onaji yume wo miyou”

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saa maiagare Natsu Hayate!

Storylined PV? Finally??

I’ve waited for this kind of music video since My Girl back in 2009 — or Ai wo sakebe in 2015 since real people and event were featured in it — that i was thrilled upon reading that there would be a drama PV of Natsu Hayate, the song for the 100th Koshien championship for which Aiba will be the special navigator. Continue reading “saa maiagare Natsu Hayate!”

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Just a little bit more and the Doors will open

This 53rd single is dropped only three weeks after the 16th studio album that i was still in the high of the 18-track 「untitled」 to open the doors for 5 more songs. Okay, that was lame. And actually, i only needed to make room for three of ’em since i’ve gotten used to the title track (thanks to the radio plays and the drama it’s theming for) and one coupling track (courtesy of the latest Pazudora CM). Continue reading “Just a little bit more and the Doors will open”