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Age of Youth: quotes


This drama is one of those that nearly fell under my radar but in the end made me really glad i gave it a go. Judging from the title and summary alone, i guessed this would be the youth version of Dear My Friends. I have yet to resume and finish that one so i’m not sure how close they actually are, but i’m pleasantly surprised at what Age of Youth offers.

My impression of youth dramas in general is something upbeat filled with rainbow happiness; sometimes cloudy, but mostly sunny. This 12-episode series certainly has those moments too, but it’s way more inward, deep, reflective, and true-to-life than anticipated. I could relate to a lot of the struggles illustrated that their wistful thoughts and pondering hit a bit too close to home at times…

I decided to jot down every agreeable musing and they add up to A LOT. I never collected this many quotes from a title before. But here they are:


“Every time I have to face new situations, I have a nightmare. To me, new things make me anxious rather than excited.”
~ Yoo Eun-jae; Episode 1

“I thought that I was the only one who was holding back.
I thought that I was the only one who felt uncomfortable at times.
I thought that I was the only one who was being wary of others.

I thought that it would be of no use, even if I did say something.
I was scared that I would be hated if I did say something.
I assumed that they’d laugh at me.
In that way, I assumed that other people were completely different from me.
I thought that they were ruder than me, and more reckless than I am.
I thought that they wouldn’t care.
I was being arrogant.

Others are just like me.
Other people are people, just like I am.
They feel as uncomfortable as I do, and hesitate, just like I do.
There are plenty of people who are as nice as I am.”
~ Yoo Eun-jae; Episode 1

“There are two kinds of secrets: secrets that you can tell, and secrets that you can’t tell.”
~ Yoo Eun-jae; Episode 1


“Living life itself is a lie.”
~ Kang Yi-na; Episode 2

“Lies may be similar to makeup. Just like one puts on makeup to hide their naked face, people use lies to hide the truth. I tell more and more lies as my makeup gets thicker.

Since when did I start feeling that going out with no makeup on was embarrassing?
Since when did I become so ashamed of the truth?

Yeah. The truth is pathetic, sad, and pitiful, just like that. Because it’s truly painful when your earnestness is rejected by someone else.”
~ Jung Ye-eun; Episode 2

“It’s something I was definitely aware of, but it really hits home to hear it said by someone else.”
~ Kang Yi-na; Episode 3

“People feel the loneliest when you’re with tons of other people, and people feel poorest when you’re around someone who’s rich.”
~ Jung Ye-eun; Episode 3

“I hate you because I’m jealous of you.
I hate you because you have nothing to your name, and yet make me feel so poor.
I hate you because you make me envy you.
I hate you because I want to become like you, but can’t.
So I can’t help but to hate you.
That’s why it smells.
There’s a rotting smell coming from my envy.”
~ Kang Yi-na; Episode 3


“There was once a time when I longed to be special. I believed that I had a special fate in store for me and that my life would be different than that of others. I told myself that I wouldn’t end up becoming average, no matter what.

To be average means to be comfortable.
To be average means to not catch anyone’s eye.
To be average means to be boring.
To tell me then that I was average was a direct insult.

I’m going to try my damnedest, just to become average. I’m even less than average right now.”
~ Yoon Jin-myung; Episode 4

“Everyone has their own circumstances to deal with. And until you know the circumstances they’re in, you can’t tell people how to live their lives. I’m sure you have something like that about you, too. Something that others can’t understand about you, but you can’t help. That’s why you can’t judge people willy-nilly…”
~ Song Ji-won; Episode 8

“Sometimes, I want to cry out loud. I want someone to hear me crying. I want them to hear me cry, and tell me everything will be okay. I want someone to pat me on the back, and tell me that it’s not my fault.

Sometimes, I want to throw a tantrum. At a person, or at my fate. And tell them, “Stop it, already.” “Haven’t you done enough?” “Please, just spare me.”

And… I’ll find hope, once more.”
~ Yoon Jin-myung; Episode 8

“I’d want telepathic powers. Having our feelings be conveyed to each other when we hold hands like this, wouldn’t that be cool? We’d never misunderstand each other, either. [But] I don’t have that kind of superpower, and nobody has invented a machine that lets you do that. So what can we do, but communicate, even though words fail us sometimes?”
~ Yoon Jong-yeol; Episode 9

“I thought that people only got lost when they tried to go somewhere. And I thought that people’s lives only got hard because they set objectives. But staying in the same place for too long makes you lose your way too, it seems.”
~ Yoon Jin-myung; Episode 9


“Living life diligently sure is a lot of work. Should I just quit? What if I just keep trying my best, but this isn’t the right path for me?”
~ Kang Yi-na; Episode 12

“Get it together, Yoon Jin Myung. Only average people feel lost, and such. Stop giving yourself excuses, saying you’ve lost your way, and such.”
~ Yoon Jin-myung; Episode 12

“We don’t know what’ll happen, but don’t worry about it in advance. You can deal with that issue when the time comes.”
~ Yoon Jin-myung; Episode 12

“Secrets are like onions. There’s more and more under the surface!”
~ Song Ji-won; Episode 12




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7 thoughts on “Age of Youth: quotes

  1. Thank you for the collections. I’m a big fan of Age of Youth, and really want to write a piece like it. Something relatable, real, deep, funny. Cheers to you 😉


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