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Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi: on episode 7


Little wonder why Ohno outrightly answered “bed scenes” to question about what he was filming for episode 7. Not because that’s the highlight, but because most scenes were done inside the bedroom. (Not only between the main couple but also between the leads and their respective side-kicks) Although, honestly, that really spiked up my expectation for this episode, spoilers notwithstanding.

As it turns out, i was a little too quick to think they’ve got everything figured out — for the world’s most difficult romance. Episode 6 really was the beginning of what’s to come. And that isn’t always the good, happy things, unfortunately. Of course it’s too early for all is well as there are still a few more episodes to go till the finale. And while a fallout at this stage wasn’t unexpected, it’s still frustrating to see how it went down.

sekamuzu_0700003 sekamuzu_0700007

After four episodes of Shachou devising plan after plan to get closer to the new recruit and agonizing over his inability to confess, one episode stewing in anticipation for her answer, and one episode going on dates, squabbling, and making up, the theme for this episode is first kiss. It quickly becomes the hot topic on both sides since despite Misaki’s coming over and sleeping over at Reiji’s abode (following last week’s phone call), nothing happens. While the involved parties don’t fret about their platonic first night, their listeners do. Mahiro-chan finds it weird though supposes Reiji might treasure Misaki too much; Muraoki reckons Misaki must be disappointed that he didn’t kiss her at the very least and presents an article on the Best 3 Spots for a couple’s first kiss. Boyfriend’s house actually ranks third that Reiji aims for the top spot: at a Ferris wheel.

…for which he comes up with yet another silly reason. Heh, what’s new? Other couples are able to do it naturally, but not THIS stiff couple. Reiji manages to smoothly switch seat to the one next to her but misses his chance. However, Misaki again agrees to stay over for a second night, opening up another chance for the boyfriend to make a move. Summoning up courage, Reiji leans over her sleeping face… but flinches at the last moment when she turns her head toward him. On another scene, Muraoki/Wada’s relationship has progressed a lot faster they have even beaten Reiji/Misaki in the smooching department. Though oddly, Muraoki looks rather troubled. It’s seemingly because she feels bad liking Shachou’s competitor and keeping it from him. Yet, even after receiving a green light, she doesn’t look that relieved.

sekamuzu_0700018 sekamuzu_0700023

The second nonphysical night begins to make Misaki feel uneasy, at which Mahiro-chan wonders if their relationship is merely a smokescreen for Reiji’s sexuality. Heh. I don’t know how it comes down to that theory, but it’s a hilarious turn, especially since Ishigami is having the same thought upon being called over to talk about the thing which can only be discussed with him. Hahaha. Reiji means it to be about Muraoki, though the men end up conferring about love and designing an intricate maneuver so that he can achieve that goal…through fake accident. These two and their silly schemes ❤

This brings us to their third bed scenes. Reiji’s been practicing his rolling he only needs to nail it during the real take, Misaki invites herself in with the intention to make the first move, taking Mahiro-chan’s advice to heart. So, third time’s the charm?

sekamuzu_0700017 sekamuzu_0700026

Episode 7 promised to be another squee-fest hour, save for the last 6 minutes. It felt like episode 6, minus the angst. It’s also nice to see the heroine taking the lead in areas where the hero is bad at. It seemed a win/win situation, but then that ending happened. It was so Misaki to be plain-spoken and so Reiji to be so evasive. However, it’s unlike her to be scornful that i didn’t blame his defensiveness. She knows he’s a bad liar, that he lied about the faulty bed, so i didn’t understand why she had to resort to catty remarks. That’s not to say Reiji isn’t at fault here. He was. His reluctance to own up to own mistakes is annoying, and he shouldn’t have turned away, but i still think Misaki’s the bigger offender in this fallout.

Let’s be real: ain’t the shilly-shallying Reiji’s typical trait? I didn’t expect him to do it after several attempts, let alone on the first try. Kisses are all about atmosphere and timing, and frankly i didn’t feel there was any right moment and/or mood for it to happen. Unless you do it for the sake of doing it. But we’re in a drama; that’s not supposed to happen whenever or whatever, right? Throughout the episode, i kept thinking they should probably have started from hand-holding first. Like, instead of gesturing at Misaki to follow him, Reiji could have actually led her by the hand to the capsule. It might be a pretty natural move… sigh.

But what’s done is done. They couldn’t bridge the misunderstanding at that moment, yet i’m ready to be aww-ed by their reunion. They better be, cuz there’s no way Reiji/Misaki isn’t the endgame, despite what the plot twist suggested. I mean, are they really making Muraoki like Reiji romantically, even though there has been no slightest hint in that direction? Argh. I still don’t bless her with Wada, but now i think that’s a better scenario than her seeing Reiji as a man. Please, SekaMuzu, don’t reduce her to this second-lead role. Also, please don’t stretch the separation for too long.




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