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Fight for My Way: on episode 3~6

Show, aren’t you supposed to be a rom-com? So why do you keep making me cry? Sure, there are giddy, awkward, and mirthful moments, but after watching six episodes, there is not one episode that didn’t make me at least tear up.

I don’t know. Fight for My Way certainly has its over the top scenes and classic rom-com plot, but once it taps into its mellower side, i found myself relating with the predicaments, circumstances, or even the sentiments a lot. Which is a good thing, obviously, since it’s easy for me to connect with the characters and see where they’re coming from.

The 2007 incident is probably the drama’s biggest and only mystery, and i was totally expecting it to be kept a secret till the latter half that i’m glad it’s revealed to us as soon as episode 4. The letdown is what it was all about. We knew it’s money related, but i expected something big or traumatic if that’s the reason Dong-man quit his beloved sport altogether. Match-fixing was a pretty serious offence, but it was unwarranted and unavoidable. Like, the situations weren’t dire enough and everyone in his circle was actually against the idea that his decision to sacrifice himself was rather off. While we didn’t know what kind of penalty he received, it seemed he was still able to compete if he wanted to.

The confrontation may be necessary for him to move on and eventually turn over a new leaf. Cuz why is he still stuck in the past when his spoiled vain opponent is enjoying a rising popularity as a MMA fighter using his signature move? Either way, it spurs him to finally walk away from the underappreciated work and abusive superior to rebuild his career in martial arts.

Shortly after, Ae-ra follows suit to pursue her passion thanks to her guy friend. Unlike Dong-man, Ae-ra doesn’t have much issues in her workplace. She also isn’t fixated on being a TV announcer, specifically; it’s like any work behind the mic is fine, because she perks up when the opportunity to be the mall’s announcer opens up, in which she delivers her scripted lines with zest, and even asks Dong-man to record it for her. Her eventually losing the position to a nakasan replete with being reproved for stopping a VIP who stole an expensive watch does put a damper on her mood, though i doubt she would quit if not for Dong-man’s interference.

Nevertheless, both are now unemployed. But Ae-ra has passed the ‘preliminary’ round for a real TV announcer post while Dong-man is gearing up toward his MMA debut, so let’s see who makes their big break first.

Ae-ra may be lucky to receive a positive response on her first application, but that doesn’t guarantee the path will be as smooth down the road. Dong-man, for example, has to swallow a bitter pill of betrayal early in game because he is itching to pay his nemesis back soonest and thus rushing his first in-ring fight without Coach-nim’s knowledge. I knew something smelled off when Tak-soo’s manager or whoever offered to jump ship, but i too was worried the damage was pretty serious. I agree with Ae-ra’s sentiment: MMA looks too violent a sport, and both parties would sustain injuries despite the win-loss result. But Dong-man ain’t backing out, so i’ll just continue to cross my fingers whenever he’s inside the ring, hoping he’ll receive as few hooks and kicks as possible.

Seol-hee’s road to becoming a housewife is getting bumpier too. We don’t know why Joo-man doesn’t welcome the idea yet, or maybe let’s start from why they need to hide their relationship from everyone in the company. Is office dating prohibited? If so, why is the cute rich intern openly flirting with him and why is he not blocking any of it? I cannot really blame Ye-jin in this situation; she has expressed her interest and inquired if he’s in a relationship, and his nonrejection could send false-positive signals. Still, that doesn’t mean i like her.

I think i dislike every adversary in this drama: Tak-soo, Ye-jin, Hye-ran (Dong-man’s toxic ex-girlfriend). Then there’s Moo-bin (Ae-ra’s love interest) whom i’m still ambivalent about. He can be a bit pushy and manipulative in his approach, but he’s also very straightforward with his feelings and intentions that i cannot hate him. I mean, if he were the lead in a different drama, viewers might probably find his means cute and swoony. Here, he could simply be the plot device to jump-start the main love line, cuz it has definitely ignited Dong-man’s jealousy, the first step in realizing his true feelings for the heroine.

The same role is played by Hye-ran. The difference is Moo-bin is quite harmless whereas Hye-ran is a sly fox. Problem is, Dong-man has a soft spot for her, having fallen to her eyelash bats time and time again. Her coy acts cross Seol-hee and Joo-man too that Ae-ra’s ill-feeling doesn’t necessarily stem from jealousy.


Not that this trope is indispensable to move the romance forward, because these two knuckleheads have gotten hot and cold from sporadic too close skinship. What i want to know is when those awkward beats began and what shall prompt them to figure out they like each other more than just friends. Because it seems to happen rather suddenly, without warning, just because either of them is acting out of character.

In other series, i’m usually impatient for the sparks to fly or for them to get it already, but in good friends-to-lovers stories like this, i’m actually wanting the friendship to last a little longer. Because i’m wholly enjoying the camaraderie and appreciating their presence as each other’s rock, pillar, and umbrella so much that i wish they could stay like this forever. Such friends are a keeper and having them by your side for life is a blessing, but sometimes i wish a guy-girl relationship could remain platonic just because. *shrug*


Speaking of love lines, i initially thought the two couples provide a contrasting relationship stage: one is ready to bloom while the other one is about to wither… or so i thought. I’m not really sure about the latter because every time i predict Joo-man is gonna fall for Ye-jin’s youthful charm, he snaps himself out of it. Of course i hope he could draw a clear line like Dong-man thankfully did to Hye-ran, but he has at least stood up for Seol-hee in front of his family, telling them to treat her better because he won’t marry anyone else if he doesn’t marry her. Which is so aww-worthy, although i also wonder if he sticks with her because he feels indebted to her. He may be getting weary of her doormat personality, but i for one can actually understand her stance: she’s doing her best to be on others’ good side, and when she can’t really fit in, she does what she can to be helpful, even if she unwittingly ends up lowering herself in the process.

As for Ae-ra and Dong-man, while i still think it’s too fast for their hearts to skip a beat at this stage, i’m eating every moment up. Show has done a great job in switching the moods and tones, and hopefully it can do the same with the friends-to-lovers transition. Because these two have been so adorable since young it’ll be a shame to ruin it with any extended angsty/awkward period.



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