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Remember–War of the Son: on episode 13~16


This isn’t the final week, not even the penultimate week, yet we’ve already seen handcuffed Gyu-man. Although he isn’t arrested for the crime that started it all, neither is Jin-woo standing opposite him in court, this is the most satisfying turn in recent weeks, if not the entire series.

As per Remember‘s modus operandi, things escalate quickly when it comes to nabbing the baddies before all of the built-up tension goes poof. These ‘breakthroughs’ hardly go anywhere except giving us fleeting little moments of triumph. It’s the Nams we’re going against. They won’t go down that easily, not without money throwing and bloodshed. And if the above sight is of any indication, Gyu-man might spend his time in prison comfortably and show no signs of repentance whatsoever.

(On a side note, all this time i’ve believed Remember is 24 episodes long, yet i’ve recently noticed that Rain’s new drama is premiering on the 24th, which is two weeks from today. Which means this legal melodrama ends next Thursday… at episode 20?? An unforseen good news, eh? *rejoice~*)

remember_1500001 remember_1500002

As for what happened in episode 13 to 16, it’s still the back and forth between the saddest most tragic hero and the jerkiest smartest villain whom ever grace my screen. Jin-woo digging around Gyu-man > saving used ‘tools’ prior to getting disposed of completely > getting some confession or evidence of some sort > calling, informing, taunting, and warning Gyu-man of what’s to come > Gyu-man’s deranged outburst, destroying things, then ordering his ‘friend’ or other minions to take care of it > lost cause. I wonder how many more times we should lather, rinse, repeat this predictable sequence. Team Jin-woo keeps pushing forward and there have been some successes too — e.g. the exposure of Ilho Group’s money laundering and slush funds practices — which also come with significant setbacks like last-minute treacheries.

The running theme of these four episodes is probably betrayal, happening on both sides of the table as people on the same boat jumping ship at a moment’s notice, as easy as ABC. A part of me is amazed at how trusting Jin-woo still is, despite everything that has happened to his family; the other is amazed that the Nams are willing to feed those who have bitten them, and those who have fed off the Nams dare to bite back as if not knowing whom they’re rebelling against. Out of the many backstabbing presented in the last two weeks alone, i’m mostly intrigued as to Prosecutor Tak’s (Dong-ho’s buddy) decision to serve the Nams and Prosecutor Chae’s (Dong-ho’s batchmate) to indict Gyu-man of all people, because money and long-overdue ‘debt’ don’t make a convincing reason to change sides.

remember_1500003 remember_1500004

But these things don’t matter that much since what we’ve been really waiting for is when the CD’s going to resurface and when Secretary Ahn is going to come to his senses. That seems to be the only ironclad evidence we’ve got all series long, obtained at as early as episode 3 at that… until Secretary Ahn surprises me by holding onto the real murder weapon. I couldn’t be happier when he finally decides to hand it over to the seemingly right person (seeing the number of betrayals going around, i can’t be entirely sure if Seok-gyu will remain dependable till the end) although i’m unsure if he’s the right person to be given the incriminating evidence — when there’s Jin-woo. Seok-gyu is a judge after all. But i have high hopes of him, that he’ll make it work somehow.

For someone with acute anger-management issues, Gyu-man isn’t shown to commit other grave crimes besides the murder while he’s high… until it’s revealed that there’s this one case similar to Oh Jung-ah’s rape, the case they’re arresting and charging him with. Thanks to Daddy’s money and influence, he isn’t detained for long though the trial remains ongoing. I fear for the victim’s confidentiality (i don’t trust her ex-manager), doubt Prosecutor Chae’s loyalty, and love Gyu-man’s little wave returned by Jin-woo’s death stare (while Dong-ho curiously is spacing out behind him). Nevertheless, it’s only interesting when Gyu-man and Jin-woo stand face to face in the courtroom, i hope we’ll get there in the next two episodes.

remember_1600007 remember_1600006

And for someone with fading memory, Jin-woo has yet to be majorly affected by the disorder. Every time he’s challenging Gyu-man, i can only expect if he’ll slip in any way, and is equally relieved and disappointed when he doesn’t. I mean, it’s not like he can selective choose with whom his memory falters it’s odd that he’s all perfect before his opponents. Here’s hoping the condition isn’t used as last-minute plot device to over-dramatize the situation. In-ah has put two and two together (the scene leading to the light-bulb moment is darn heartbreaking though, with Jin-woo reverting to his innocent high-school self waiting for Dad by the door) while Dong-ho is super quick on the uptake i expect both to cover for Jin-woo in case anything bad crops up.

But, Dong-ho needs to clear himself of the accusation of attempted murder on Joo-il first. Augh, the Nams’ maneuvers are so clever they drive me bonkers sometimes.

remember_1400001 remember_1400004 remember_1400011



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