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My Beautiful Bride: rant on episode 9~10

Okay, 9~10 are better than 7~8. There are a lot more action and movement although not necessarily a progression. We’re still running around in circles and dancing around the subject that i am scratching my head at the thing they pursue in these two episodes as it is tangential to the main case they’re trying to solve, the one person they do need to find. I mean, it’s been 10 episodes and none of the cops ever catches a glimpse of Joo-young; it’s always been Do-hyung who spotted and then missed her. And you say you’re doing your best to find her, hyeongsa-nim?

If anything, i think Do-hyung’s unforeseen transformations are worth noting for. By now, he has completely dropped his rigid banker front, evolving from trained UDT personnel into steel-boned superhero with inhuman resilience. So far, we’ve seen him running/cycling for miles, dashing through the roofs, jumping across and/or off the buildings, get beaten down, whacked on the head, stabbed in the heart, hit by car(s)… remarkably surviving through each one of ’em, without proper time to rest and/or recuperate. He need not eat, either! You’re probably dating a terminator, Joo-young-ssi. Is that why you run away?


So, i think “My Superhuman Groom” or “My Terminator Groom” would make an apter title than “My Beautiful Bride” since the show is all more about Do-hyung than it is about Joo-young. Dear Healer and City Hunter, you’d better watch out ‘cuz a Kim Do-hyung can very well give you two a run for your money.

But i digress. The recent episodes (particularly the past two weeks’) of this drama are filled with blatant logic fails, facepalmy security flaws, and other niggling matters that i need to get out of my system:

1. Ungrateful Joo-young

She has a rocky life and used to have eyes for money only, believing love and happiness aren’t meant for her. She isn’t the strong type, but i didn’t see her as damsel in distress either largely because she takes fate into her own hands and acts on what she thinks is right for her at that moment, choosing love over money and making it happen. Betraying mob boss in order to be able to reappear before her first love with a clean slate is no easy feat, and i rooted for her in that regard. But the decisions she made in recent episodes were stupid and selfish that i don’t think she deserves Do-hyung.

I could see where she’s coming from, but now that the person who stood between him and her is out of the picture, also hearing for herself that Do-hyung accepts and loves her all the same despite her past, her withdrawal gets on my nerve, to say the least. Come on, is hearing painful question/statement like “Why are you over there? Your home is right here.” not good enough for her??

mbb_0900009 mbb_0900005

2. Unguarded lair of Lee Jin-sook

What is her profession again? I thought she was a mafia too — she has her own team of goons but we have yet to see her doing/orchestrating dirty work. Nevertheless, who would have guessed the security in her residence is so loose that Joo-young can easily slip out unnoticed?

Gosh, she saves and shelters her, and this is her way of saying thanks? Sure, she advises that she contact Do-hyung and clean up after herself but not that she do it all by herself, without her knowledge or support. How many times she needs saving? How many parties should be involved in this “Finding Joo-young” game?


3. Escapee Do-hyung

This is probably the most illogical turn of events so far. Yes, he is a murder suspect who has yet to clear his name, but why Detective Park and his team are hell-bent on capturing him as if he’s the biggest baddest baddie on the loose? There’s Seo Jin-ki or yunno Park Tae-gyu who’s supposed to turn himself in for killing Hak-soo but flees. Why nobody hunts the latter down? Why laser-focused on Do-hyung? Is it because 1) he helps an unsuspected murderer escape? 2) he looks like he’s about to commit homicide in broad daylight? 3) he headbutts three annoying officers and breaks free? or 4) Seo personally asks Detective Park to take care of him? What’s your deal, Park? You only get shadier by the episode…

The police should have known that Do-hyung’s laser focus is Joo-young as well as his propensity to act rashly when it comes to locating her that in no way he’ll attack a random person if he isn’t even remotely related to her disappearance. Furthermore, to call it an attempted murder, shouldn’t they take testimony from the victim? Ain’t it strange that they neither look out for him nor know which hospital he’s sent to?

Also, any follow-up on the recorder Joo-young left in her wake? How long does it take to recover or extract the data? Don’t tell me it falls into the wrong hands…

mbb_0900011 mbb_0900008

4. Ineffectual Yoon-mi AND this conversation:

Do-hyung: “I need to find Joo-young.”
Yoon-mi: “Yes, we need to find her. We will find her.”

How many times should i listen to this exchange? What’s the point of asserting your goal when you’re doing next-to-nothing to accomplish that? That’s why Do-hyung doesn’t trust you — because you’re futile!

At the beginning, i like that she’s the tough capable type and thus frustrated to learn that she ends up as ineffectual as those clueless female cops in other dramas. Let’s see if she can pull her weight this weekend. Maybe start from figuring out who the rat in your circle is? I’ll give you a hint: it’s someone you least expected.

5. Unexpected team-up

Since Do-hyung/Yoo-mi’s partnership isn’t happening after 10 episodes, let’s just say i’m happy that he finds someone who’s willing to go to hell with him, even if it’s scaredy-cat Tae-gyu. He may be a coward and back out at the last moment but he is capable of locating the place Joo-young is held captive within seconds, and that’s more than enough information/assistance for him.

mbb_0900007 mbb_1000001

That leads to the scene we’ve seen over and over again:

6. Silent stares between our leads: who looks more stumped?

Honestly, i’ve grown tired of this slow-mo sequence and am no longer thrilled by this encounter because chances are, it may lead nowhere and she’ll disappear again. For the record, this is the third time they see each other after Hak-soo’s death, excluding the flashbacks; let’s see if it will be the fourth* time he loses her. Lather, rinse, repeat.

*) i take into the account the time he missed her in the hospital because she ducked out of sight, thus one more addition to the tally.

mbb_1000003 mbb_1000004



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3 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bride: rant on episode 9~10

  1. That ending scene in 10 had me rolling my eyes SO hard. I litterally groaned – “not the eff again!!”

    And yes! to everything about Undestructable Do Hyung. I mean, most actiony dramas sort of demand a lot of suspension of belief when it comes to the hero surviving the most gruelling mishaps but what they are doing with Do Hyung is getting ridiculous. They handled this better in Heartless City, though the ‘superhero’ stuff was a bit on the silly side there as well, but at least it wasn’t so in your face.


    1. Yeah, that was sooo dramatic. The building is on fire and all they did was stare shockingly at each other *yawn*

      For the most part i enjoy those action stunts even if they’re unbelievable. Do-hyung’s was cool at first, but now i find it hard to watch. Poor him! He’s been through so much and what he gets in return is Joo-young’s denial and recoil. Doesn’t she want to be rescued? Argh, i’m so mad at her!


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