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Reverse: on episode 5~6

Isn’t it funny that we can make speculations based on little information yet struggles to wrap our heads around it when given a lot more details? Maybe that’s just me? ‘Cause that’s what i feel about Reverse. I could reckon who looked shady in the early episodes, but now after hearing most players’ stories of that evening, i don’t know who to trust anymore. I can’t discern who’s telling the truth, half-truth, or an outright lie. I can’t even tell if Hirosawa’s disappearance was by accident or design.

Everything is possible, and the only one who truly knew what happened is the man himself, it seems.

I know there’s theory of  him being alive after all, but that will only complicate the case and…feels too far-fetched, no? After 6 episodes, only Tanihara’s testimony is left. It might tie up everything together, though without it, the other stories add up quite well already.

As predicted, it’s Murai’s turn to tell his version in episode 5. Unlike the other two, his narration doesn’t reveal any suppressed ill-feeling toward Hirosawa; instead, it throws a cryptic message: if “Hirosawa did what he did” because he had no concrete plan for his future. He shared his suspicion on Tanihara/Asami ostensible scheme with Fukase before, then follows it up by saying he ain’t making things up. His arrival on the scene startled those two, who were on all fours. This new piece clashes against Asami’s claim of spotting Murai-ish figure escaping the burning car. One of them might be lying, because there’s no way a person can be in two places at the same time.

But then he goes missing (kidnapped by his psycho wife, perhaps?), which eventually puts Asuka-chan on the spot. She looked reluctant to talk about the case but easily opens up to Fukase. Her story regarding the station matches her brother’s: that a redirected taxi surprisingly passed by and the driver agreed to take them to the villa. She, however, adds an extra piece that’s omitted from Murai’s narrative: that he received a call, exit the taxi, entered the woods… and reemerged some time later, shortly after a loud bang was heard.

Whoa whoa whoa. Puzzled yet?

This recount, in turn, supports Asami’s statement yet doesn’t automatically invalidate Murai’s. The latter could still witness the duo’s dubious act afterwards, especially since Asami later on admits to doing something up there to save both asses. He arrived to shell-shocked Tanihara, broken guardrail, shattered car bumper, and splashes of blood on ice. Believing it was Hirosawa’s, Tanihara began to ball the blood-looking traces and threw them off the cliff to get rid of evidence, which could be used to prove Hirosawa’s DUI and pin it on them.

It could very well be the scene Murai was referring to. The questions are how far the distance between the two points is and how long they were scraping on ice since the explosion occurred when they were already at it. Another question is who was on the other end of the line? Could it be Hirosawa?

Who knew having the initial questions answered only leads to more questions? ARGH!!

Unfortunately, hearing the other’s takes doesn’t disclose much about Hirosawa’s state and whereabouts. I’m sure there’s still more to each’s story (e.g. how Asami half-accusingly asks if Murai was the last person who saw Hirosawa that night. Murai denies it; he neither saw nor did anything, he says, but the way both side-eye each other is killing me), although Fukase decides to dig elsewhere for the time being. Hirosawa might be his one and only friend, but he realizes that he didn’t know much about the bestie — like, if he had a girlfriend. I’m not sure how understanding more about him could help in solving the mystery, but Fukase does it anyway.

The first step is visiting his parents and trying to contact his highschool peers. The former is to figure out how involved the mother is in the recent happenings binding the four, the latter is to find out more about Hirosawa’s personality and personal life. The alumnus sneer at the long-overdue inquiry but share the little bits about him anyway, including confirming the rumor of him having a girlfriend, replete with a picture wherein he smiled brightly next to “Kawa-chan” (the fact that not even his parents were aware of; something that prompted a not-so-happy look on his face when Asuka-chan asked about it). The conversation eventually brings up another name: Furukawa, a loser like Fukase who’s also befriended by Hirosawa, whom they recall muttering curses the four’s way. They may dislike Furukawa, but they share his sentiment; they too believe it’s the four’s fault that Hirosawa died young.

Again, i can’t comprehend the relation between Kawa-chan and Furukawa and the disappearance, besides adding them to the possible avengers list, especially after the latter outrightly calls Fukase “a murderer”.

I for the longest time thought Ogasawara-san and Hirosawa’s mom have a hand in blackmailing the four, so i cannot easily buy his claim of innocence, despite his part in capturing the stalker. Likewise, Mom might have a convincing explanation about her presence in town the day Tanihara was pushed off the platform, but she obviously fidgets when confronted. And now that Tanihara has finally regained consciousness, i hope he will shed light on the perp.

Speaking of the stalker, am i the only one bummed out by his easy arrest and unrelatedness to the blackmail? I did wonder why Miho-chan was targeted and harassed when the other girl/wives aren’t, but didn’t expect it to be a random, independent case.

If anything, we get to discover the main characters’ true colors. While unsure if what we’ve seen thus far is 100% facade-free, it’s nice to know that they’re all good people — Tanihara is a family man, Murai is caring, Asami is upright — that i’ve grown to like and sympathize with them by the series’ midway point. They may make mistakes in the past, but none of them is unredeemable. Unless they indeed did something to Hirosawa, that is.

That said, i still can’t really shake off the funny feeling regarding Asami’s occasional enigmatic stares — that he’s hiding something. The more when the police glanced at him for a moment before proceeding to say he didn’t remember if there was anything off surrounding the investigation back then. Hmm?



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