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Fight for My Way: on episode 11~16, final thoughts

“If growing up means your dreams fade, I’ll give up on growing up.”

You know the drill. If you’ve read my previous posts on this drama, you know my likes and dislikes. And they stay pretty much the same all series long. In other dramas, i’d be all ranty by now, but the fact that i am not doesn’t mean it’s all good, i just wish not sound like a broken record. It’s not that i’ll gloss over the issues either, but let’s say i’ve anticipated it that i’ve adjusted my expectations accordingly. Continue reading “Fight for My Way: on episode 11~16, final thoughts”

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But in the end…

Whether or not you’re a Linkin Park fan, i’m sure you’ve heard of the heartbreaking news about the band’s vocalist, Chester Bennington. Of all the celebrity deaths i’ve read hitherto, this is probably the first one that hit me the hardest, mainly because Linkin Park played quite a big part in my teenage years. I listened to their music growing up and related to their lyrics a lot. Continue reading “But in the end…”

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ARIRANG Extra Hot Fried Noodle: sepedas SAMYANG?

Sejak Samyang meledak di media sosial sekitar 3 tahun yg lalu dan aku sudah merasakan sendiri sensasinya, perburuanku akan mie instan super pedas dimulai. Beberapa di antaranya pernah kuulas di sini, dan yg seperti kutulis di sana, aku penasaran aja kenapa cuma Samyang yg heboh banget. Masa ga ada merek lain yg bisa menyaingi si Hot Chicken Ramen?

Dua setengah tahun sejak perburuan dimulai, akhirnya aku bisa berhenti mencari. Continue reading “ARIRANG Extra Hot Fried Noodle: sepedas SAMYANG?”

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Rebel–Thief Who Stole the People: on episode 21~30, final thoughts

I’m really getting worse and worse about ‘final thoughts’ post on dramas i don’t cover regularly. The same goes for ‘series review’. Once i put off started writing shortly after watching the finale, i’d keep procrastinating until God knows how long that chances are i’m dropping it altogether in the end. Or i’ll feel compelled to finish what i started…long after i finished the show. Like Moonlight, i finally work on my closing post on Rebel two months after it ended. Continue reading “Rebel–Thief Who Stole the People: on episode 21~30, final thoughts”

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Boku, Unmei no Hito desu: final thoughts

“Marriage is when, even after 50 years, you wake up in the morning and still think the person next to you is good. It’s a tough job.”

In romance or rom-com, it’s almost 100% guaranteed that the two on the poster are the OTP and thus will end up together. Likewise, in Boku Unmei, whether or not Makoto and Haruko will have a happy ending is a no-brainer. Moreover, we can be 100% sure that they’ll get married in the end. God says they’re fated partners after all! And the world needs their kid! Continue reading “Boku, Unmei no Hito desu: final thoughts”

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Ohno on THE Yakai

Arashi is a group of five; i like each of them individually but i love them together. My next favorite thing is probably seeing them as pairs, regardless of the combination. Besides the two regular TV programs done by all five, there are a number of shows they host as individuals. That’s why even though i may not watch or follow those solo shows regularly, i’ll never miss the episode visited by another member. Continue reading “Ohno on THE Yakai”