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Remember–War of the Son: on episode 5~6

remember_0500009 remember_0500007

“Someone else should be sitting here [in prison]. Dad, this is just the beginning.”

Ooh, it’s definitely getting more intense and electrifying once Jin-woo is on the move. He may be rash at times and flirting with the truth, but grey attorney-Jin-woo is definitely way more interesting to watch and follow than green highschooler-Jin-woo. So, onward we go!

When i wrote “i hope the focus in the upcoming episodes is still on Dad’s case” i meant it in a way that Show doesn’t spend too much time on tangential cases, as we’re surely given plenty of them to lay the groundwork or at the very least show us Jin-woo’s personality and work ethics after the four-year time gap. That certainly is a necessary context although too much of it would be an unwelcomed diversion.


Therefore, i had little complaints of this week’s case as it is practically a throwback to Dad’s — a hardworking father accused of sexual assault he has no recollection of committing by Ilho Group’s evil duo. Seeing this setup was enough for me to infer the defendant’s innocence, strengthened by the fact that plaintiff was at the end of internship period in addition to having her money stolen. There’s more to this lawsuit, especially on the girl’s part, but it feels so gratifying to see Jin-woo manage to save another father from suffering the same fate as Dad. Which supports his conviction that all it takes for a defendant to not be unfairly convicted is for the lawyer to do his/her job properly.

I’m willing to gloss over the fact that he’s able to pass the bar exam and become a fairly successful legal practitioner only in four years, hyperthymesia notwithstanding, seeing what an awesome if cold lawyer he is (which reminds us of the kind of lawyer Dong-ho was before he sold his soul and serves an evil master ever since). The latter trait of his professional self is rather unexpected but not really, and i would definitely hate him for caring only about winning to the point of bending the truths and overlooking the human side of the case if i weren’t aware of his beginning. Thankfully, his warm self isn’t completely gone and resurfaces from time to time, like when he’s around his colleagues or visiting Dad.


The father-son scene is still as bittersweet leans heartbreaking as ever, and i don’t think will get any better in the upcoming episodes since Dad’s Alzheimer’s is progressing fast (most likely due to nontreatment) that he no longer recognizes his own son right away. The wedding ring works as an effective prompt to trigger his clouded memory, but that too doesn’t last long. So, we have yet to catch up to the drama’s opening scene, then, since Jin-woo has already resigned to this situation at that moment. Although at this rate i’m not sure if they could end up with a truly happy ending when Dad is finally released if he won’t remember a thing…

It looks like he’s in it alone — I doubt Dad would be of much help — but he isn’t: there’s In-ah, and then there’s Dong-ho. He has learned that the sentence Dad got also angered In-ah, which became the drive behind her becoming a prosecutor to prevent similar wrong verdicts to be given to the innocents. Her reason for being so hands-on with the investigation is heartening to hear, and while i wonder how she’s gonna ultimately overturn Dad’s ruling when her job is to get a guilty verdict after all, together with Jin-woo standing opposite her in court, that shall be a much easier goal to achieve. Four years ago, the prosecutor and lawyer worked together to bring Dad down, i’m looking forward to the day when prosecutor In-ah and lawyer Jin-woo work together to free him and convict the real culprit.


As for Dong-ho, he’s obviously still on Jin-woo’s side, so i want him to stop giving the wrong idea and doing things which will only make the latter hates him even more but start making amends instead. Actions speak louder than words, yunno! And i want the cut-short bromance to re-bloom not wither like this.

Backtracking to Jin-woo’s colleagues, that is one of two unexpected allies we’ve seen so far. I didn’t think Jin-woo would team up with that stuttering public defender as he neither believed in Dad nor defended him at all, despite now showing himself to be a pretty useful assistant, in addition to a non-aggravating comic relief, and i’m already liking this trio — the last person is the manager/boss (the Shaman Ahjumma in Oh My Ghostess, nice to see you again!). Another unforeseen one is the duo of Gyu-man’s secretary and Dong-ho’s right-hand man. They’re not allies per se as we’ve only seen them get together once, but i guess they’re on friendly terms if they can share snacks and have let’s-bitch-our-bosses session. It was an amusing scene i hope to get more of that!

remember_0500004 remember_0500021

These lighter moments are much-appreciated breaks between the angsty serious happenings although the tension heats up considerably when our hero and his nemesis are literally seeing each other eye to eye. I didn’t add “finally” there because we’re only at episode 6. I didn’t expect the face off to occur this soon, and i’m sure we’ll get plenty of such sizzling scenes until Jin-woo eventually manage to bring Gyu-man to trial. I didn’t think their next meeting will take place in court as per Jin-woo’s wish either, because we’re still too early in the series for that, but boy was that a really nice taunt.

I should stop talking about the acting as we all already know/see for ourselves how in the moment they are, which really elevates the conventional characterizations as well as the drama’s compellingness, but this comment succinctly sums up the performances i cannot not share it:

Park Sung-woong: just acting
Yoo Seung-ho: bursting with acting potential
Namgoong Min: possessed by his character

remember_0600006 remember_0600007 remember_0600012 remember_0600013
[best speak-of-the-devil moment ever!]




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