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Tokyo Tarareba Musume: on episode 7~8

Eh, eh, eh?
Wa waa waaaaa~

When i begin to lose hope in this drama’s characters, some of them finally get it together.
When i’ve resigned myself to Tarareba being a romcom that shall never move me, these two episodes happened.
What more can i say? Episode 7 and 8 are the best so far.

That’s not to say only the good stuff is here; however, the development i’ve been waiting for has finally come. It may arrive later than sooner — which is about time, i guess, since there are only two more episodes to go — but i’m happy it happened at all, as i’ve gotten tired of being grumpy throughout the minutes. Which isn’t why i started the show. Or any show.

That doesn’t mean i’m not liking it. I still find it enjoyable for the most part, it’s just that these girls’ relationship preferences are my least favorite part of the drama (which i discussed in previous posts), though i decided to simply roll with it. Hence my excitement when its love story managed to make me giddy. In all the right ways.

So, let’s resume with the moment Hayasaka appeared in front of Rinko’s house with his signature troubled look. I forgot that he has yet to learn about Rinko’s latest breakup, so it must be something work related. Instead of bringing up her tentative decision to quit writing, he simply places more opportunities onto her plate regardless of the scale. She was pitching for screenwriter spot in serial drama twice before and failed both times, but this time, her position for this PR drama (for Kitaizu, a small town which happens to be Hayasaka’s hometown) is already secured.

Even then, this isn’t the project she’s too enthused about, given the short airtime — ‘only’ 5 minutes over the net. Add to that the ‘self-sufficient’ production. It’s not until she spends the day with the townsfolk and hears their high hopes of this drama does it dawn on her how important this ‘small’ project is to the people and how half-assed her writing is… that she decides to redo everything from scratch and promises to make it on time for the following day’s filming.

Seeing her commitment and hands-on involvement in the production, i’m sure it will bear fruit. It’s about time for her to get her big break, and while unsure if this will be it, at least it prompts her to reevaluate her attitude/perspective toward her work. Besides, we can tell how personal and touching the end result is. That everyone gets teary-eyed at the end is no exaggeration.

The wrap-up party includes rounds of drinks that by the time the director sits down with Rinko and Hayasaka, they’re all rather tipsy, that a good-hearted tease about how good they look together is enough to make the fellow snap, calling it absurd and recounting the time he got rejected and stepped back like a man. He continues to slur and blab before catching himself at saying how cute she was, then goes to excuse himself to sober up (eep!).

When Rinko follows him out, he points out how age has gotten to him — e.g. he cannot hold as much liquor as he used to — but when she says the same, he snaps again, saying how she doesn’t change at all in these 8 years he’s known and had a crush on her. At which she steps forward to kiss him…and he returns the favor. Both are surprised and flustered at the realization, but as they head back all awkwardly, he turns around and promises to call her the next day, “when I’m not drunk.” (gyaahhh~ nani nani nani??)

As mentioned previously, i didn’t expect this ship to return. Rinko keeps mentioning how much she regrets rejecting him back then, but this kind of what-if talk is totally the girls’ style that i didn’t think much of it. But again, i am elated by this turn, mainly because Hayasaka remains the most decent and likable guy in this dramaverse. Also, they say love is all about timing, and i do think he nailed it there. It’s right in the feels!

Naturally, the waiting time till that phone call feels extra long, and the moment they’re back in the same fancy restaurant as episode 1, Hayasaka has reverted to his gawky self who stutters heavily at the word ki[ss]. Heh. By the time he manages to talk about the thing they’re there for, he starts rattling off apologies. *banghead* It feels like NigeHaji all over again. Especially when he’s kicking himself for it later on (aww) while Rinko tries to not get too dejected by convincing herself that the current working relationship is good enough for her.

Given their personality and dynamics, i kinda wish for Rinko to take the initiative. For once. Turns out, all they need is an extra push to give it another go. And seeing how both of them are running toward the meeting place, i knew it would end well. But of course a confession is needed to seal the deal, and Hayasaka-san doesn’t disappoint: “I want to take a step forward with you.” Simple, straightforward, yet oh my gahh~ *swoon* *squee*

Okay, this development may seem like a twist to many, especially if you’re rooting for KEY to be the endgame. I thought this pair is a thing of the past too, although in retrospect, Hayasaka is the only guy who makes Rinko’s heart flutter, whom she deems cute and seriously considers to confess to, since the beginning. Her younger self thought he’s lame, but her preferences change as she gets older and now she finds him a good fit — their tastes match, their conversation flows nicely, she’s comfortable around him — that she already imagines building a large happy family with him. Now that i’m perfectly happy with where things are going, i simply hope there’s no counter-twist in the last two episodes. Don’t you dare playing around, Tarareba!

If Hayasaka is my top pick, then Ryo-chan is my least favorite. He rubs me up the wrong way since Day 1. I honestly don’t know what Kaori sees in him, and what makes her cling onto this man or her status as the second girlfriend. I was glad when she decided to go to a matchmaking agency, that when she found a close match only to walk away in the last minute, i was itching to go inside the screen to knock some sense into her head.

But then comes the unforeseen development: her period hasn’t come for over a month now. Dun dun dun. She’s the one who dreams to be a mother by 2020, but when that dream is within grasp, elation it is not. Of course she doesn’t intend to have it this way, out of wedlock, when the partner isn’t solely hers. But this could be her chance to be prioritized… or lose him forever. There are a lot of what-ifs scenarios in her head that she dares not take the quick test. At least not until she hears Ryo-chan’s opinion in that matter. His reaction is tentative at best, albeit showing his support and promising to take responsibility.

While wondering if the pregnancy plot was to match Eikura Nana’s real-life pregnancy (she’s been wearing loose clothing to cover the baby bump(?)), i don’t think i’d be happy if Kaori gets the guy this way. After all the tension and stress, however, it turns out a false alarm, though nobody is happier about it than the jerk Ryo-chan. Which serves as a huge blow to Kaori, the more when he says he actually isn’t ready to be a dad yet.

Things aren’t going anywhere with her case that i couldn’t be happier at Kinpatsu’s interference. Given his penchant for saying only sarcasm, hurtful things, and bitter truths, he’s the last character to be prying/meddling, but i never liked him as much as i did in episode 8 for doing exactly that. I’ve wanted Kaori to get it already, so huzzah for Kinpatsu saying the things she needed to hear… to snap out of the vicious cycle.

And now that he has pushed two Tarareba girls into the right direction, will he do the same for the last one? Cuz Koyuki is no better. Under different circumstances, her relationship with Marui would definitely be the most stable and mature one. He also seems a super nice guy. Nevertheless, it’s only a matter of time before someone sights their rendezvous. Worse, everybody knows that he isn’t single.

How about her father’s reaction? He simply tells her to stop seeing him, even if he is the last person who should say that. Wait, so Koyuki/Dad’s rift in the past was due to dad’s affair?? What a shocker. I mean, affair is the cause of her parent’s split, and now she engages herself in one? What’s even more shocking is her stance about it — that it’s not uncommon for spouses to divorce over an affair.

Girl, i think i just lost all of my respect for you then and there. I identify myself with her no-nonsense dating style the most, and while Kaori’s comment about the possibility of affair being Koyuki’s thing is already alarming (cuz how can an affair anyone’s thing?), nothing beats her nonchalant take on it. At least Kaori is aware that she wasn’t in the right relationship, and that she shouldn’t be fine with it, but Koyuki sees nothing wrong with hers that i honestly have no idea what would her rude awakening be.

Maybe the tarareba combi should visit her as well?



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