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Cinderella and Four Knights: on episode 9~12


Gyahh~~ Okay. This will be my last post of Cinderella. It isn’t over yet — there are four more episodes to go — but i’m so done with it.

I’ll always strive to finish what i started, especially something i’ve decided to cover, especially since i’ve gotten this far, but i’ve put up with enough nonsense to decide to finally drop it at this point. It’s not as if i didn’t see its flaws since the beginning, or that it is a fluff drama with immature plot.

I don’t mind fluff; when done right, it can be a fun and addictive watch, something Cinderella was at the outset, which could help me pull through till the end. The last four or even six episodes, however, were quite boring i resorted to skipping a few scenes and watching the rest in sped-up fashion. This show goes from having little plot to no plot, and i doubt it’ll get any better in the remaining quarter.

c4k_00096 c4k_00101

I was ready to write off episode 7-8 as a break from their activities, but when the detour didn’t go back on track, i started questioning what this drama is all about. Whatever happened to the missions and no-dating rule? Ha-won has gone from typical poor heroine working multiple part-time jobs to having nothing to do besides pining over a boy in a place where dating is prohibited. Grandpa still pops in from time to time, but is never around Sky House to deliver the next mission. He’s busy hiding his illness, drawing up new will, and suspecting his fifth wife. With Yoon-sung’s also sudden disappearance from the house, nobody is there to supervise the kids that they feel free to bring another female guest to stay with them for who knows how long. The drama’s focus is straight off on the not-love-square thereafter, and all related parties turn mopey, broody, and jealous in the process. Isn’t it funny that there’s only one rule in this drama, and that isn’t followed through?

Ha-won, for example, keeps stating her presence in Sky House is temporary and strictly for business only, yet for six episodes, all she did was trying to confirm Ji-woon’s feelings for her, getting huffy when he showered Hye-ji with attention and wasn’t being nice enough to her, and when he did, calling him out for confusing her. That she’s flustered after the drunk-confession and -kisses was understandable, but she also pretended to not recall the incident instead of talking it out, after all those high-and-mighty preaches directed at Hyun-min for holding back. Augh, giiirl. You knew Ji-woon liked Hye-ji since eons ago, what’s with the jealous girlfriend act? Despite calling everyone her friends, she cares for them only when the plot calls for it.

c4k_00115 c4k_00116

The same goes for other characters as well. Hyun-min has stopped teasing Ha-won ever since his lingering feelings for Hye-ji was made clear, but suddenly felt the urge to approach her right when Hye-ji was wearing her jumpsuit for the sake of one big supposedly heart-pounding moment. The love interest finally came back to her senses, only to murky the water by asking Ji-woon out in front of him, and soon after being ‘abandoned’ by the latter, going on rebound until Hyun-min stopped her from becoming extremely pathetic.

Oh, we also finally learned the reason behind his pushing her away. As expected, it was due to her brother’s death, which turned out to be the most wtfery accident ever. I seriously question people’s driving skills in dramaland — theirs are so atrocious i just can’t. I mean, can’t they brake?! Still, it was really dumb of Hyun-min for feeling guilty when it wasn’t even remotely his fault. SMH.

Ji-woon was showing a lot more emotions in recent episodes, yet stayed in wishy-washy territory for too long. He put off giving Hye-ji his answer for episodes and then got mad at her for ‘misinterpreting’ his friendliness and dropped her off in the middle of the road as the result. That looks like something a jerk might do — leaving the girl he cares less to go to the girl he cares more. I’m not impressed, Ji-woon.

Lastly, poor Seo-woo got dragged into the mess with barely a proper follow-up or closure for his crush. While Ja-young advising him to not date might sound like a wake-up call, he went on opening up on a radio show about his current first love, albeit knowing it’d be seen as a scandal. With or without that confession, he remains the best boy in the drama. He’s also the only one making something of himself. And i still think Hyun-min the most interesting guy, his stupid idiocy notwithstanding.

c4k_00111 c4k_00112

Yeah, sometimes i wonder how can a pre-produced show be this bad. They should’ve had all the time to figure things out and make it a decent production at the very least, yet Cinderella has poor flow, weak coherence, dumb plot, and inconsistent characterizations. I’ve truly run out of nice things to say about this drama.

If anything, i could totally deem episode 12 as the finale with some loose ends. The main couple has confirmed their feelings. The secondary couple has broken the wall, or so i hope. The third possible couple may take as much sweet time as they’d like off-screen. I couldn’t care less about the fifth wife’s scheme, Grandpa’s final will/plan for the boys, or the potential truth behind Ji-woon and/or Ha-won’s parents.

Good riddance!




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One thought on “Cinderella and Four Knights: on episode 9~12

  1. oh my!…. both of my younger sister and my sister-in-law are going crazy about this series! they’re koreanovela addict 🙂 I haven’t watched this though, just done with “descendant of the sun” recently


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