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#GlennChelseaWedding #weddinggoals

I keep coming across goals-related hashtags lately — #lifegoals, #relationshipgoals, #couplegoals, even #weddinggoals — which can a good or bad thing. On one hand, it may be a good idea to see others as models and take after the wise choices they made. On the other hand, it may not be a healthy practice once they are viewed as “the ideals” and pursued as our own goals. Because then, we’ll inevitably start comparing and think of any difference as a bad thing, that we’re lacking, as if we aren’t good enough, as though we aren’t already ensnared in a vicious cycle of comparison. Or maybe that’s just me being negative.

Everybody is unique, no two persons are identical, that it’s impossible to know what it feels like to be the other person or what they’ve been through. The grass always seems greener on the other side, but is it really so? We’re never gonna walk on the same path or experience the exact same things that it’ll be like comparing apples to oranges. At the end of the day, what we see in others is the projected image they want us to see/believe and are willing to share/let on, carefully selected snippets and never the big picture. Nothing is perfect, even if others make it seem so — that they’re living a perfect life. That said, if i were to use that hashtag based on somebody else’s life, Glenn Alinskie & Chelsea Olivia’s would be it.

GCweddingtiara @chelseaoliviaa

I hardly discuss Indonesian celebrities here in my blog (i think i only ever touched upon a scandal involving a frontman of a wildly popular band and that was years ago) mainly because i rarely watch TV or follow local entertainment news nowadays, particularly since i’ve been skeptical about the latter in recent years as they — media and public figures — seem to shamelessly embrace the notion of any publicity is good publicity that scandals, feuds, even relationships are made up in the name of sensational exposure and/or good ratings. However, upon seeing pictures and footage of these two’s nuptials, i cannot not talk about it.

If we had such thing as the ‘IT’ couple, they would easily qualify as one. The guy is handsomely handsome, the girl is beautifully beautiful; together, they’re a match made in heaven. They’ve been together for eight years, shortly after being co-stars in 2006’s Pangeran Penggoda and then Buku Harian Nayla (Indonesian soap operas of T-drama Devil Beside You and J-dorama 1 Litre of Tears, respectively). Both are great actors and i like them as a person too — they give off humble and mature vibe and genuinely seem like friendly and good individuals — not to mention as a couple as they maintain a lowkey gossip-free relationship.

In the world of fiction, there is Rangga and Cinta; in reality , i daresay there is Glenn and Chelsea. While nobody is perfect, i doubt they have a perfect relationship, they may be the closest thing to a perfect couple. After the movie-like proposal on a boat, these sweethearts set the bar even higher by tying the knot in a fairy-tale royal wedding, no less. The whimsical setting is not only reflected in concept but also in execution. Every possible detail is brought to life that while i’m obviously not there in person, i could feel i’m in one: life-sized storybook, dreamy white woods replete with animal friends — swans, deers, unicorn, etc –, humble house and majestic castle… You name it, chances are they have it. She ain’t Cinderella though, so no pumpkin carriage or glass slipper, although the magic still ends at midnight (the reception won’t go past midnight, will it?)


While i’ve seen/been to countless sumptuous receptions from other artists, acquaintances, and close friends, this is one of, if not the most exquisite one. The newlyweds are gorgeous, and even more so in those awe-inspiring gowns and tuxs, be it the ones worn for the holy matrimony at The Cathedral, Chinese wedding tea ceremony, or the wedding reception; the decors are breathtakingly to-die-for; the shots are tasteful. After seeing the gigantic TV-shaped door from which the prince and princess (or king and queen?) made their entrance, the palatial center stage, and the towering castle-shaped wedding cake, i cannot resist the urge to #weddinggoals that. Seriously, can you??

If you aren’t impressed, either you don’t appreciate fairy-tales or there’s simply something wrong with you 😋

Past all the awe, wide-eyed wonder, and jaw-dropping moment, however, one thing that immediately came to mind was “What is money?” I don’t even want to take a guess at how much it cost; they definitely have the resources to make it happen and possibly sponsors to help cover the expenses.

All things considered, i gotta commend Glenn for going forward with the theme since i don’t think they are many guys who are willing to hold a fairy-tale wedding, which may come off as too girly and childlike despite possibly being every girl’s dream theme. And i believe the result is totally worth it — it shall be a wedding to remember i suppose? As narrated in their prewedding short film, “true love will never have a happy ending cuz true love never ends.” Likewise, the wedding marks only the beginning of their life chapter as husband and wife. They’ve stood the test of time and distance* that my only wish is for them to be able to navigate their marital boat and keep their vows till the end.


If they were the king and queen, then we were the commoners 😆😂

*) as depicted in their 3-part love journey, they went through LDR and had a fair share of relationship tiffs and strained moments but managed to rise above the odds to be where they are now. Frankly, the 5~8-minute short clips by Allure ID reminded me a lot to mobile drama series Nic & Mar. Both are in contemplative mood, use lots of voiceovers, move at medium-to-slow pace, and have pretty visuals. The ‘True Love Story’ however is a little too slow for my liking that i missed the essence of the poetic narration due to zoning out. Albeit naturally dramatized, the reel still feels real. And if they ever make a feature of it, i’ll surely watch it.

~pictures are from instagram: @chelseaoliviaa, @riomotret, @carendelano, @glenn.chelsea.ofc, @glennchelseafc~



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