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Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi: on episode 6

I thought episode 4 was already a squee-fest, then 6 came along… and this is before the alleged triple bed scenes in the next episode.


For those who question what Misaki sees in Reiji (including myself), the answer is given right at the start of the episode: he reminds her of her late grandpa who was also serious about work while having an unexpected yet endearing playful side that she naturally was drawn to him. Though i couldn’t completely fathom how that could translate into a romantic interest, which probably has something to do with Misaki being rather opaque a character that her feelings aren’t easy to read, at least the mystery of her attraction is explained.

Case in point: even after agreeing to date, Misaki’s disposition remains pretty much the same — courteous, somewhat distant — whereas Reiji looks a lot happier, giddier, and more relaxed around her. It looks as if they still need to bridge the gap, e.g. they could’ve walked closer to each other, and i have yet to really feel the sparks between them. I guess they shall be more at ease as time passes by, so for now i’m thoroughly enjoying Reiji’s childlike enthusiasm and beating-around-the-bush way of getting his point across, such as asking her to not address him by “Shachou”* outside office or flashing his only phone to fish for her number. Hee. These little moments are gold.

(*I love the nickname Misaki picks: Rei-san. As for hers, i somehow anticipated him to call her Mii-chan in return — nope, it’s Misa-san.)

sekamuzu_0600004 sekamuzu_0600006

But of course Shachou isn’t Shachou without the pouts and/or grumbles. The main dish of the hour is the Hotel Association Party he’s preparing two months for. Turns out, it isn’t easy to ask her to accompany him as she regards it as mixing business and personal matters, which she prefers to keep as separate entities, on top of having another appointment that day. The flat-out rejection stuns and displeases him because she’s so adamant about it that he has to pull rank and calls it a work matter. Oof. We know how important the gathering is to Reiji, but Misaki doesn’t.

Needless to say, not only the second date doesn’t end well, the tiff also puts the two on a strained term. I kinda wished he would take back his order since the event wasn’t a life-or-death situation… but then that’s the reason Reiji pushes himself to woo her, points out to Wada that the relationship is the fruit of his own labors, and hands Miura the good luck charm so he’ll win the janken round and go for the business trip that weekend.

Good news is, the inexperienced man-child manages to smooth things out. Bad news is, it lasts only temporarily, as Wada proves to be the ultimate jerk and creates another rift between the new couple. It is low of him to bring up the skewed fact of Reiji courting Misaki with the sole intention to have a partner for the party. To be fair, it isn’t entirely a lie; that’s the initial drive, though that doesn’t mean anybody would be fine or his feelings are fake. Still~ ugh! How dare he throw shade at Reiji for gaining his partner fair and square (for the most part) when he himself cannot bear to come alone he brings two girls along, one of whom is his ex-girlfriend? That’s another minus point from me, another reason why i dislike Wada as Muraoki’s suitor. I shan’t be happy with their relationship’s development in episode 7…

sekamuzu_0600015 sekamuzu_0600018

Despite the half-truth accusations, it’s still Reiji’s duty to clear the air though i wouldn’t mind if Misaki were the one to break the silence. Either way would be fine, and i was perfectly satisfied with how it’s resolved. The roundabout way was so Reiji and so sweet at the same time. He may be a childlike shachou who’s ready to give up at the littlest obstacles in the love department that it’s nice to see him man up when it matters most. I wonder if he’s gonna use Isanami Suyao/Isanami Shiho as ice breaker whenever similar situation crops up, but it does the job, even the second time around. Like, how adorable it is that he assumes the kneeling position upon making the make-up call? She can’t see it, but i bet she can feel the sincerity. Or they may come up with different metaphors — or ‘world’ only they could understand — next time, but as long as it gets the message across, any method is fine with me. Also, Reiji does most of the work thus far i look forward to Misaki pulling her weight in the relationship.

That said, i have no idea where the story is heading thereafter. The leads have gotten together and have managed to overcome two squabbles. The Hotel Association Party was also over and done with, albeit set up to be a big deal. Well, SekaMuzu is primarily about the allegedly world’s most difficult romance, which doesn’t seem to be that difficult, that i’m fine if the next four episodes continue to revolve around the offbeat coupleship. It’s really fun to watch after all =)

sekamuzu_0600019 sekamuzu_0600020 sekamuzu_0600022



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