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Oh My Ghostess: on episode 7~8

Ermm. Oh My Ghostess has hit the midway point. 7~8 aren’t as wacky as the previous installments, but what it lacks in the riot front it makes up for in the heartfelt, earnest, and swoony department.

And while i love these two episodes that they’re over in a flash, i’d lie if i say i no longer have reservations about the central premise. But Show has addressed another elephant in the room, i should really stop judging it based on my own values but rather on what’s right for the characters. I’m almost there, i promise, even though there is still a detail or two that niggles my mind. Good thing is, they aren’t really in-your-face kind that i can go with the flow when i don’t overthink it.


If last week i managed to warm up to Sun-woo, this week it’s (finally?) Soon-ae’s turn. It’s a big step forward for me since i begin to feel her and root for her. In the words of Shaman Ahjumma: “I guess i developed some affection for her while hating on her. […] Please resolve your grudge… you poor thing.” I know she genuinely cares for this elusive ghost and sincerely wishes to send her off before her time is up. The one rule the drama has is that all spirits will turn malevolent after 3 years, and clock is ticking for Soon-ae — she has been wandering for 2.5 years.

What adds to her sense of urgency for getting laid is the telling sign of her slowly turning into the dreaded evil spirit. Turns out there’s a way to send her away ‘properly’ but rumor has it that method is excruciatingly painful. Thus her determination to move on in the least painful fashion. After all, her wish ain’t farcical — it’s something that comes easy for others but is hard to get for her. Well, that remark is applicable to many other things in life that it hits a bit too close to home *sniff*  I’m however curious to find out if she’s gotta have this one desire granted before realizing that wasn’t her unresolved business.

omg_0700013 omg_0700014

Moving on to Chef and Bong-sun. Remember me sighing at the things Soon-ae does with Chef in Bong-sun’s stead? Well, i may need to take ’em back as the latter gets her fair share this week — the non-date trip and cooking lessons; not the heart-to-heart yet but on the upside, she’s serenaded! He also finds her utterly adorable that he pats her head affectionately on more than one occasion. I love seeing him being this winsome; it’s also nice to note that after nursing and holding onto his crush for who knows how long he is smitten with a woman who’s also deeply into him.

Not that So-hyung isn’t, she just belatedly realizes and acts on it. “The reason why love is sad isn’t because two people are amiss. It’s because the timing is amiss. And once you miss the timing, you can’t turn things back.” is Sun-woo’s words which now apply to her. I’m fully on Chef/Bong-sun’s ship to consider this pairing, but it does make me wonder of the might have beens had he been more forward a little bit earlier in the past or she in the present — would they have been a happy couple now, would he have even looked at Bong-sun the way he does now?

omg_0700010 omg_0700011 omg_0800017 omg_0800018

So far both the second leads and possible bad guy have yet to pose a threat to our main characters. The Cordon guy is as passive as ever, So-hyung is still pretty harmless tho’ borderline meddlesome, while Sung-jae is… confusing. He looks all kind and warm in episode 7 before displaying his villainy tendency in the following hour. I’m still positive he had a hand in Soon-ae’s death, Eun-hee’s hit-and-run accident, destroying the CCTV and ambushing his fellow cop. Anyone else alarmed when Shaman Ahjumma shrinks in front of Sung-jae’ strong ki? *gulp*

As for the second leads, i’m crossing my fingers that none will spiral down to be the clingy/manipulative type (i’m looking at you, So-hyung, please… don’t) although their presence does serve as the much-appreciated catalyst for our generally passive main leads to admit their attraction and make a move. Or is it probably due to that ghost-seeing little girl? I was intrigued that she can see the two souls inside Bong-sun’s body and thus disappointed when she doesn’t play a bigger role in that regard aside from being the plot device which sees Chef search frantically for her, blurt out his concerns, and then piggyback her. Either way, looks like Soon-ae can get her no.1 wish fulfilled soon…

omg_0800005 omg_0800024

As to whom he really likes, it’s honestly a toss-up. It’s true that he begins to be nice to Bong-sun only after she’s unpossessed the first time and her changing personalities concerns him. Depressed Bong-sun is frustrating, aggressive Bong-sun is flustering, so it’s her neutral smiley self that he finds most endearing. However, it is Soon-ae’s sage that clicks with him — arguably the starting point of his interest in ‘Bong-sun’. All this time he puts up with the different personas believing they are all parts of her. That said, i want it to be Bong-sun because he’s sweetest around her, when he can be protective-cum-dashing and not spending most of the time scurrying away from her advances.

What’s more satisfying to watch than the budding romance is the rapport between host and guest, which arguably comes about at the right time. We get to see Soon-ae seeking permission, explaining her reasons, trying to appeal to Bong-sun how the possession will only benefit them both, and eventually honoring her rejection. It also gives Bong-sun enough time to mull over the situation and eventually go along with the deal not because she pities her but because she doesn’t want to lose Chef to So-hyung. Now they’re on equal footing: none is nobler than the other, both are in it for their own selfish gain.

Agreement is reached. Soon-ae can take over the body and does the job with ease. The two even hold a brainstorming session on the best way(s) to seduce Chef! Don’t let Bong-sun’s meekness fool you, she’s certainly not as naive as she seems to be. Soon-ae’s aggressiveness has probably rubbed off on her, so is her energy as Bong-sun has been much perkier lately. While the mutual understanding and newfound friendship between the girls are heartwarming to say the least, the deal still keeps me on the edge. Soon-ae has chosen the easy way out, but so is Bong-sun, in that she lets Soon-ae do all the sowing and leaves the reaping all to herself. I don’t think i’ll be happy if Chef is hers that way, neither do i think it’s right, or even fair.

omg_0800001 omg_0800011

I hope Show has a good answer or solution to this matter because Chef is halfway through the door already with that towel-pulling kiss. (Let’s not forget that Show owes us an explanation as to why Soon-ae can easily get out of Bong-sun’s body now when she’s trapped before.) I thought being doused with water would trigger another unpleasant memory and/or further details of her drowning, but it leads to this delish kiss instead. THAT aside, it’s worth noting how flustered Soon-ae becomes with their closeness and actually takes a step back, which is uncharacteristic of her given how she’d usually jump at every opportunity to initiate skinship.

Next thing we know, she too steps out of Bong-sun’s body mid-kiss, as if to let the rightful owner enjoy the moment she should have been waiting for. I never consider Soon-ae to be considerate and thoughtful, but happy nonetheless if that’s the case. But then the look of muted surprise and confusion on her face together with her double takes suggests otherwise: she may have been forced out for a mysterious reason.

I have my speculations but i believe others may provide more insightful and analytical possibilities. For me it seems to have something to do with the kiss and how sincere it is. Maybe ghosts cannot possess somebody and get intimate with someone else when both parties are in love with each other?

omg_0800020 omg_0800022 omg_0800023



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