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AADC2 to release in 2016

Say whaaat???

Okay, i may be super late in this because news of this highly requested sequel has been circulating circa the LINE mini drama late last year although as far as i knew, there was no confirmation yet. I only learned about this news today thanks to Joko Anwar’s FB post and found out from Mira Lesmana’s Twitter that the confirmation was out on August 8.

Regardless, for those who haven’t heard of this breaking news yet: AADC2 is finally happening guys! In 2016 at that!


Frankly, i’m on the fence about this whole thing. First off, i’m excited that there will be full-length continuation to the much beloved and highly acclaimed movie, BUT it is one of my all time favorite (Indonesian) movies. Secondly, i don’t have a good track record with sequels/prequels despite loving every moment of the short “after 12 years…” version — it was a teaser after all? I will definitely watch it when it’s played in cinemas; still, there’s possibility that it will disappoint. *unjinx unjinx*

Sure, it was open-ended the first time around, but it ended on a perfect note for me and i wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s half of the happy ending. Plus, we’ve seen them reunited and connected albeit miles apart. That’s two-third of the happy ending. Now what? To me the purpose of the sequel is not to give closure but to see Rangga and Cinta get back together, get married, have children, and live happily ever after. (‘Cuz there’s no way they won’t end up together and happy, right?) Do we really need to see all that transpiring before our eyes on the big screen? Hmm…

Anyway, here are 7 Facts about Ada Apa dengan Cinta 2, loosely translated via @MirLes:

1. YES, It’s OFFICIAL! #AADC2 will be produced and shall begin filming end of October 2015!

2. Melly Goeslaw and Anto Hoed will again be in charge of AADC2’s soundtracks.

3. Filming locations of #AADC2: JAKARTA, YOGYAKARTA and NEW YORK.

4. @OomDennis aka MAMET will make a comeback in AADC2. 😍

5. Rangga’s poems* shall grace our ears again in #AADC2

6. #AADC2 will be directed by the director of Laskar Pelangi, RIRI RIZA @rizariri

7. Naturally, Dian Sastrowardoyo & Nicholas Saputra will reprise their roles as CINTA & RANGGA in #AADC2 🙂

*) new ones, i suppose?

Everything looks good though i’m a bit sad about #6. I have nothing against Riri Riza, but wouldn’t it be great if they kept the director as well? Furthermore, Ladya Cheryl won’t be able to reprise her Alya character due to her study, which is a bummer since Alya is a great character and friend. Will other actress take on the role or will they write her off? Oh well…

Will be waiting with bated breath until 2016, fingers-toes tightly crossed.

Please be good~


~pictures from milesfilms, edited by me~



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