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Repeat: first impression on episode 1~2

“Nobody knows what may happen tomorrow. That’s why we sometimes fail and regret. But if I can start building my life again…”

Normally, i will grow to like a drama’s OST after hearing it played in it, but i actually have it the other way around with Repeat: 10 Months Which Change Fate. I heard bits of the song in the teaser and then went to look the drama up because of that.

Yup, i’d usually list the cast, synopsis, hype/online reviews, or even the writer/PD as the reason for starting a drama, but here, i gave Repeat a go due to its OST. Or more accurately, the artist singing the ending song: Day6. Continue reading “Repeat: first impression on episode 1~2”

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VS Arashi: the clay art game

VS Arashi continues to roll out new special games every now and then, and they continue to be a hit or miss for me. Some of my favorites listed here have yet to make a return despite how fun they were, so they probably are a one-time thing, which i’m sad about. But this latest special game has been quite epic, garnered a good laugh from everybody, and played twice now that i suppose it will be in rotation frequently in the future. Continue reading “VS Arashi: the clay art game”

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I Am Not a Robot: rant on episode 13~20

It has happened before, my wondering if we’re watching the same drama, when others were gushing about how amazing a certain title was and i couldn’t bring myself to be half as excited as them for various reasons. Most of the time, i simply blame it on different tastes and preferences, but sometimes i couldn’t shrug it off when i disagreed with their opinions on the fundamental level. Robot falls on the second category. Continue reading “I Am Not a Robot: rant on episode 13~20”

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Every Day6 from Sunrise to Moonrise

When i first heard of Every Day6 project, my first thought was how exciting!, and then what a challenging project.

It surely isn’t easy to produce two songs every single month for the entire year amidst promotional activities that i wonder if they had all of them prepped beforehand. Not because i doubt their capability of making new music while promoting the project but because i wonder how many demos they should’ve prepared to have two of them approved for the subsequent release. Continue reading “Every Day6 from Sunrise to Moonrise”

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I Am Not a Robot: on episode 5~12

Umm… i should find Robot cute and funny, but after the sixth hour, i still cannot enjoy it at face value because i keep questioning the logic. Because a lot of happenings just make no sense. This is one of those dramas that requires quite an extreme level of suspension of disbelief and i would probably like it if i could shut my brain off. Unfortunately, it keeps interfering that i cannot buy what Robot offers.

Continue reading “I Am Not a Robot: on episode 5~12”