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AADC2 opens tomorrow!

AADC fans will finally have the burning questions regarding Rangga and Cinta’s relationship they’ve had since that memorable airport scene in 2002 answered tomorrow, as the long-awaited, highly-anticipated movie sequel Ada Apa dengan Cinta 2 is released to public. At last.

It will be answered, right?
It will have a conclusive ending, right?

Now, i hardly watch TV nowadays, neither do i follow the promotions (i live in a bubble, i know) because i simply want to avoid any kind of possible spoilers, that i actually have no idea how big the hype is. I believe it is, given how social media exploded following the release of the LINE mini drama. I’m expecting similar frenzy tomorrow. I bet spoilers will be everywhere around noon, after the first viewing ends. Wait — movie goers won’t be live-tweeting inside the theaters right? Folks, please DON’T.

I did, however, watch the teaser and ultimately the trailer — the furthest i go, warily, since trailers can be spoilery. The former doesn’t reveal much about the story, naturally, though it does give us the first taste of Rangga’s lyrical poem* — as well as an inkling that things didn’t go well between the two — as the franchise’s iconic score swells in the background:

“Resah di dadamu dan rahasia yg menanti di jantung puisi ini dipisah kata-kata
Begitu pula rindu;
Lihat tanda tanya itu
Jurang antara kebodohan dan keinginanku…memilikimu sekali lagi.”

(loose translation: “That feeling of restlessness in your heart and the secret contained at the heart of this poem are separated by words. So is longing. Look at that question mark. There lies an abyss between my idiocy and yearning…to have you one more time.”)

*) This is not the only one, is it?

The trailer does give us an insight of what’s happening although all in all, it isn’t that interesting. If i were to judge by this alone, i probably wouldn’t be curious to check it out. It feels familiar enough though. There’s tight friendship, moodiness, and uncertainty — because both leads have huuuge ego.

It opens with the girls — erm women since now they’re all in their 30s — having a reunion since who knows how long and decides it it is the perfect time to have a girls’ night out in Yogyakarta. Joining the four is Mamet as their driver (eh, don’t tell me he’s Milly’s husband!), which honestly pains me to see that Ladya Cheryl isn’t there. The clique isn’t complete without Alya *sadface*

We see glimpses of Rangga in New York and Cinta opening a box full of letters then gazing at the diary Rangga entrusted to her, Aku anthology, and a couple of old photos of them (presumably taken in New York) with sad eyes. The latter may happen before or after the two of them sitting across each other in an eatery where he asks, “Was it unfair, what i did to you?” and she replies, “Rangga, what you did to me was awful.” We hear words like “Goodbye” and “I love you” amid the montage of them on the road, together, smiling, before we end on Rangga at the airport back-glancing as if waiting for Cinta.

Ack, we are NOT going to end there, with another airport scene, are we??

First off, i need to get that mini drama out of my mind because that’s a separate entity from this story. Next, it’s probably safe to assume that Rangga has not returned on a full moon to reconfirm Cinta’s feelings; it’s Cinta who visited him and the relationship fell apart due to a certain mean thing Rangga did. I just didn’t get how they could have a strained lunch-table conversation yet could proceed to go around the city with smiles on their faces and toward each other THEN part with a bitter goodbye. Oh well, let’s see what happens tomorrow…

It is a high task to come up with a sequel 14 years after the first one. It will be difficult to match or even recreate the hysteria its predecessor did, even when handled by the same producer, screenwriter, and even music director that AADC2 is. That said, i am cautiously optimistic. Meanwhile, the hope i had for it to “Please be good” has now become “Please don’t disappoint.”

[This theme song definitely has that AADC’s distinct sound and flavor.]



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