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But in the end…

Whether or not you’re a Linkin Park fan, i’m sure you’ve heard of the heartbreaking news about the band’s vocalist, Chester Bennington. Of all the celebrity deaths i’ve read hitherto, this is probably the first one that hit me the hardest, mainly because Linkin Park played quite a big part in my teenage years. I listened to their music growing up and related to their lyrics a lot.

I began listening to western music in the late ’90s, so while Linkin Park wasn’t the first artist i got into, they were the first band i fell in love with. Nowadays, i come across “xxx saved my life” quite easily and in retrospect, this band could have that effect on me. I wasn’t depressed or anything, thankfully, but i too went through a period of turbulence and difficulties, and when i listened to their songs, i believe it was my first time finding lyrics that were so relatable. Theirs hit home so closely that i’d find solace in their records. Their songs were cathartic to listen/sing along to, thanks to Chester’s emotional delivery and Mike Shinoda’s rapping — the latter could very well be the first rapper i liked.

I even became close friends with some people at school due to our mutual love of LP and we would talk about their songs or lyrics every day. One of those good old days…

Admittedly, i am not as big a fan now as i was then, neither am i a huge fan of their recent releases. I haven’t even listened to their music for a while, but LP will always hold a special place in my heart and memory. Their music helped me go through my angsty teen years, spoke to me, and soothed my pain… so much so that Hybrid Theory and Meteora were like the anthem of my youth.

“His cleanly articulated tales of emotional struggle gave millions the sense that someone understood them, and the huge sound of his band around him magnified that sense, moving listeners from the psychic space of their bedrooms into an arena of thousands of people who shared their pain.”*

I definitely agree. And despite everything their music has affected, touched, and helped millions of their fans, i am deeply saddened that music or fans couldn’t do the same for Chester.

I’m not sure what will happen to LP but one thing for sure, Chester is irreplaceable.

You’ll be missed. Rest in peace.

*) Read Ben Beaumont-Thomas’ article on Chester’s legacy for The Guardian here.

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