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Reverse: on episode 7~8

“I always had a premonition that some day, the worst situation would happen. Even though we should have been prepared for retribution to hit us, the truth that was finally revealed was far too cruel.”

I should’ve seen the signs. I should’ve learned by now that in mystery dramas, the least likely one, the least suspicious one, the closest one to the characters… is the culprit.

I have seen fingers pointing toward this twist, but i was brushing it off as improbably simply because that person is among the targets, also because we’ve identified Hirosawa’s high school bestie and girlfriend. I did find it odd that none of the college buddies knew either of them, especially Fukase who’s supposedly his bestie in university. It’s probably weirder that not even the parents knew about the girlfriend if the relationship was serious enough for marriage talk to occur. Was Hirosawa not as open as he appeared to be?

I mentioned not understanding how knowing about his high school circle would help in solving the mystery, turns out that wasn’t the intention. It was to figure out who else could hold a grudge against the foursome and thus terrorize them in the present. Furukawa is taken out from the list as fast as he was added to it. He claims to not mean anything malicious behind the ‘murderer’ remark, and reckons “Kawabe” the likelier avenger.

So the next mission to locate Kawa-chan begins. It is not long before it’s accomplished since they know the area where she works. And while confirming that she once dated Hirosawa, it was far from marriage since the relationship lasted for two weeks only. Oh, and by the way, she isn’t ‘Kawabe’ but ‘Kawamoto’. Eh? Kawabe was the girl next class, and people often confused them since both nicknames were Kawa-chan.

They learn who she is through the graduation book, which turns out to be none other than Miho-chan. Holy moly.

So, she changed her surname following her parents’ divorce. This chilling reveal in turn gives context to her emotional reaction upon hearing about Hirosawa’s drinking back in episode 2 as well as the semi-monologue when she last met Fukase, about wanting to change, about her difficulty in forgiving and letting go… but still! Oh mai gahh~

To further corroborate that she’s the culprit, Tanihara confirms that he was with her on the station. Murai also recognizes her as one of the volunteers in the company. Asami never meets her before, but he recalls getting a phone call from “Hirosawa’s relative” inquiring about the other three. Fukase is believed to have it the worst, being thoroughly deceived and used as a means to extort information regarding Hirosawa’s last day, but we know better — that Miho-chan likes him for real.

They can only confirm everything after speaking to her, so Fukase contacts the Osaka hospital her mom is at to reach her, only to hear that Miho-chan has returned to Tokyo to wrap any unfinished business up and meet someone she hasn’t met yet. Uh-oh. All signs point to Asami, and sure enough, she beelines to his school and reaches a hand out toward him who’s walking down the steep steps, as if intending to push him… and stopped by Fukase. Phew.

She means no harm, though. She simply wants to return the book, Asami’s, which was once borrowed by Hirosawa. Then we get to see the history between the couple, how they met and became an item, about the tiff they had due to his plan to take a year post-graduation traveling, about the intention behind her approaching the four. It wasn’t for revenge, it was to give closure for herself. She too came to conclusion what good people the four were… until she spotted the ‘murderer’ paper among the trash the day she slept over at Fukase’s place and decided to dig the truth.

Long story short, she was the one who sent out the blackmails as well as the one who unintentionally caused Tanihara to fall onto the train track. But, there’s also this threatening text sent to Fukase to not pursue the case further, which wasn’t her doing…? It seems so, because when Miho-chan plans to turn herself in, Ogasawara-san is stabbed by another mysterious person.

Arrgghhh, who is it this time??

All i can say is the perp is apparently a male and rather gawky, but i won’t theorize beyond that. Because so far, my predictions are getting refuted one by one by each new reveal and development. It’s pointless to form new theory at this stage, so i’ll just trust Reverse to piece everything together in the final two episodes.

Thing is, i don’t know how many loose ends there are that need tying up, or if there is still more to the stories we’ve heard hitherto. Cuz while we’ve made progress in narrowing down the suspects, there’s hardly new leads regarding the car crash. Tanihara doesn’t have much to add to Asami’s version besides the ‘ladybug 30’ keychain he threw down the cliff, and neither does Murai. He did enter the woods following a call from Asami in attempt to locate the scene but didn’t do anything unlawful. He spotted the overturned car and called his father for help, who told him to set it on fire to get rid of any evidence, but it exploded before he managed to get closer.

The other subplots are coming to a close too — Asamin, that female student, and the soccer club; Murai and his estranged wife; Tanihara and his work — though they seem tangential to the main case at this point. The biggest clue lies in the keychain, which Ogasawara-san has discovered something about, which is also possibly the reason why he’s attacked. The question is what kind of secret it holds, and if it’s able to unlock the door to the ultimate truth.



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