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[MV] I Believe in You – Michael Bublé

It’s been a while since my last music post, and four long years since my last Valentine’s Day post.

Now, i certainly never intended to make a yearly Val’s Day edition post, neither did i try to make recommended song blog series, mainly because my writing force is largely on whim than planned, but i chanced upon Michael Bublé’s new single over the weekend and thought it could be a fitting if not perfect song for this occasion.

Bublé may be known for his jazzy songs, but those who aren’t into this music genre should not worry; I Believe in You is well in the pop territory. A peppy one at that. It’s a sweet feel-good track, although not overly saccharine. It has head-bopping melody and soaring chorus, although not anthemic. To be completely honest, i don’t find it too catchy, but it’s the music video that completely won me over.

It tells a love story that spans a lifetime. Childhood neighbors growing up and growing old together. We see the little kids transform into teenage sweethearts and eventually become a married couple dancing through thick and thin until their old age. It’s as simple and beautiful as that. The video may only last for 3 minutes and 33 seconds, but the story is told in full with smooth transitions. What’s even better, it’s partly inspired by the producer’s, Derek Hough, own grandparents, as if to drive home a point that everlasting love does exist.

The dance sequence is a reminiscent of La La Land, but who cares? It’s incorporated nicely and hardly feels out of place. There aren’t many storyline music videos nowadays, much less a neatly plotted and easily understood one, and I Believe in You ticks all of those boxes. The song itself may not be the crazy romantic kind, but the music video is sure to give you a lot of feels. It did to me.

“Time goes by
And I’ve been holding everything inside
But now I’ve got nothing left to hide
When I’m with you, oh you

I believe in starting over
I can see that your heart is true
I believe in good things coming back to you
You’re the light that lifts me higher
So bright you guide me through
I believe in you

I believe in starting over
I can see your heart is true
I believe in love you give me reason to
You’re the light that lifts me higher
So high up in the sky
I think we’re gonna fly”

May we all have a love story that’s as lovely and heartwarming as the one portrayed here 🙂



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