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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo: on episode 11~13


Love is in the air~

After two weeks of heartbreak pangs and growing pains, Fairy quickly gets back on its feet in the following two weeks. Therefore, despite episode 14’s preemption, I wasn’t that upset — besides the fact that we had to wait one full week for that — since we have three episodes that are completely replay-worthy.

wfairy_00143 wfairy_00145

The development i’ve looked forward to the most is the moment Joon-hyung realizes he likes Bok-joo. He’s been making tender gazes at her and following her around for week after week, it’s hard to believe he isn’t aware of his feelings for her. But all he needs to put two and two together is a little push, which arrives after the comforting hug he gave to Bok-joo at the end of episode 10 and Tae-kwon’s throwaway question if he’s seeing someone. And despite their current close friends status, he isn’t hesitant to convey his feelings though he does wait for the right opening.

The jealousy plotline was thus arguably unnecessary to kick things off, albeit not unwelcomed, not only because Ji-soo made for an utterly amusing cameo (the effect, not his character. I just couldn’t stop sniggering at the face-off between the boys because we know they’re best friends in real life. Watch their 6-episode date on Celebrity Bromance if you haven’t already!) but also because it led to a nonchalant proposal which Bok-joo missed entirely:

Bok-joo: “I’ll play “Wedding March” at your wedding.”
Joon-hyung: “Instead, why don’t you stand next to me?”
Bok-joo: “Why would I stand next to you instead of your wife?”

Oh-mai-gawd, Bok-joo-ya~

wfairy_00157 wfairy_00172

Since Bok-joo seems a bit dense in the love department, Joon-hyung tries a lot more direct move next: a kiss (!) followed by a confession (!!). There’s no mistaking this time. What’s even better is they talk it out afterwards instead of getting all awkward and avoiding each other like the plague. Confused Bok-joo asks if he confesses out of pity, or why he likes her. Joon-hyung answers there’s no reason for liking someone, and declares that she’s actually his first love — at which she lets out a loud “HAH?!” Haha. She admits to liking him too, only as a friend, but that’s positive enough for him to propose that they try going out for a month before she decides whether or not to accept him, and takes her hesitation as a yes.

…and he goes at it right away, starting from clearing her wish list: going to an amusement park on a weekday, sharing a drink with her boyfriend, putting her hand in his pocket, receiving a hundred roses… He’s close to ticking everything off in one go through their (group) date to an amusement park while creating many heart-skipping and heart-fluttering beats even to us viewers. He’s so winning at this boyfriend-trial thingy though his truly shinning moment is when he becomes Bok-joo’s rock at her lowest point, by simply being there and silently supporting/comforting her. Like the time her father collapses wherein he calms her down, accompanies her to the hospital, inquires for his ward, and slides the door open for her to run into.

I believe this is the eye-opening clincher for Bok-joo to decide to keep him and not return him (she likened the one-month trial period to home shopping). Cutest. Confession. Ever. Sealed with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR sweet smooches. These two are probably the giddiest young lovers in dramaland that the latest episode was filled with endless messages all night, sneaked hugs, and stolen kisses.

wfairy_00169 wfairy_00183

While i was happily eating all of these up, i was unhappy with the editor’s decision to intercut the budding romance with Shi-ho’s self-destruction. That’s such a buzzkill. Also because it’s puzzling that her downward spiral continues even after she stopped obsessing over Joon-hyung, went out with the swimmer sunbae, and started smiling again. She did well in the competition but fails to keep up with the practice, causing her to down sleeping pills and binge-eat. Like, the flow was incoherent, no? Furthermore, the sunbae has yet to reappear after their skating date (he’s too busy with reaper duties over at Goblin, i guess. Ha) that Shi-ho reverts back to contacting Joon-hyung.

…which leads to another bout of jealousy, this time from Bok-joo’s end. He compensates for missing Shi-ho’s call with taking an overly great care of his ex-girlfriend in the hospital, even before Bok-joo, yet wonders why his current girlfriend is mad at him. Jealous Joon-hyung is more adorable, but i think Bok-joo’s jealousy is completely justified that i wanted to kick him for not realizing it…if he didn’t melt our hearts by his warm gestures when Bok-joo and her weightlifting team was staging a protest out on the cold. He is seriously so sweet and caring that he could very well be the super nice second lead who doesn’t get the girl in other dramas.

wfairy_00209 wfairy_00222

I was pleased with the return of upbeat and perky elements in the last two weeks and enjoying the progress in the love department (childhood classmates-turned-unexpected frenemies-turned-close buddies-turned-giddy lovebirds) though i cannot ignore the flaws in writing. I don’t think Fairy has solid plot points though i could see what they’re trying to achieve. E.g. Coach-nim’s noble idiocy which i discussed in previous post, the light-bulb moment regarding Joon-hyung’s feelings, the way he obtained Bok-joo’s notes, the event(s) leading up to Shi-ho’s — also Bok-joo’s — turning point, or the agency to bring Coach-nim back. I didn’t feel ’em yet could accept the upshots.

I also am not the only one wondering whatever happens to Joon-hyung’s trauma. He hasn’t fully overcome it that it feels like we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, not to mention whether or not he’s ever gonna confront his foster parents about their gifts and fly to Canada to meet his mom. It’s been weeks since its last allusion, and with only three episodes left, i can only wonder if there will ever be proper closure. Because there’s no sign it’ll be revisited, especially since now we’re well in thick of romance and there are other issues to deal with around it — Bok-joo keeping the relationship a secret from her inner circle, the impending Dad’s reaction upon busting on their public display of affection…

Joon-hyung is no stranger to the family but Dad is revealed to be against the girls dating just a few scenes before that i doubt he’ll be pleased with the discovery. The hard face gave it away, although honestly, i couldn’t help laughing at the dramaticness of it. Dad riled up at Bok-joo for going to the weight clinic, and despite not knowing the full story, he softened up and even gave her a lipstick, so i hope he will be a lot more understanding this time. Cuz the last thing i want from Fairy is love-opposing parents trope to get in the way.




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