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We Married as a Job!: on episode 3~4


Of all adjectives out there, i never thought “cute” would be a fitting word to describe NigeHaji. Many have put these two in a sentence since the beginning but i found myself disagreeing with it. Episode 1 and 2 were quite formal and dry to give off that vibe. But, as i was watching episode 3, and ultimately 4, i finally got it. I completely get it now that i feel like putting “cute” at every comment i have about this drama. 😁

The first two episodes are the set-up phase, and once the formalities are out of the way, we can then get to the fun stuff. And boy, was i giggling and awwing so much at nearly every turn. Didn’t expect the frigid Hiramasa-san could do that to me, lol. Seriously, he’s hilarious in his awkwardness! Especially following that night.

Both are pretty comfortable sharing living spaces as well as sleeping under the same roof, it’s unexpected that both were troubled by the presence of the other’s scent on the sheets. Hiramasa is more affected by the sleepless night that the normally approachable guy turns unusually quiet and withdrawn. To keep his emotions in check, he proposes that they move to a 2LDK (two-bedroom) apartment soonest, which may not be easy given his finicky nature. He’s also so insistent on two separate bedrooms it attracts curious eyes. Heh.

nigehaji_00042 nigehaji_00043

The awkward air between the supposedly newlyweds is quite palpable that i really cannot blame Numata-san for questioning their marriage status (although i’m still unable to gloss over the fact that he peeked at their bedroom against their wish). He reckons that it’s a fake marriage yet arrives at a slippery slope conclusion — that Hiramasa is like him (read: gay). Ha.

This bit in turn piques Kazami’s interest in the couple, and damn, he’s the smarter one. Their tongue slips, distant disposition, and the scoop that Mikuri used to work for Hiramasa are enough pieces for him to see the big picture: it’s a contract marriage. Hiramasa is such a terrible liar (i’d say Mikuri is too) that he barely deflects the ‘accusation’. So now three persons are privy of the business agreement. Fortunately, the “warui ikemen” isn’t a blabbermouth so the secret stays in good hands. Problem is, he’s interested to try Mikuri’s service too, which surprise surprise is readily greenlighted by Hiramasa. Whaaat?

NigeHaji has yet to fail us in the logic department, including the driving force behind Mikuri’s decision to part-time at Kazami’s abode. Despite claiming it’s all up to her, the husband can’t help but getting defensive at his wife’s ‘two-timing’ — asking her to keep him out of the loop of the work and things happening on the other side, and vice versa, and bringing up the possibility of him switching role with Kazama if it suits her better. A telltale sign of his jealousy and inferiority complex, if you ask me.

nigehaji_00054 nigehaji_00056

I mean, he always acts as if it doesn’t bother him, but i think he forgets that their contract is a lot more complex and binding than a regular employment contract. They’re technically married i doubt Mikuri can easily quit the job and change employer, or in this case ‘husband’. It won’t look right. It won’t feel right. Therefore, it’s nice to discover that Mikuri is quite perceptive albeit her happy-go-lucky nature. Besides her ability to notice a dip in Hiramasa’s mood (including correctly specify his tendency to shut himself and build a wall upon a mention of other man) though she naturally cannot read his mind, i also love her frankness. Her propensity to speak her mind earned her a backlash before, but it’s the trait that not only bridges the gap between the two but also gets through to him.

We didn’t see how it put a kibosh on the moving-out plan, but it’s hinted that they did talk it out. So far, breaking the ice has been done from Mikuri’s part, and i look forward to Hiramasa’s initiative. Given his inexperience in the love department, it makes sense for her to make the first move, but he’s still a man, no matter how much of a herbivore he is. Especially since he’s shown more signs of attractions while she remains as cool as cucumber. Who knows, though? She confessed twice in two episodes! One, declaring that she likes him best and two, pointing out that he’s the only suitable candidate to be her lover at the moment. Gah, you gotta love her candidness, yes? It really drives the story — and the romance — forward! On one hand, i kinda wish she’d stop giving him mini heart attacks (lest he’ll hyperventilate) but on the other hand, his reactions are too priceless i wish she’d do more. LOL.

nigehaji_00044 nigehaji_00045

What spurred her to date remains a mystery to me. It seems the furthest thing from her mind. Also, we’ve seen her easy rapport with Kazami, along with hints of her considering to jump ship and escape her self-hate by being with him, so it’s somewhat a twist for her to choose her husband after all. Hiramasa is a sensible and caring employer, but Mikuri hasn’t appeared to see him as a man. Nevertheless, i’m sure NigeHaji will provide the answers in the following episode.

Speaking of Kazami, i’m still unsure if he’s hitting on Mikuri, but it’s not off-putting if that’s the case. For one, he knows that the couple is signing a contract and has confirmed that neither has special feelings for the other party. I thought sparks will fly between him and Yuri-chan, but none thus far. She can be quite girlish despite her age and she obviously yearns for love too — i respect her steadfastness in the face of temptation. What’s with her male subordinate, though? The lingering shots on him must mean something…

Back to Hiramasa-san, i guess i’ll forever question his decision to follow up Mikuri’s “I like you the best though” with sharing her with Kazami, his apparent jealousy notwithstanding. However, the ball is now on his court, and it’s up to him whether or not to accept Mikuri’s confession. Have a good taste of your own medicine, then for goodness’ sake, just say yes!




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