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Oh My Ghostess: on episode 13~14

Fallout time! Nobody expects Sun-woo/Bong-sun to go back to being lovey-dovey right after that big reveal, right? At least not without some kind of break time for him to sort his feelings out. We get a decent amount of that downtime, which wrung the most tears out of me thus far, albeit fleeting for better or worse. There are more pressing matters to be attended to, and i appreciate Show for getting into the thick of it now than in the final week. Furthermore, Oh My Ghostess has been milking the com part of the rom-com so much that it’s nice to see other aspects of the show, be it the dramatic or dark elements, that are as compelling.


What i like about the reveal is a string of realistic reactions we get from Chef. To me, seeing Bong-sun come clean this fast and risk losing Chef for good is enough to tug my heartstrings but to him it is nothing but confusing. We viewers have spent 12 episodes getting to know, warming up to, and sometimes aggravated by the titular ghostess that it’s easy to forget that it’s the first time Chef ever heard of it/her. Being told that he’s been in love with a spirit possessing Bong-sun’s body is not something he could fathom and accept easily, and denial is thus a natural response.

Is it a story she concocted just to break up with him? Is she toying with him? Why doesn’t she fool him till the end? are all legit questions because as much as she thinks it’s for his benefit, chances are it’s probably better for him to not know and keep believing that the manic and depressive Bong-sun are essentially two sides of the same coin. That doesn’t mean i prefer to keep him in the dark forever; he gotta know, he deserves to know and to ideally choose between them (although one of ’em is no longer among the living). Soon-ae was clearly what drew him in and it’s nice to have him admit it openly.

omg_1400001 omg_1400004

Regardless, who else is pleasantly surprised at the way Chef takes in the news and liking him even more as a result? Tell me i’m not the only one who feels this way…

Also, i think we have to be grateful for his vain self and disclaimer-full declarations which effectively lighten the mood when things get too serious, closing a scene on a sweet or funny note. Like this selected conversation on the swing:

Sun-woo: “So what you’re saying is… the one who kept asking to do it, the manic one… that wasn’t you but the ghost, right?”
Bong-sun: “Yes.”
Sun-woo: “I haven’t even done anything wrong, but i feel like a bad guy. It’s not like i cheated. I had a love triangle with a ghost.”
Bong-sun: “She [the ghost] liked you… for real.”
Sun-woo: “… I guess that ghost has good taste in men” *clears throat*

LOL! Yeah right… Likewise, his “I’m doing this not because xxx” sentences invariably elicit an eye roll from me, in a good way. I mean, how can i not, when he’s dead serious about it? XD


Nevertheless, i truly appreciate that Show gives him time to ponder who it is that he truly likes. I’m fine with the outcome; they’ve established that Bong-sun has nursed a one-sided crush from the start while Chef has looked out for her pre-possessing period mainly because he identifies with her, or rather her submissiveness reminds him a lot of his younger self who was bullied, belittled, and lonely.

That however doesn’t negate the fact that i’m beyond sad that he doesn’t think much of Soon-ae afterwards. I understand how he’s weirded out by the whole ghost thingy, the guilt feeling he has of possibly cheating on Bong-sun or crossing the line albeit inadvertently, and how he may not want to give further thought to the matter in order to not confuse the two or make him waver, yet i can’t help feeling sorry for Soon-ae. Quoting Javabeans: “she lost the guy, she has to uncover Evil Dude’s deal, and she’s still dead.” I can see why some people are mad — she occupies a lot of (arguably too much) screentime so far to be sidelined and ignored like this, plus the show is titled Oh My Ghostess — although i also can get behind the argument that Chef and Bong-sun have a lifetime ahead of them to know each other more deeply…

omg_1300006 omg_1300005

It would be great if the big reveal were done at least a week earlier, which would allow more time for the involved parties to deal with the situations. But Show spent too much time on the wacky possession that we gotta be content with what we have and move on — Sung-jae has done observing and begun launching an attack on whoever is in his way: his partner Officer Han, Bong-sun, and ultimately (back to) Soon-ae.

While i fear for Soon-ae, i wonder if ghosts can be killed? Or how they will get rid of evil spirit possessing Sung-jae’s body if it is nonperishable? Above all else, i’m curious to know 1) if there are traces of the real Sung-jae left, since according to Shaman Ahjumma, evil spirit can no longer be distinguished from the host’s spirit, 2) on what motive did he marry Eun-hee since he was in killer mood and wardrobe when the hit-and-run happened, and 3) if there’s goodness in him to begin with, because when he’s kind, he seems genuinely kind. Like the thing he said to Eun-hee upon preventing her from committing suicide:

“Choosing to live or die when we want to… Humans don’t have that kind of right. Live even if you want to die. Since you’re not dead, you should live your life.”

omg_1400008 omg_1400010

Augh! How can the creepy Sung-jae says something so deep and wise like that??

Last week i mentioned wishing to see Soon-ae cross path with Officer Han and join hands with Bong-sun to get Sung-jae. We get both this week, and while Officer Han wasn’t around for long to chip in (somebody else must be in the know about the incriminating evidence he has against Sung-jae, right?), i’m more than happy to see our foursome working together on the case. More heads the better!

Speaking of Officer Han, anybody else wishing we’ll see more of him in ghost form? He didn’t die naturally, and since we’re in this supernatural realm, it’s plausible that he too holds a grudge against Sung-jae… yes?




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