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Well done again my friend, you did well today

Turning two next month, Day6 already has two EPs and one studio album (not to mention a number of singles) under their belt. So they shall have enough songs of their own to sing/perform on stage or during concerts by now — and to capture the listeners’ attention. But, if you’re searching their name on YouTube, you’re bound to find videos of them covering other artists’ songs, be it from fellow labelmates or other Korean or western singers/groups.

Most of them are the acoustic versions they sang when guesting on radio programs, some of them are the band versions they performed on music shows. But whatever it is, they always rearrange or add their unique touch to the songs, making them their own. Their renditions are ofttimes so good that i wish they’d record them officially. One of my favorites is their medley of I’m a loner, Lies, and  Nobody on KCON 2016 NY (watch it here). They certainly know how to work the crowd too, like when they covered RADWIMPS’ Zen zen zense for KCON 2017 Japan (watch the fancam here).

My sentimental fave, however, gotta be Well done again my friend, for which Day6 not only reworked the chord arrangement but also rewrote the lyrics to English. So this also serve as the English version of You did well today, which was originally sung by duo indie group, Rooftop Moonlight (OKDAL). What makes this cover even more special is the fact that Dowoon opened the song. He barely lends his bass voice in the band’s songs that the fans are thrilled at the little instances, like his counting in Dance Dance or one-line singsong in Lean on me, but turns out he’s sung a full verse before! HERE:

“Well Done Again My Friend”

Do all people already know the answers that i don’t:
why do the seams always all come undone at once?

Some days are harder than others
And mama said boys don’t cry
So i look up to a blurry image of the sky

Dad said for there to be light there must be dark
It’s just how the world keeps turning around and around
The lights now gone

Well done again my friend
Even if no one can tell you how lucky you’ve been
I need you to know
Well done again my friend

It is a warm song with gentle melody. The lyrics are comforting and resonating with me. Above all, it’s nice to understand every single thing they’re singing 😉

I wasn’t familiar with the original song, but watching them praised by the duo piqued my curiosity, which brought me to the live performance below. You did well today is minimalistic and almost lullaby-like, especially with light touches of pianica, tambourine, xylophone, and triangle. Not to mention the airy vocals. The lyrics are pretty close to the English version, albeit rawer. It’s so sad it’s beautiful kind.

For those who had a rough day or are in need of a pat on the back: you did well today 🙂

“You Did Well Today”

Does everyone in the world know the answer:
why do difficult times occur all at once?
On a day i’m disappointed in myself, i don’t want to show tears
I look up to the sky for no reason

Through the slightly open door,
loneliness bigger than sadness crawls up to me

You did well, you did well today
Though no one cares that you’re sad
I support you; you did well today

There’s a light, i’m sure of it
But the road i trusted fades away



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