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Frozen II: the cold eventually bothered Elsa

After numerous reiterations about my strong opinions against sequels and the like, you’d think i’d avoid each and every one of them at all costs. Reality is i’ll still succumb to temptation once in a while… like how i bought advanced tickets for Frozen II and watched it the day it premiered.

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[Movie] Smallfoot

Animated movies may be targeted at young audience, but the (social) issues and intended messages are probably catered to the older audience. Which is a good thing because i love watching animations and oftentimes prefer them to live actions due to simple yet effective plot, engaging visual, satisfying conclusion, and straightforward takeaway.

Smallfoot does a great job checking off those points, which is no small feat considering the ‘big’ issues it tackles: Continue reading “[Movie] Smallfoot”

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[Movie] Coco

When it comes to late ancestors in animation features, they’re usually painted as glowy or transparent souls, but Coco chose to present them in skeletal form instead. It’s likely related to the Mexican culture, though i did wonder if such figure would be too scary for little kids, especially given the many instances where the bones would break off from the main body. I can’t really call them cute, but Coco‘s presentation of the deceased isn’t as scary as i’d feared. If anything, the skulls look like a mask instead, with various motifs on it. Continue reading “[Movie] Coco”

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Finding Dory(‘s Parents)


Not gonna lie. Finding Dory feels a lot like its predecessor in many ways: the setup, theme, plot development, plot devices, etc. The destination is the same, but the journey isn’t, which is a good thing, since the trailer gave off a strong impression that it’s gonna be Finding Nemo: Take 2, with a lead swap. And although Finding Dory technically is a sequel (it picks up a year after the fateful bump between Dory and Marlin), it’s inherently a spin-off as the story now centered around the Pacific regal blue tang instead of the separated-then-reunited clownfish family. Continue reading “Finding Dory(‘s Parents)”

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[Movie] Minions: the backstory


“Doesn’t it feel so good to be baaad~?”

If you’re equally excited and skeptical about Minions movie because 1) you loved Despicable Me to bits but 2) didn’t feel the same about its sequel and thus 3) wary that this prequel is made just to milk the fame of these wacky yet meany yellow creatures while they’re still universally adored and relevant — as though because the three clips of Minion Madness weren’t enough to sate the frenzy — then we’re on the same boat.

But the next thing we know we’re in the queue to buy ticket(s) to the show… the day it premieres… against our better judgment. Continue reading “[Movie] Minions: the backstory”

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[Movie] Frozen


“Some people are worth melting for”

winter never looks this warm and fuzzy…

From the creator of Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph, so it promotes. While the latter is largely enjoyable, the former is accentuated more, due to similarity in theme and feel; alas,  it left a lot to be desired. Stunning visual aside, the core — story — is quite hollow, the humor is sometimes funny at times slapstick, and the round large bulging eyes are distractingly freaky. Continue reading “[Movie] Frozen”

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Sequels: watch or skip?

You must’ve felt it: you like/enjoy/love a title (be it a movie, drama, or tv show) so much you keep your fingers crossed for a sequel, jump with exhilaration when it’s confirmed, count down impatiently till it’s release date, and finally watch it with brimming eagerness… only to be utterly disappointed you wished you didn’t see it and could erase it off your memory. Continue reading “Sequels: watch or skip?”