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Different types of Arashi’s fan(boy)s

Arashi isn’t called the national idol group for no reason; the 5-member group turning 20 today has garnered admiration and respect from fans, fellow Johnny’s, and people in the industry over the years thanks to their hard work, professionalism, and humility — collectively and individually. Continue reading “Different types of Arashi’s fan(boy)s”

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on the road to 5×20: and more… goods

Today kick-starts the second leg of Arashi’s 20th Anniversary Tour, the first of 32 “and more…” shows in their planned year-long tour. With the total of 50 shows, they are able to welcome over 2.37 million fans to their concerts, enough to accommodate everyone in the fanclub before the number rose to 2.8 millions following that announcement. Continue reading “on the road to 5×20: and more… goods”

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5-colored rainbow of happiness

“They’re my daily dose of happiness” must be a statement you come across often in the stormy fandom. Worry not, the ‘storm’ part is just their name. Sure, there will be ruckus/panic attack from time to time, especially when it comes to securing/pre-ordering their limited edition releases (be it single, album, concert DVD/blu-ray or sometimes even goods) or balloting/buying for the highly coveted concert ticket, but for most days it is calm, peaceful, and happy… i think?

They are not my source of happiness — ‘cuz, yunno, happiness supposedly comes from within — but let’s just say they are the surefire happy pills. Continue reading “5-colored rainbow of happiness”