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on the road to 5×20: favorite PVs

This was actually the next blog idea on my list after completing my first ‘on the road to 5×20’ post back in July last year. However, i realized that i didn’t have all of Arashi’s PVs that it might be quite unfair to sort my favorites just based on what i had in hand… But then, they release this 5×20 All the BEST!! CLIPS 1999-2019 containing 63 single PVs they’ve released so far except Brave, two of them are Natsu Hayate‘s (and 9 more clips from a tour, a b-side, and album lead tracks in the LE version), which seems to tell me that now i have no excuse not to work on this List. Continue reading “on the road to 5×20: favorite PVs”

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[Movie] The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos

“Let’s unleash the mad dogs again.”

Hearing that line again is enough to get me all excited and waiting impatiently for this movie to be screened in my country despite my general aversion to sequels, spinoffs, and the like. Because it’s Oh Goo-tak who says it, and it’s Bad Guys! Continue reading “[Movie] The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos”

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Nagi’s Long Vacation: the kind of vacation we may need to take once in a while

“Maybe the air is not something you read. It’s something we breathe in and out.”

Watching enough Japanese (variety) shows will surely expose you to “KY”, the abbreviation for “kuuki yomenai” which literally means “can’t read the air/atmosphere”. The opposite of which is the theme of Nagi no Oitoma: about people who read the atmosphere too much. Continue reading “Nagi’s Long Vacation: the kind of vacation we may need to take once in a while”

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Arthdal Chronicles: on episode 13~18, final thoughts

There are certain types of ending that more often than not upset me: too-open ending, rushed ending, last-minute happy ending, unwarranted tragic ending, an ending with lots of loose ends or that raises even more questions. But i just discovered one that tops it all: a no-ending ending… courtesy of Arthdal Chronicles. Continue reading “Arthdal Chronicles: on episode 13~18, final thoughts”