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Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi: on episode 5


What follows a love confession? Obviously, it’s either an acceptance or a rejection. But sometimes, before the final answer is given, the confessee would require some time to contemplate. When this happens, the confessor then enters the nerve-wracking waiting period.

That’s SekaMuzu episode 5 summed up in a few sentences.


Misaki is the first to break the awkward silence by asking for time and excusing herself shortly afterwards before Reiji has the chance to ‘clarify’ and/or take back what he’s just blurted out. E.g. the ‘omae’ (you) was referring to the medaka, not her. She’s understandably flustered, but so is he. Though in his case, he can’t wrap his head around her response. To confirm his sentiment, he tells Ishigami, “I like your driving,” which is replied with a thank you. That’s why he doesn’t get why his “I like you” gets a please let me think about it instead. Haha. He likens a confession to a compliment! Or does he confuse the two?

Regardless, he isn’t pleased with the out-of-the-box reply that Muraoki has to explain her considering it may actually be a good thing since she would otherwise flat-out turn him down. However, the next day, he spots one of his staff saying the exact same sentence to other party despite already decided that it’ll be a no. Taking it personally, he tells his staff off: that approach won’t do the other party any good. Well, Reiji has a point there; it’s generally not nice to give false hopes (and then dash ’em at the end)…

It’s too bad he can’t be that candid with Misaki. He tenses up and hardly says anything around her but then grumbles about her postponed answer and his extended waiting period. This cycle is repeated a few times in the episode — her requesting more time, him feigning disinterest — and seems to go nowhere that Reiji opts to confer with Wada again, which ugh! I guess it should be a good thing that these two shachous are on friendly terms yet i’m still iffy about Wada’s sudden change of heart. Is it really solely due to his interest in Muraoki? He has yet to give bad advice, but i believe Reiji is fine on his own. I want him to. Cuz, if Misaki falls for him for the things he’s done on Wada’s order, won’t that be misrepresentation of oneself?


Reiji doesn’t become a different person, fortunately, and remains the petulant man-child, though that doesn’t negate the fact that his actions feel contrived. I’m fine with him taking more care of his staff or showing off his capabilities or announcing new projects to get closer to her, but throwing a wedding celebration party for the super patient chauffeur  just to impress her further… feels so wrong. It’s Ishigami, of all people! Maybe that’s why i didn’t feel that bad when his grand gestures go unnoticed since she’s too busy tending tipsy Mahiro-chan.

Nevertheless, i too was getting a bit impatient with the multiple extensions (that’s why it’s imperative to specify how much time she needs, Shachou!) to get excited when Misaki finally says she will give her answer at their favorite ‘hangout’ place after work, the gym. That’s Day 4 post-confession, when Reiji stops wearing a green* necktie. Predictably, work crops up and holds her up until two minutes past the deadline, by then he steps into the car in a huff. But of course he steps out before Ishigami steps on the accelerator, deeming he has not run enough, which buys Misaki long enough time to keep her promise.

*) Green is Misaki’s favorite color.


Frankly, i fully expected Misaki to turn Reiji down because i never notice something which would make her drawn to him. She has been treating him like a boss, although her actions in the previous episode might suggest otherwise. When she started sprinting to the office, i knew what kind of answer she’d give, although let’s be real, she’d have arrived a lot quicker had she hailed a cab instead. Maybe i’m the type of drama watcher who needs to feel/see where the attraction lies and begins. Like, it certainly would make a better impact if the flashbacks were Misaki’s and not Reiji’s; however, i’m glad that she saw the treadmill’s monitor and realized how long he had run while waiting for her, as well as noticed the white lies he’d said for her benefit.

That’s not to say i’m unhappy it was a yes. That disbelief/happy look on Reiji’s face was enough to make me down play the earlier pet peeves. It’s also nice to see the leads pursuing the romance the conventional way. Too many a time the OTP has kissed or even slept together even before they develop romantic feelings for each other that it’s quite refreshing to note, here, a confession precedes everything else. This outcome also speaks volume of Reiji’s work motto: achieving a difficult target within two months is doable.

I’m still wary about the Hotel Association Party taking place in the following week though. There’s no reason for Reiji to brag about bringing Misaki after going date-less to the previous gatherings, whereas Wada could very much claim that he’s the matchmaker, which may or may not affect the relationship depending on how he’d say it. I hope he isn’t a jerk, though all i care about is how this world’s difficult romance is going to shape up going forward.

sekamuzu_0500017 sekamuzu_0500018 sekamuzu_0500019
[Aww, i was these two. I was so happy for Shachou.]

Lastly, these details bug me so i’ll just leave them here:
1) Ishigami was granted a week off yet he’s back to work the next day. Does that mean it has been a week between the party and the day Reiji was back to wearing non-green ties?
2) Reiji was revealed to have run for 74 minutes and nearly 12 km when Misaki finally arrived. Does that mean she was also running for that long? See, told ya it’s more practical to take a taxi! XD



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