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5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: on episode 7~8


Love is in the air~

Yup, but i’m not happy. To put it bluntly: i didn’t like seven, and was bored by eight. Which is not good at all considering how i found this drama harmlessly fun and mildly addictive in the beginning. Now it’s starting to feel humdrum… right when feelings are reciprocated.


Maybe that’s just me, because while i didn’t dislike episode 7 in its entirety, i was frustrated by what happened there, namely regarding this guy named Kiyomiya Makoto. This certainly wasn’t the right emotion to have toward a show that is all about Sakuraba Junko and the monk who falls in love with her — no matter what happens or how many love interests there are, the endgame is Junko/Takane. BUT i was so disappointed that Kiyomiya got the short end of the stick, which is partly due to his own fault. Or inaction. Or both.

He finally stepped his game up at the fourth episode after staying in the background hitherto. Half an episode later, misunderstanding cropped up and he spent the next episode trying to explain the situation. In the end, it’s Junko who initiates the meeting and he ends up not explaining the matter at all and lets her go sans any serious attempt to win her over. I just don’t understand his thinking process. She says so clearly to protect her pride, and while i commend her determination to go to New York on her own merits (or that she still intends to go, suggesting that her dream has little to do with Kiyomiya after all), by not clearing the air, he basically admits to whatever negative presumptions Junko had after seeing the pictures between him and his late wife. Ugh, that’s why you don’t get the girl!

5to9_0800001 5to9_0800002

With that, Takane faces no other competition and Junko naturally ‘chooses’ him. Despite still looking very much a rebound to me, things flow nicely and smoothly between the two, mainly thanks to Takane’s tenacity in appearing before her in every possible situation and occasion. He’s also becoming increasingly cuter and touchy-feely by the minute that behavior gets on my nerves sometimes, not gonna lie, which is jarringly out of the otherwise stoic character. If anything, he’s gotten more expressive and emotive, though not by a lot.

Since the relationship between our main couple is devoid of any internal angst and conflict, external force is needed to suggest separation lest the remaining (two?) episodes would be too fan-servicey with zero plot. Grandma/Obaasama has been against Junko since Day 1, and while Takane has been ingratiating himself with Junko’s family, Junko has yet to do the same to gain Obaasama’s favor. She failed the fit-and-proper-person test the first time around, so i’m not sure if she can retake that. However, Obaasama ain’t no evil, she’s just as stubborn as Takane (it runs in the family!) and unfortunately is a bad schemer. Blocking Junko’s transfer early in the series and now bringing Takane’s brother, Amane (Shison Jun), back to the temple and setting him up as the next chief priest only bring Takane closer to Junko.

For someone who claims Ikkyouji’s the only place he has and chief priest his sole life goal, Takane doesn’t bother much with Amane’s shenanigans. What, he happily sleeps over at Junko’s place (and gets all giddy when handed the house key) as well as acts all lovey-dovey following Amane’s ‘appointment’! Later it’s revealed that he’s actually expelled from the temple, but his lack of intention to reclaim his spot still baffles me. He just doesn’t seem to care; his blossoming relationship with Junko is his utmost priority at the moment, it seems. Funnily enough, Amane keeps goading Takane, as if challenging him to stop him. Otherwise, i don’t know why he continues to keep aniki posted of his every move and fill him in on whatever he’s up to.


Since the main pairing is pretty much settled, it’s time to spice up our beta couple by turning it into a triangle, although the other leg is completely unaware of being dragged into the equation. Miss Momoe still thinks Arthur-sensei is merely poking fun at her weird obsession when he really is pulling her pigtails but finds herself inevitably attracted to Mishima due to his eerie resemblance to a certain BL manga character she luuurves. I just love her and her fangirl moments. Or how the frame is quickly inundated with words the moment she gushes about it. Those scenes amuse me every time. Oh, i also love grumpy jealous Arthur-sensei. Hee.

The last grumble i have thus far is regarding the thwarted kiss(es). Seriously show, many failed kisses between Takane and Junko do you have planned/written in the script? By now, not only have i lost count of how many unsuccessful attempts there have been but it’s also no longer the fun game of “will they, won’t they?”, especially when all of the other secondary couples have had theirs already, albeit the super dead-fish kind. Give us one when you’re ready, stop teasing!

5to9_0800005 5to9_0800006



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