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Black Pean: first impression on episode 1~2

“It’s strange, the world of doctors. For patients, a good doctor is one who can cure their disease. But for doctors, a good doctor is one who writes papers.”

Or maybe in the latter case, it’s one who has high impact factor. Because while it’s still unclear which side of a good doctor Show is zeroing in on, to achieve the highest impact factor and hence be selected as the chair of the country’s general surgeons seems to be the drama’s main goal as well as source of conflict. The thing is, this is something that doesn’t interest me and concerns those i hardly care about. Continue reading “Black Pean: first impression on episode 1~2”

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[Movie] Pikanchi 2.5: Life is Hard Tabun Happy

In your teens: life is hard dakedo [but] happy.
In your 20s: life is hard dakara [therefore] happy.
In your 30s: life is hard totemo [very] unhappy? No, it is tabun [perhaps] happy.

This stance may or may not resonate with us, but that’s Haru, Shun, Chuu, Bon, and Takuma’s take on life thus far. I say ‘thus far’ because (their) life doesn’t end at 30-dai right? Who else wonders how they’d phrase their 40-dai? Although, as V6’s Inohara Yoshihiko hinted at post-credits scene, they’ll be over forty if they don’t make Part 3 soon. Gasp — don’t jinx it! Continue reading “[Movie] Pikanchi 2.5: Life is Hard Tabun Happy”

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[Movie] Gantz (Part I & II)


— PART 1 —
Trying to help a drunk man fallen into the railtrack, Kurono Kei (Nino) and Katou Masaru (MatsuKen) are too late to save themselves and get run over by the oncoming rain. Yet, when they open their eyes a second later, they are inside a small room containing a large black ball with several other people staring at them. They are joined by one last visitor materializing naked before them, Kishimoto (Natsuna).

Before they could put two and two together (are they dead or still alive, what is that place, why are they there, etc), a creepy-sounding-song-as-if-coming-out-from-a-broken-juke-box fills the room followed by a set of instructions floating on the surface of the shiny black ball. It says something along the line of “Your lives has been taken away. Now it’s up to me to decide how to use it thereafter. Go crush this guy (the face and brief description of which will soon be showed) if you wanna go home.” Continue reading “[Movie] Gantz (Part I & II)”