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Tokyo Tarareba Musume: quotes

As promised, here’s my quotes collection from Tokyo Tarareba Musume. They’re not really quotable per se — these thoughts can lean toward self-pity at times — neither do i find them as hitting home as those from Age of Youth, but i suppose they can be relevant and/or relatable to those around the girls’ age group.

I won’t say much here as i’m currently working on my final post on the last two episodes, but although most of the musings on this list are uttered by Rinko, majority of them are derived from the struggles the three what-if girls go through along the way. It may take them forever to learn their lessons, but at least they arrive at the right conclusion at the end. Aided by the cute-yet-savage Tarareba combi.

“No matter how old I am, the heroine of a long, long tale called life…is me. If I put an effort, I will grasp love and career with my hand. Or that’s what I thought.”

“When I was 20 I didn’t imagine it would be so hard for me to find a boyfriend when I reached 30.”
~ Kamata Rinko; Episode 1

“I used to look down on those uncool families who were on a family outing, but now… everybody is amazing. I mean, dating somebody that you like and getting married is a miracle. No matter what happened we found excuses, the only thing we do is girl’s night, and only complain that there are no good men or no places to meet them, right?

We would say “she married such a boring guy” and pity our classmates. Make fun of the girls who went to single parties or marriage hunting…

Compared to that, we’re just always on the bench. We never participate on the game. While people are trying hard, we watch from the bench, and just say self-important stuff from afar. And like that, we’re very confident that if we had the chance it would happen, and believed that we could hit a home run. But, in reality… we stand on the batter’s box, but without a scratch, we get 3 strikes. That’s who I am today.”
~ Kamata Rinko; Episode 1


Koyuki: “If we were talking about revolving sushi, a plate that we missed would come back. But in reality that doesn’t happen with men.”
Kaori: “A plate that we missed is taken by someone else. I didn’t even get something as simple as that.”
Koyuki: “So it’s like a big fish that got away.”
Kaori: “Sometimes we realize it when it’s somebody else’s.”
Rinko: “I want to go back in time.”

(in voiceover)
Rinko: “I realised that things I could easily throw away when I was young… are really far to reach right now.”
Kaori: “We can’t go back to that time.”
Koyuki: “Our time passed before we realized.”
Rinko: “We can’t go back in time.”
~ Tarareba Musume; Episode 2

“I believed that if I worked hard results would show.
But without realizing it, the things I couldn’t reach with my hands multiplied.”

“Who made this 30 years old woman… That’s me right.
I want to start over again from 20 years old. But you can’t turn back time…”

“I’m past 30 and with no success in anything. But I also was trying really hard and was doing my best. But both my work and my love life… Ah, What should I do?”
~ Kamata Rinko; Episode 2


“And just like that, I fooled myself counting “the good enoughs”. But in reality I know the truth. No matter how many “good enoughs” I can count, my life isn’t happy right now. With just good enough situations, there’s one thing that won’t happen. What I want. A very cliche word, very obvious and simple. I’m sorry to say, but that word probably is “love”.
~ Kamata Rinko; Episode 3

“We were full of hopes and dreams back then. We had fights before, but we were way more carefree. We’ve never gone through such a heavy situation between us. I feel like in these 12 years, we’ve changed our hopes and dreams, and discarded anything too heavy. And for what? For show? Pride? Compromising? Resignation? No, it’s probably because of…insecurities. The us from the past, who didn’t have any insecurities, I guess we can’t go back to that even if we want to.”

“Even if I just say “what if” stories,  even if my life sucks, because of those two, my life is fun. If I didn’t have those two, I’d be living a pretty boring life right now. “Just hanging out with other women is no good”,  “that kind of woman can’t be good” — don’t say stupid stuff like that. That’s what fun is! That’s why from now on, I’ll do exactly that!”
~ Kamata Rinko; Episode 4

Rinko: “Crisis can be opportunities.”
Key: “It might be that opportunities end up in crisis.”

Key: “Get hurt. You’re not gonna die from that.”
Rinko: “I know what it’s like to get hurt, and what it’s like to try hard again and fail once more. I don’t want to see that reality. I want to live a more comfortable life.”

“Amazing, isn’t it? What you say is always right. But, you know, you can also hurt people by being right.”

“Even if your situation right now won’t amount to anything, even if you don’t have a direction, if there’s some place to escape to, it’s okay to run away.”
~ Kamata Rinko; Episode 5


“You won’t be happy just because you’re getting married.”
~ KEY; Episode 6

Rinko: “When we get married we get blessings from everyone. When we are adult enough but haven’t gotten married, people see us pathetically. That’s the only thing I know.”
Kaori: “When I was a child, I thought that getting married and having children was a given.”
Koyuki: “As it turns out, it is not.”
~ Tarareba Musume; Episode 6

“Love is not something we can choose. It’s something we fall into.”

“I think I can hear the voice of my own self in ten years saying, “Chase him and grab his hand! If not, you will be alone in 10 years. You’ll be lonely and regret this.” But my feet won’t move. My hand that should be trying to grasp happiness won’t move as if it was frozen.”
~ Kamata Rinko; Episode 6

“Living costs money, you know? If you have time to be thinking, you should rather be working.”
~ Torii Koyuki; Episode 7

“It’s not like we’re not working hard. We’re working hard to be happy. So why is it that the present is so different from the future we imagined back then?”

“The older you get, the harder it is to do stuff like that — to end something or to begin something.”
~ Kamata Rinko; Episode 8

“I want to be a hermit. Desires, worries, jealousy, or loneliness… I don’t want any of that. I don’t need it.”
~ Torii Koyuki; Episode 9

“Trying to deny your own feelings, isn’t that the same as lying?”
~ Hayasaka Tetsuro; Episode 10

“Happiness is not something you can say with one word. Just because you get a boyfriend or get married, you won’t be happy just because of that! Just because you succeed at your job and get rich, you won’t be happy just because of that! When you feel that you’re happy, that’s what happiness is! Other people won’t give you that!

Being an adult means moving your own ass to do what you want! Being happy or unhappy depends only on yourself. Do the things you want to do. It’s your own life. Find what makes you happy!”
~ Tara & Reba; Episode 10

Translation by MaRGa_ps, sora_cantabile, Waoow



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