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Oh My Ghostess: on episode 5~6

[Soon-ae can touch Bong-sun?]

Based on the development we’ve got so far, i think it’s pretty clear that the main character of the show is Soon-ae and not Bong-sun even though the pilot suggested otherwise by spending more time on the living host than the stranded soul. It’s more 49 Days than Master’s Sun so i should probably stop grumbling that Soon-ae dominates both screentime and Bong-sun’s body and start seeing Oh My Ghostess for what it is rather than what i’d like to see or how i’d prefer it to be. Because i do enjoy it a lot and find it immensely entertaining despite the pet peeves.

Following this train of thought, we should ready ourselves for Sun-woo/Soon-ae loveline instead, not that i have a problem with that since it can be conferred that it’s Soon-ae he begins to warm up to despite identifying with Bong-sun more at the outset. The latter is his former pushover self which still scars him to date before the former facetiously advises him to forgive and let go. Ah, how i love wise Soon-ae… can we get more of this side of hers instead of the pervy front? Although admittedly we have to thank her for all the laughs and those yummy smooches; who wants to bet we would have otherwise seen the usual wide-eyed dead-fish kind had it been Bong-sun he’s kissing? Ha.

omg_0500007 omg_0500006

That said, i couldn’t be happier to see Bong-sun back, feel her throughout the ordeal, and like her every interaction with Chef who has started showing more of his sweet and caring side — there’s something inherently relatable about her character that i love seeing her as her — that i hope Soon-ae would honor her entreaty to leave her be (as if that would be granted though). Therefore, i couldn’t help groaning when Soon-ae is about to take over the body again. It’s only been one episode and she has yet to adjust to life (although it’s hers to begin with)!

While i appreciate the urgency behind the eager possession, a life-threatening one at that, i share the sentiment that it’s still not right to hijack Bong-sun’s body against her will. After all, Soon-ae initially came to ask her to make one life-saving phone call and by the looks of it, Bong-sun is about to give her that. No need to move in and do it herself. (Question: Soon-ae can easily possess Bong-sun like that, just because they have matching frequencies, even when the latter is fully conscious?)


Nah. ‘Bong-sun’ is back to being manic and lusty, which is diagnosed as bipolar disorder by the way, and manages to save not only Dad’s life but also Chef’s ass (in the cooking competition Bong-sun’s about to botch) in time. Good timing, eh? Having a more experienced and intuitive cook that is Soon-ae is better for Chef’s sake in that cooking show, but i really want Bong-sun to step up to the plate or learn from her mistakes and improve. And while it is also thanks to her that Chef is now more accommodating and warm toward Bong-sun thinking she’s stressed out and ‘losing her mind’ because he was giving her a hard time, i can’t help sighing at the misdirection of attention, at the things that should’ve been experienced by the rightful owner of the body — like the basic cooking lessons, heart-to-heart career-related talk, and those not-a-date trips — and at the opportunities she misses. She could’ve benefited a lot from that.

Thing is, we are never sure how long Soon-ae’s gonna be her since she hasn’t figured out a way to get out of her body, neither do we know what ejected her the first time around. Rules, where art thou??

Also, i thought Soon-ae would spend more time being by Dad’s side and be more respectful and appreciative of Bong-sun’s body since she is their savior in a sense and was thus pretty disappointed to see that she just gives lil bro an earful, asking him for the nth times to get it together and look out for him, before resuming the mission to have some sexy time with her man of vitality. I think it’s interesting to note that while Chef has slowly opened up to her, she doesn’t seem to be really into him beyond the fact that he’s THE man she’s been searching for. At this rate, it is possible for him to fall for her first and we’ll be left wondering if his feeling is reciprocated…


Let’s discuss that in due time. For now, i’m simply happy to see Chef’s thawed heart and toned-down roars that i warm up to him quickly this week. Even though i keep aww-ing at his demi-chef’s little acts (what’s his name again?) like when he silently clocks Bong-sun’s changing behavior, silently stews at her closeness with Chef, silently looks out for her… nothing beats a silent guardian in my book xp

Back to Chef, watching his scenes with hyper/handsy ‘Bong-sun’ make me wonder whether his unsuppressed snerks are part of the script or they happen because he could no longer hold it in. I swear there are (a lot of) times when Jo Jung-seok broke character and cracked a smile. Can’t blame him though, who can stand not grinning at Park Bo-young’s antics, when she pokes, ribs, and hugs him playfully like that?

However, what made me more excited than seeing Bong-sun back is this moment i’ve been waiting for:

omg_0600016 omg_0600018

Finally! I’ve suspended my disbelief (that she cannot sense possessed persons) long enough that it’s thrilling to see Shaman Ahjumma finally put two and two together and confront her nemesis right away.

But, the bigger looming problem is Sung-jae. Like, since when he’s that cold and eerie? Has he always been this way since the beginning, only i was blinded by his kindhearted side in the first few episodes to notice it? ‘Cuz now all i see is contrived insincere Sung-jae, that even his smiles creep me out *shudder*

By this point, i’m 90% sure that Soon-ae’s ‘death’ — if she’s indeed dead, that is — and her unfulfilled wish have something to do with him, or the evil spirit possessing his body. Question is, since when has he been possessed? Does he too have a hand in Dad’s dipping sales? ‘Cuz this is not a look of someone who frequents the restaurant out of loyalty…




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