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Just a little bit more and the Doors will open

This 53rd single is dropped only three weeks after the 16th studio album that i was still in the high of the 18-track 「untitled」 to open the doors for 5 more songs. Okay, that was lame. And actually, i only needed to make room for three of ’em since i’ve gotten used to the title track (thanks to the radio plays and the drama it’s theming for) and one coupling track (courtesy of the latest Pazudora CM). Continue reading “Just a little bit more and the Doors will open”

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[Drama] Age of Youth 2

You know my stance on sequels, but if there is a drama that needs to have a sequel, it will be Age of Youth. From the plot point alone. I mentioned that it would benefit from having more episodes, and having a second season seems like a logical move to tie up some of its major loose ends, so i was thrilled when it did happen. Because i didn’t think it would Continue reading “[Drama] Age of Youth 2”

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VS Arashi 2017.10.12: highlights

VS Arashi is a game show that Arashi hosts and plays as the home team against a guest team on Thursdays. Most of the time, five members of Arashi are a team with one to two Plus-Ones, though occasionally one of them will move over to the away team to promote his acting project. Although each of them headlined a drama or movie this year, only two* came onto the show as a guest: Ohno and his Shinobi no Kuni Team in June, then Jun and his Narratage Team last week. Continue reading “VS Arashi 2017.10.12: highlights”

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Kahogo no Kahoko: on episode 9~10, final thoughts

“No matter how tough it is, sleep properly, eat properly, don’t let go off the hand of the ones you love.”

It’s easy to say it or promise to follow it in joyous moment, but only during hard times are one’s perseverance and commitment put to test. Many would crumble under the pressure and negativity, including Kahoko’s family, that i wish i could fast-forward to the happy ending because all of the conflicts have truly worn me out.

Well, technically i could, but that means i’m only interested in the good and not the bad. And while there’s nothing wrong with skipping the boring parts, i actually never felt the urge to fast-forward through anything, no matter how irritating or tedious or ridiculous it was… so there’s that. Continue reading “Kahogo no Kahoko: on episode 9~10, final thoughts”

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[Drama SP] Jimi ni Sugoi! DX

It takes only nine months for the proofreader girl to return to the small screen with a special episode. However, i wasn’t that eager to check this out mainly because i didn’t love the drama series and didn’t think there’s more to the story. Granted, there are arguably parts that were left hanging, so this SP could very well conclude them satisfactorily. But then i saw that it is subbed and well, this could be a reason to watch more of Suda Masaki, so why not? Continue reading “[Drama SP] Jimi ni Sugoi! DX”

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[Movie] Close-Knit

“What is ‘normal’?”
“Normal is normal. Not strange.”

That’s how the leading lady in this movie is labeled: “not normal”, while the leading man refers to her case as “unusual”. And whether you see Rinko as abnormal, unusual, or another adjective, your opinion may or may not change after watching this movie. I’m not sure if that’s the objective, since the story is quite simple sans concrete resolution to some of its conflicts, seemingly leaving them up to your interpretation. Continue reading “[Movie] Close-Knit”