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Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: on episode 3~6


Isn’t it fascinating when the very thing you hate in one drama is something you love in another drama? This happens to me regarding the romantic slow motion; i find it overly cheesy in Cinderella yet completely eat it up in Moonlight. The key most likely lies in the execution — whether or not it fits the current flow and mood of the scenes — and the wise choice of background music.

Well, that’s my theory, cuz i’m not sure how Moonlight does it that i’m utterly swept up in the moment. Every single time. It’s unreal. The leads are too adorable for my heart. They’re giving me all the feels with only 6 episodes: the cute, the sweet, the giddy, the ache, the delicious angst… I guess it’s not too early to say that the second male and female leads don’t stand the slightest chance here; there is simply no room for them here.

mdbc_0300017 mdbc_0400018

The budding friendship between Jeoha and his puppy-turned-favorite-pretty-eunuch remains the drama’s highlight for me thus far. These two still bicker from time to time, or rather he continues to tease her, though the interaction naturally stiffens following Yeong’s identity reveal, which was kept under wraps for another episode. It was honestly baffling that Ra-on didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of the crown prince then, but i ended up liking the ultimate reveal better — Yeong coming out on his own terms, in private. Even then, Ra-on was about to brush it off as a joke. Thankfully she quickly caught on, otherwise she’d appear really dense.

Despite Yeong’s consent for her to continue treating him as friends when it’s just them, Ra-on gets a lot more restrained around him, in addition to seeing him in new light. While expected, i wish the transition has begun before the fact, because i don’t want to feel she likes him because he’s the crown prince, you know? Well, Yeong arguably becomes a lot nicer to her after the fact, so can’t fully blame her on that.

It is her obliviousness to both Yeong and Yoon-sung’s attention that’s quite questionable, given her love counseling expertise, particularly after knowing that Yoon-sung knows she’s a she. The more after both males are fighting over her, one calling her “my woman”, the other “my person”. I definitely expect her to be brighter than average in this department…

mdbc_0400027 mdbc_0600021

Another thing is her damsel in distress moment, which isn’t the trope i’d like to see too much of. Some can’t be helped given her low eunuch status, albeit wishing she won’t run into trouble that often. Because whenever that involves the crown prince, it seems to only paint him in bad light. Not gonna lie, the underwater rescue was breathtakingly beautiful, the best i’ve seen even, but in the incident with the sketchy Chinese ambassador, i wondered if Yeong’s overboard intervention was necessary. That he’s possessive protective of his persons is truly commendable, and he treats his head eunuch, Eunuch Jang, nicely and all, but would he really go that far if it weren’t Ra-on whose life’s on the line?

Above all, i fear this bit would be used to his disadvantage, if his adversaries think Ra-on is his weakness. I’d hate it to watch she being targeted to bring Yeong down; i’m still hoping there’s something in her that could be of help to return Yeong’s favor. Instead, i’m wary of where the truth behind her parentage — that she’s possibly the daughter of the previous rebel leader — will lead us to.

Hopefully things won’t turn overly angsty, cuz currently i’m so over the moon with this youth sageuk that i don’t even mind the political stuff. The King’s wishy-washiness irks me to no end, but if the palace intrigue allows Yeong to showcase his shrewdness as the future leader, and the ex-buddies to work together toward a common goal, then by all means please continue. I won’t go as far as expecting more bromance from them, partly since i have a bad track record in this matter, partly because none of the three belongs to the same faction.

mdbc_0600015 mdbc_0600017

Nevertheless, let’s worry about it when the time comes. For now, these happenings don’t put a damper on my overall enjoyment of the tease, confusion, and denial. My most immediate request at the moment is for Yeong to put two and two together regarding Ra-on.  I mean, he still believes she’s a he, but i don’t think he’s ever as gentle and warm toward other men as he’s toward her, even before he starts seeing someone else — the graceful dancer — in her. His tender gazes are killing me~ so much so that i think i need to re-address my take on Park Bo-gum’s performance. I said i wasn’t 100% sold on his acting, now i can confidently say i’m 100% smitten.

I remain absolutely happy with the cast’s performances — i haven’t spotted the weak link yet, which is amazing — and the plot. However, at the end of the day, what appeals to me the most is the cinematography. Moonlight‘s frames, scenes, and shots are incredibly beautiful and gorgeous i’m totally abusing the screencap button. Hee.




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